Vote for my new underwear purchase(s) for 2015

Update 11-4-2015
I’ve official ended the voting today. The overall winner with adding in the totals from Pinterest is the N2N Vintage G-String. I have placed the order for it today in the color Ash. I will probably be also purchasing some of the others especially with a 3 way tie for second. Second place finishes were PPU Tahiti Bikini, Intymen Sport Thong, and Dietz Joker Bikini. Maybe others will get lucky too and be purchased. Watch for the reviews in the coming months. Hopefully the winner N2N Vintage G-String will be posted by year end. Thanks for voting.

Help me decide which of the following bikinis and/or thongs to purchase when I’m in the market this year. Vote using the poll below or like, repin, and/or comment on Pinterest. Once I decide it is time to buy I’ll tally up the votes and make the purchase(s) and then I’ll post my review of them.

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