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Tamara Ecclestone Rutland QuoteTime for me to do another quote post. I thought I’d do this one I found a while back now. With beach and pool season approaching here , I thought it would be a good time for this quote. Model Tamara Ecclestone Rutland was quoted saying “My boyfriend thinks it’s crazy that I wear a different bikini every day on holiday.” How many of you would think it is crazy if your significant other wore a different swimsuit every day on vacation?

I say “What is so crazy about that?” Only thing crazy there was her boyfriend saying it’s crazy. I personally have quite a few swim briefs. They range in colors and coverages. It’s nice being able to change things up when you want to and not be in a rut wearing the same thing all the time. Maybe I’d start conservative and work my way smaller each day. Or wear darker colors and work up to brighter colors as confidence increase and sticking out like a sore thumb has dissipated as a concern. I always like to have options at my disposal. Yes, I probably have more options than I need, but the more the merrier.

Another way to look at it is you spend a good amount of time in your swimsuit at the beach. If you are like me then you are probably sweating some of the time. So with sweating and wearing it most of the day, doesn’t it make sense to wear a different one that is clean? In a way it is like wearing the same pair of underwear for the duration of your vacation. Yes, you normally rinse out your swimsuit at the end of the day, but still a new suit will be cleaner.

So how many of you wear multiple swimsuits on vacation?

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  1. T says:

    I usually pack 3-4 half back string tangas and 1 or 2 swim thongs to choose from if I think I’m going to be on a crowded beach. In recent years they have rarely had an outing,as I tend to stay away from busy beaches in favour of secluded spots where I can swim and sunbathe nude, or,if that’s not possible,wear a g-string.
    I usually take 20+ g-strings to wear as underwear/swimwear as they take up very little room in a case and can be washed and dried in next to no time.
    So,to answer your original question….. I don’t wear multiple swimwear on vacation,but I could,if it was necessary,wear a different string every day.

    p.s I hope more of your followers will take the time to contribute their opinions on the various topics that you address. It must be disappointing for you to have so few replies on interesting subjects such as last week’s “manscaping” post.

    • Hi T, appreciate your loyalty and all your comments! It would be nice to get more comments and more interaction between readers. However I think it is fairly normally not getting a lot of interaction in that way. I’ve been trying to encourage it some more with adding questions.

      I always pack more underwear and swimsuits than I’ll need too. I like having a selection to pick from. I don’t know if I’d wear a different swimsuit every day or not. Probably would wear more than one in a week at least though.

    • RT says:

      I do the same as T. I pack 10 to 20 pairs of half back, mini cheeky boxers, thongs but I rarely wear all of them during the same vacation. Maybe because I want the same tan line instead of different ones. I also go to my secluded beach spot and there is where I wear them (very few times I’ve gone nude perhaps because I enjoy more being in skimpy swimwear). As soon as I am walking away from the crowd I remove my shorts since there’s usually no one else or just a few wearing thongs or nothing. I even exercise in thongs. I usually get there in the morning and it seems that thong\string and\or nude sunbathers usually arrive at the same time a couple of hours later. At least I always spot the same guy who puts his beach chair and cooler around 25-30 yards from me. When he or others arrive I feel a little more confident to be in my thong.

  2. Teide says:

    I am a Spanish speaking person. It is difficult to me write comments, but I read all yours posts, comments of readers and yours opinions in UNB blog.

    I write you from Spain. I would like to see a similar blog in Spanish. But no many people use bikinis and g-strings here. At the locker room I am the only person to use bikinis.

    I use bikinis as underwear but not as swimwear.

    • Hi Teide, I remember you commenting in the past. Thanks for taking the time to do so. Have you ever thought about starting a similar blog in Spanish? Has to be other guys out there. Really I haven’t noticed any guys at the locker rooms I’ve been in wearing bikinis or thongs. Though I’m not in them too often. It is probably something most guys that wear them keep hidden from view from other guys.

    • RT says:

      Hola Teide. I’m a Spanish speaker too. Not sure how many of my fellow spanish-speakers would wear thongs or skimpy bikinis but at least you have one here. where I come from I haven’t seen too many men wearing thongs; perhaps once or twice while at the beach. One of them was on the chubby side and the other was pretty athletic. Neither seemed to mind the people around them. That was many years ago and it was actually when I decided to begin to wear thongs. When men and wen wear them it almost looks natural. It shows what we came with since birth ( which by now everyone should know what natural equipment we possess instead of being alarmed when the contour of breasts, testicles, penises etc can be seen. ) Se should admire instead of judge.

  3. John says:

    I always bring multiple swim briefs on vacation, following your same string of thought. Knowing I’ll spend a lot of time at the beach or pool and see my same group of friends each of those days, it makes sense to mix it up. I wouldn’t wear the same outfit to work each day, why wear the same swim brief? On average I bring at least one for each day.

    Thanks for the blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Right now my main reason for multiple swim briefs is in hopes of having one I’ll be brave enough to wear. Hopefully by next beach vacation I’ll be deciding which one I want to wear each day if I so choice. Glad you enjoy the blog. Doing my best trying to come up with things to write about.

  4. Teide says:

    I have three swimbriefs that I use in the indoor pool and in the thermal baths. When I see someone swimming in the pool in a boardshort, I am amazed at the discomfort that must happen.

    I usually buy one or two swimsuits a year to use on the beach; I think I should be about ten now at my drawers. The truth is that the last ones bought are shorter than the previous ones.

    And I have not yet dared to use a swimbrief on the beach as when I was 18 years old. Let’s see if I decide do this this summer.

    • W W says:

      I think having multiple bikinis for your vacation is perfectly normal. I’m a guy who loves wearing his Bikinis and Thong swimwear whenever I can, mostly just in the privacy of my backyard. I wear speedo type swim briefs during early morning adult only lap swim and no one there seams to mind. I have lots of Bikinis and Thong Bikini Swimwear. If I were to go on a tropical vacation, I would take more than enough for 1 a day so I would have plenty to choose from! I have all kinds, from sliding front g-strings to square cut swimsuits. I think they are really fun to wear and would love to be able to wear them at the beach without too much worry. The more secluded the more daring I would be! So no, you’re not crazy one bit. Keep it up!

  5. SD Beacher says:

    I just got back from a trip to tropical waters, I packed 3 Speedos (Black, bright blue and bright orange) and a thong for 6 days at the beach. I wore the three Speedos (nice to let them dry fully before wearing again) but did not venture out in the bright yellow thong this time.

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