New Brazil Swimwear Print from Prevail Sport

Prevail Sport Brazil Swimsuit Print
Prevail Sport has what I believe really is a re-release of a print. I’m pretty sure it was initially called Feisty Cat. Anyhow they are bringing it back as Brazil (called New Brazil in color selection menu). This isn’t your ordinary print. It’s a cross between an animal print and I’d say a tie dye print. I try to avoid colors and prints that will make me stand out when wearing, but I am drawn to this one. I like the combination and it’s not overly bright. The leopard spots seem to subduing to the bright colors. This swimwear print is available as a color choice on eight styles at the time of this writing. Choice from their Boxcut, Racer, String Bikini, String Thong, North Star Thong, Top Gun Thong, Torso Thong, and/or Mini Pocket Thong. What do you think about this print? Would you wear it? Which style(s) would you go for? My first pick would be the Racer. It is more a swim brief cut that I would have a better chance of wearing in public and the pouch is lined. A majority of the styles are unlined and I lean towards lined ones. Then I like the cut of the string bikini and the string thong, but would be more for private wear.

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  1. E.J says:

    Too bad I got no place to wear a swimsuit-I like the North Star thong

  2. E.J says:

    It’d be my 1st sexy swimsuit- I like thong & bikini underwear of course-how do those suits fit & feel?

    • I only have a couple. Most of their swimwear isn’t lined, which I typically prefer. I have a bikini and a boxcut from them. Boxcut is cut a little lower than I would like. Other than that they both fit me fine. Both feel better than trunks, but haven’t worn either of them in public.

  3. E.J says:

    That’s a real drag-the stigma I been tryin to find thong friendly beaches around here cuz sunnin in the backyard gets boring.If thongs at the beach were acceptable around here I’d be doin it.Nonetheless I’m tempted to get the North Star thong-wear it under trunks or just in case.I seen websites where thong swimwear could be $30 or more.At $16.95 it’s tough to pass up-thanks for puttin prevail sport out here I like the site

    • Thong friendly is a hard thing to come by when exposing the butt is consider nudity by some laws. I’d like to become a swim brief wearer, since there is no reason that shouldn’t be acceptable everywhere. Prevail Sport for the most part is reasonably priced. Personally they’re my favorite, but others seem to find them hit and miss. $30 for something you may or may not wear is hard to do. I try to find the swimwear under $20.

  4. E.J says:

    I’m guessing lined swimwear wouldn’t be as comfortable as unlined? Unlined being more like underwear?

    • I don’t find line swimwear uncomfortable. It just helps with not making the family jewels as well defined. Guess fabric thickness and color would also be a factor with how defined things are. Yes, unlined it more like underwear, but with a swimsuit material. Though some underwear is made with swimwear material which some brands advertise them as both.

  5. EJ says:

    Hi BD- how’s prevail sport’s underwear sizing? I like some of their thong underwear. From other sites I’ve had small that’s too big or medium that’s too small

    • I find them to be true to size for me. I’m a 32/33 jean size and mediums fit me fine. Their stuff is however made to fit snug. I know they have noted on styles if they think you should order up a size.

  6. EJ says:

    Prevail Sport makes nice thong underwear-thanks for the tip BD

  7. EJ says:

    Yea-waitin for a reply from them the best way to wash them machine or hand-I won’t put them in the dryer

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