Expedia Flip Flop Survey 2017

2017 Flip Flop Survey Results

I just thought about seeing it Expedia did their Flip Flop survey this year and I did find the results. Here’s some details on the survey. They got 15,363 responses from people 18 and over. The countries represented in the responses are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, UK, and USA. The survey covered things like beach etiquette, fears, destinations, and some other things. In this post I’ll look at swim attire related information from the survey. I did see some discrepancies with infographic and write ups, which I’ll try to note in my write up.

We, American still appear to be hung up on our bodies. The results says that the most inappropriate vacation attire is going entirely nude with 67%. Sad to say thong-style swimsuits got second place with 61% saying it wasn’t appropriate (This may be for men). Seems us guys aren’t going to have much luck with swim brief (Survey calls them mankini) approval. It’s 3rd for inappropriate attire with 58%. Seems approval keeps dropping for them in the flip flop survey. Last year it was at 48% approved us of wearing them. Dropped 6% from last years survey. On the plus side overall approval for swim briefs stayed at 63% for all that was surveyed (Write up says over 70% approval and up 8% over last year).

The world isn’t quite ready for topless and nudism either. 58% surveyed said that it makes them uncomfortable seeing those beach goers. This is especially so in South Korea (80%), Japan (75%), and Hong Kong (73%). USA is up there around 70% uncomfortable with it too. 70% of women surveyed said they have never gone topless and would not do so. Then 71% of beach goers said they have not gone nude and would not do so either. Sounds like most of us will continue to wear swimsuits.

The best place for the guys to break out the swim brief is in Brazil. 92% say it’s acceptable. Then Netherlands came in 2nd with 90% approving. Rounded out the top three is Italy with 77% approval. The guys have a bit more approval for swim briefs than the ladies for thongs. 57% think thong style swimsuit are appropriate for women. For thong wearing, ladies should head to Brazil for 78% approval. 71% in Austria approve of women in thongs at the beach. Also at 71% we have Thailand giving thongs for women a thumbs up.

Overall Survey Break Down 2013-2017
USA Survery Break Down 2010-2017

Let’s wrap this up with what tops the survey for the attire people wear to the beach. Men’s top choice is trunks with no shirt coming in at 53%. For the women, 38% preferred a swimsuit with a cover up. 31% went with the bikini. Then there was 29% that said one piece or tankini.

I’ll still stick with my rule that if women are wearing bikinis at the spot then men can break out the swim brief. Let’s not push any limits and farther hurt the image that they already have for men. We need to turn it around. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to comfortably enjoy the beach in a swim bikini brief like the ladies can.

Expedia Article 1
Expedia Article 2

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  1. John says:

    So disappointing that the swim brief continues a downward slide. I think the best way to counteract it is to just wear them with confidence! Show everyone it’s here to stay and is a great option in beach attire.

  2. T says:

    Great to see Italy making it into the top three places of the swim brief acceptability chart. I suspect that if the survey had been conducted solely in Sicily(my spiritual home),the percentage would have been even higher.
    I hope my dear thong wearing Italian friend(you know who you are),will read this with a knowing smile on his face. Can’t wait for the summer!

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