Expedia’s Flip Flop Survey 2016

2016 Expedia Flip Flop Survey ResultsThe Expedia flip flop survey is back after they appeared to skip 2015. I missed it being released last year, so here it is now. This survey was done with 11,115 individuals that were 18 years or older. It was conducted in 24 countries. I’m a little disappointed in this report, because it didn’t touch on the swim brief or swimwear in general very much. It was more in depth with nudity at the beach in their written report which I’ll cover. The results also covered annoyances, most attractive beach goers, sunscreen, and pointed out a few other results. Would be nice if they showed all the questions and the tallies they asked.

Let’s take a look at who likes to bare all at the beach or at least has bared it all. This year Austria takes the top spot with 28% saying they have shown all at the beach. Germany came in at 25% and 18% of the US surveyors said they have. Overall 10% have said they have shed all their clothes at the beach. Countries with the lowest percentage of disrobing are Malaysia (2%), South Korea (2%), Thailand (3%), and Japan (3%).

Just because the US was up there with 18% of those surveyed have bared all doesn’t mean it is considered acceptable. It’s actually has gotten worse compared to their 2014 survey. 44% of the people somewhat or were very uncomfortable with toplessness and nudity at the beach in the 2014 survey. The 2016 results has it jumped up to 62%. Also 77% of American females respond that they would never go topless at a public beach. Maybe these numbers would be different if it was at nude beaches or designated adult area.

In the past there was decent information on Speedos or at least tight fitting swimwear. This year they only mentioned how Americans responded to guys wearing swim briefs. Of course the majority is closed minded and only 48% feel swim briefs are an acceptable attire for us guys. 6% did claim to wear swim briefs in the survey. Overall 63% percent of those surveyed do approve of Speedo-style swimwear for men.

Now it seems things are going in the opposite direction than it has over the previous years surveys I’ve looked at from Trip Advisor and Expedia. Both the US and Overall swim brief acceptance has started to head down, since the 2014 survey. The 2014 survey had US acceptance at 57% and Overall acceptance at 74%. Both a pretty big decline. Below is a chart of the stats for the US and Overall I’ve found.

Expedia Flip Flop USA Survey Breakdown 2010-2016Expedia Flip Flop Overall Survey Breakdown 2013-2016

In the end, just wear what you are comfortable wearing and enjoy your time at the beach. If women can wear bikinis at the beach then men can wear their swim briefs. Always choose the appropriate swim brief coverage for the occasion. Don’t push the limits and increase the negative perception that the swim brief already have.

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