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I’ll be trying to find interesting things going on with bikini and thong underwear and swimwear either in the news or with a brand.

Prevail Sport going out of business 41

Prevail Sport Going Out of Business

Update 12/16/19 Prevail Sport is now stating they are closed on their website. It also says should we re-locate in the spring that they’ll notify their email list. It seems there is a possibility...

Prevail Sport New Rio Swim Print 3

Prevail Sport: New Swim Print Rio

Prevail has released a new print for some of their swimwear. Some times I think they reintroduce some past prints as new, but I’m not aware of seeing this one before. The print is...

2017 Flip Flop Survey Results 3

Expedia Flip Flop Survey 2017

I just thought about seeing it Expedia did their Flip Flop survey this year and I did find the results. Here’s some details on the survey. They got 15,363 responses from people 18 and...

JM Closing It's Doors 2

JM Closing Their Doors

Update 8/23/17 – JM is coming back under new ownership. Start delivers September 15th. — Sad news about a brand I just tried this year and reviewed as recently as last Friday. I received...

Prevail Sport Paris Swim Brief Print 0

New Paris Swimwear Print from Prevail Sport

Prevail Sport has released another new print for it’s swimwear line. This one is called Paris. The based color is white with what looks like an overlapping colorful zig zag lines. It has colors...

2016 Expedia Flip Flop Survey Results 0

Expedia’s Flip Flop Survey 2016

The Expedia flip flop survey is back after they appeared to skip 2015. I missed it being released last year, so here it is now. This survey was done with 11,115 individuals that were...