New Swim Print from Prevail Sport – Hawaiian Surf

Hawaiian Surf Prevail Sport

Prevail Sport has introduced a new swim print to their line. It’s called Hawaiian Surf. It’s a nice looking tropical print, but depending on the size of the suit you select will depend on what is on it. It appears to have tropical flowers, beach scene along with palm trees, and some of it just looks to be an abstract design. Prevail Sport describes the pattern as “Palm trees, islands and tropical flowers swirl in motion. It’s time to surf, swim and walk the beach.” Lots of color going on in the pattern. Almost seems you’d want to go with a suit with more coverage to get the full effect of this fabric design. I’ve been thinking about adding some pattern to my swim drawer and this is a tempting one in a swim brief. From what I see it appears you have about 12 style to select from. There are two models of the boxcut, 5 swim briefs, and 5 swim thongs. The boxcut selection is PowerLifter Boxcut and Boxcut. The five styles of swim briefs are American, Monaco, String PowerLifter Brief, String Brief, and Capri. Then your five thong options are String PowerLifter Thong, String Thong, Med Thong, Top Gun Thong, and Northstar Thong.

The above links are to their special discount page. If they stop working then try these pages: Boxcut Swimwear, Swim Bikinis, and Swim Thongs.

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  1. Blkmlthng says:

    I have a Hawaiian Surf Print that I got from them some years ago, this print looks a little different than the one I have. My biggest issue with Prevail Sport is that most times what the underwear looks like in the advertising is different than what comes in the mail. This is what has caused me to be hesitant when ordering from them. I placed an order on their last sale and only have of my order looked like it did in the advertisement the rest looked like a knock off imitation or print. I still enjoy their items from time to time they just are a little unpredictable to me. Have others noticed this?

    • thebottomdrawer says:

      I’ve noticed that they have released new prints that they have had before. Other times I think they are releasing the a print in new style. So it is possible that it is the same. It’s not one I recall seeing. That is the problem with prints. Especially ones that have a large repeat pattern. You’re not going to get the same as what is pictured. Just looking at the Hawaiian Surf print in the different styles and you can see they are all different. I have a tie dye one that has a lot more pink in it than the one on the model. I was expecting more blue.

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