Looks like bye bye Undergear

Some of my purchases from UndergearIt’s looking like Undergear.com is going bye bye. Since having their 50% off sale, they haven’t added anything new and categories have been disappearing. So I kept looking for information about them going out of business and today something finally came up in the search. Out Magazine has an article “The End of International Male & Undergear” from June 25th, 2015 on their site. Read it here.

I guess I shouldn’t find it as a complete surprise, since it was hit or miss for me on the underwear I purchased from them. Plus none of the clothing appealed to me though I’m not a fashionable dresser. I did purchase my first thong from them. That has lead to many more thong purchases, so guess that purchase was a winner. Always liked to at least check out their sales to see if there was anything of interest at a good steal to maybe find some more winners. One thing I didn’t realize is that they were supposedly a gay-centered company. Most of their underwear seemed to be for any guy in my opinion.

As of the writing of this post, they have a handful of items remaining, but no bikinis or thongs. I guess it is so long Undergear though I still haven’t found anything official from the company saying so for sure.

Only information I’ve found about International Male is the parent company looking to sell it on PR Newswire’s website from June 14th. Read it here

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  1. Lloyd says:

    I was looking for male thongs by canyon river blues and saw your review and comments. I totally agree. I bought a pack just before Sears took them off the shelf. I wish I could get another, even like your modified version.

  2. EJ says:

    In the 90’s I bought a bunch of stuff from Undergear I used to get their catalogue-shows how long ago that was-I googled them a few months ago-their site says something like ‘ coming soon’ but ya can’t shop-are they coming back?

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