On The Women’s Swim Thong Front – Victoria’s Secret


I know my blog is about male bikinis and thongs, but as a straight male I pay attention to women’s underwear and swimwear too. Last year I noticed Victoria’s Secret offering what they call “The Sexy Little Thong.” I’m thinking it was only available in black, but may have been a couple other choices. I was checking out their swimwear for this year and discovered they are still offering the swim thong and now it’s available in 15 colors. They also added another style of it with crochet-trim in two colors. I guess it is the next step down from their Itsy bikinis.

I’m assuming, which I guess one is not suppose to do that if Victoria’s Secret is adding more colors and a style that women must be buying them. It’s good to see a very mainstream company offering a swim thong and expanding the line slightly. Of course I wish this was men’s, but maybe the swim bikini brief will start making a comeback. One can always hope. Probably just becoming more acceptable for the female to wear more revealing swim suits and will have no impact on guy’s swimwear.

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  1. EJ says:

    1st time lookin at this topic- I like the pics BD- There are women out there that criticize other women for wearing ‘slutty’ least coverage underwear, probably out of jealousy or whatever- I’ve heard it in the past. A comparison between Victoria’s Secret- acceptable lingerie. Frederick’s of Hollywood- slutty

  2. Jeremiah says:

    My wife has that thong bikini is 3 different colors and she loves them. Sadly this year 2018, she went to buy another for our upcoming vacation and was upset to see that they discontinued the line at VS. BD is very insightful and I assumed the same about societal openness to this new and awesome trend for women which was validated by arguably the most influential women’s underwear company in the world. However, due to them discontinuing the line this year it makes me wonder if they didn’t sell well at least in America and that’s why they are discontinued. I also believe there is a slight positive correlation with women wearing thongs to the pool and men in swim briefs. I wear briefs every time I go swimming regardless of where or who is around but I noticed she could not wear her thong at certain places . Also I never observed any other women wearing a thong at the pool/beach other than my wife and that was discouraging. Anyway, I wish more people had a positive opinion of scantly clad people swimming; then maybe they will bring back the VS thong and more men will wear swim briefs free of worries of ridicule. Going out to the pool/beach with my wife helps because I feel like it deligitmizes the notion that only gay men wear speedos/thongs, it must be hard for the guy going alone to feel the same confidence as I do.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I was disappointed they stop selling the thongs. Even the itsy they offered now doesn’t seem as small of a back. They use to offer more in the itsy style too. At least they still have some skimpy back ones offered. Could be they weren’t big sellers, but probably depends on the area. Have to watch out to make sure thongs are legal to wear. Exposure of the cheeks is considered nudity a lot of places. Don’t like the high waist ones they started offering. I agree it is a lot easier sporting a swim brief with the wife along.

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