Freshpair the next to go?

Freshpair next to go?
Update 11/21/2016

Just in time for the holiday. Frank from Freshpair commented below to let us know they have changed ownership and are in the process of bringing in new merchandise. So keep an eye on what they’ll be adding to their inventory.

Update 9/8/2016

Thought I’d do another update on them even though nothing as changed much. Still not much in the way of their selection especially if you are a bikini or thong wearer. Basically what they are carrying you can probably find at a local store. I thought if they were restructuring or changing things up that there would be some sort of change by now. They’re probably getting to a point where their old customer base is going to becoming loyal to other online retailers. Guess we’ll keep waiting and see what happens.

Update 5/8/2016

Just checked out Freshpair today and they no longer have their 50% off sale, so looks like they could be just changing up stock or reorganizing things. At the moment doesn’t look like they are carrying as much in their bikini and thong categories like they were. Will still be keeping watch and see what changes there.

Original Post

This is just speculation based on what I have seen over the last few weeks. Freshpair has been running a 35% off sale saying it’s their biggest sale ever. Today I visited the site to see if it was over and now it is their biggest sale ever at 50% off. So it seems that they could be following in the footsteps of Undergear. I mean if you compare how Undergear went out of business to Freshpair, it is a similar pattern with their sale. They started with a pretty good discount and then went to 50% off everything and nothing new coming in. It also says all sales are final. Unfortunately not much left to choose from at 50% off that I have found. It seems to be hush hush like Undergear where I don’t see anything about them going out of business. At least I haven’t found any news about Freshpair as of yet, but I’ll be keeping my eye on them. I guess on the plus side for me is I did get some good deals when they were having 35% off. More on those pairs coming soon.

Freshpair started back in 2000 at the University of Maryland as an on-campus underwear delivery service before becoming an ecommerce retailer based in New York. They say they are the largest online retailer of men’s underwear and a leading retailer in women’s. Is the competition from the little guys starting to take down the big guns? I have noticed that Freshpair seemed to be a little more expensive than other retailers, but they also offered free shipping on all US orders. I know some people will pay a little more if service is better too. Anyone out there with any insight on this? What do you think? Is this the end of Freshpair?

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  1. Another Freshpair Customer says:

    I think you’re exactly right. Their site is almost threadbare, and there seem to be few other reasons for such a large, long-running sale. That’s really too bad, they were a solid site.

  2. Matt says:

    Sadly, I think you are completely right. I noticed after that sale a few months back now it is the same selection as your local Target or Wal-Mart. I wonder where they went wrong? I really thought they’d be around a long, long time!

    • I know there are a lot more places online to buy now then back when they started. So guessing it has to do with all the competition and good chance their overhead costs are higher than the little guys. I did hear they are trying to reinvent themselves, so we’ll see if any changes will be coming.

  3. Brian says:

    I just visited the site for the first time in a few months and was shocked to see so little on there. I think they likelyclosing down unfortunately. I also have gotten no emails from them in several months promoting sales.

  4. Brian says:

    And of course they would just deny it anyways, thinking people won’t buy the clearance items from a site closing down. If there is a problem, no way to return/get your money back. It’s too bad, I did some returns with them once and they were great about it. Another time, they sent me the wrong color and said “keep it, we’ll send the right one out today.”

  5. Mike Reynolds says:

    Great article. You saw this before anyone else. I actually stopped buying from freshpair over a year ago. My 2 go to sites now are and I think sites like these gave freshpair a run for their money and made it difficult for the larger, undergear, freshpair sites to compete.

    • Actually their sale was the first time I bought from them. It seems the competition must have less overhead than the big guys that have been around awhile. I see they still have their site up and running, so maybe they’re working on a restructuring plan. But the longer they take the less likely I think they’ll be able to revive themselves and keep any of their existing customers. Especially with their limited selection still up there now.

  6. Brian says:

    Also, some of the these businesses just disappear without a trace. Remember Mario Lopez’s underwear line? Just vanished, and there was never one word written about it going under. Even Lopez never said anything, just shut it down. I actually liked his underwear brand, except the loud wasitband logo. But the fit was great on the briefs.

  7. Brian says:

    The Lopez underwear line was called Rated M. It started around 2012 and lasted about 3 years before vanishing without a trace or word. The web site they had was awful as well. The style had a very loud logo on the waistbands, but the fit and softness was excellent. They were fairly priced as well. If you google it, you’ll find many stories on photos of it.

  8. Frank says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Here is some exciting news about
    The company changed ownership a few months ago and we are making a “Fresh” new start.
    We have started to bring in new merchandise so we can get back to providing great service to our customers.
    There is still a lot of work to be done, but the new team is very excited to be part of the re-start effort.
    Go check out the great sales (be it still limited) going on right now at
    Best regards,
    Frank at

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