Dietz Brand Underwear and Swimwear

Dietz Underwear and Swimwear BrandI’ve been pretty much brand loyal when it comes to my underwear. Since I started blogging I’ve decided I should start trying other brands. I kind of stumbled upon the brand Dietz when I was looking at starting a tumblr account. I came across Renato Bottini tumblr account, who has photographed some models wearing Dietz underwear and swimwear. He has some unique photos that caught my eye, but most of all I liked the look of some of the cuts of the bikini underwear and swimwear.

When I saw a retailer running a sale on them, I jumped right on it and order two pair of Dietz bikini underwear to try. I ordered the Ocean Black Bikini and the Mandarin Mini Bikini. When they arrived I was not disappointed. Both were well made and have a great fit, but I’ll post reviews of them later. Dietz offers bikinis, thongs, briefs, and boxer briefs along with swim boxers and bikinis. They cost a little more than what I normally like to pay for underwear, but their swimsuit is about in line with what I’d pay for them. I do have my eye on a few more of their underwear and a swim bikini, so Dietz is now a new brand in my repertoire. I say give them a try.

What do you rate Dietz?

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  1. Dan says:

    It’s always good to try a new brand although it can be hot or miss depending on the cut and sizing but glad you liked these. I haven’t come across these before but it’s great to get a first hand review from a guy who shares similar tastes in bikinis and thongs

    • Definitely is a risk trying a new brand especially with the price of some of them. Haven’t tried their swimwear yet, but underwear is a winner. Have a couple more pairs of them to review and the one pair is my favorite so far.

  2. Danny says:

    Can anyone recommend their preferred store to buy Dietz products from? I haven’t had much luck online, finding a US-based vendor.

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