Fagioni Clip Thong Review

Fagoni Clip ThongThis is a very comfortable thong that would be perfect for beginners. I’m not 100% sure what it is made out of, but it is a satin like material and is soft. The thong has a wide v-pouch with a center seam, which runs more or less along the groin lines. The sides are 3/4″ and the tail is about 1/2″. With the narrow tail and the softness of the fabric, this thong can be one that you do not notice you are wearing. One other feature of the thong is it has plastic side clips for quick removal, which the wife likes. I machine wash them and hang them to dry and both pairs I own are holding up well. Only change I’d make to them is narrow the front a bit, but that wouldn’t stop me from buying them. They’re a very comfortable thong that is a perfect everyday thong, but not a good choice for playing sports or physically active activities. Fagioni underwear is made in Canada.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 3.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Tail Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up
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