Review: Rayv50 String Bikini Brief

rayv50 string bikiniTime for another review of Posher rayv50’s undies. I started my underwear journey with string bikini underwear from Kmart. Ever since pulling on that first pair, I’ve been a fan of the underwear style. When I saw rayv50 offering a very skinny string bikini style I had to give it a try. Then stripes aren’t offered a whole lot as an option, so I like to pick up pairs I like in them when I can.

This particular bikini is made of a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It has a contoured center seam pouch. The pouch is a double layer with the inside layer being a soft white fabric. I’d probably put the back at about a ¾ back. The sides measure in at ¼”. This pair can be machine washed and dried. I’ll still hang them to dry. You should pay attention to the descriptions for the specs, since he doesn’t mass produce his undies.

I’ve been pretty much a fan of most of the pairs I’ve tried from rayv50. This string bikini meets my expectations of what I expect from his underwear. I find it fits me pretty well overall. The pouch holds well and gives me the support I want. One risk with string bikinis I find is you never know how well the waist will stay put. I’ve sized down for this in the past especially with thin side ones like these. I’m finding these stay in place very well in the normal size I buy. The back of these bikini stays put too.

I’m happy with this pair and would buy this style again from him. As I’ve said with all his pairs they are well made. It appears he takes great care in making them. I recommend at least browsing his Poshmark closet and seeing if he has a style and fabric option that interests you and give him a shot.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.5
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up

Pros: with the thin waistband it stays in place well
Cons: Not really anything negative sticks out to me

Additional Photos
rayv50 string bikini frontrayv50 string bikini backrayv50 string bikini pouch
What do you rate the rayv50 String Bikini?

3 Responses

  1. Samuel says:

    Good Nate thank you for the information. I remember my frist Kmart sping bikinis. 3 in a box hunter green, red, and brown. Are they made here in the states? We need to find out who has the prevail sport mens thongs and bikini rights.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Mine were blue, black, and white with like a 2″ waistband. I forget the brand. Not the style I’d buy now. My favorite brand I got from Kmart was the Brut string bikinis.

      Rayv50 is in California, so they are made is the USA.

      I assume the owner and designer still have the rights to the Prevail Sport brand. Otherwise I would have thought it would have been revived by now.

  2. T says:

    I don’t know why I never commented on this garment at the time it was reviewed,but it could be because I was wearing g-strings 99% of the time back then and wasn’t looking for any other styles. More recently I have got back into wearing string bikinis in a big way, so when this appeared below today’s Awry brief review I had to check it out. Really like the cut of this bikini with the string sides, narrow pouch and back, but I’m not a fan of the jazzy colours. I personally prefer a single colour.

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