Myrtle Beach 2022 – Swim Brief Time

Myrtle Beach 2022 - Swim Brief Wearing
We kicked off summer with a vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. Well, technically it was North Myrtle Beach. Personally, I prefer Outer Banks over Myrtle Beach, but the wife’s parents like the entertainment offerings in Myrtle Beach. We ended up staying in the same condo complex we stayed at a few years back, so I had an idea of what I would encounter. The complex had two eighteen floor towers with 5 condos per floor. It offered an outdoor pool and a lazy river and all the condos offered oceanfront views. So if my math is correct that would be 180 condos at the complex.

In preparation for the trip, I acquired 4 new swim briefs. I was looking for some with slightly more coverage than what was in my drawer. I feel the clientele in Myrtle Beach is a bit prudish or maybe I should say narrow minded. You can read my post about a previous trip in 2015 that includes a link to a swim brief negative post by a condo rental place. Then my in-laws were coming along, so thought a tad more coverage would give me a little more confidence for the trip. The one suit I ended up not taking, since it was going to show too much VPL with the colors of it. Then the other one ended up being the same coverage of a Speedo Solar, but I took it along. I ended up only taking 6 swimsuits on the trip.

If you read my post I mentioned above, I really don’t recommend Myrtle Beach for a swim brief destination. This is especially so if you’re not seasoned. Between wearing them regularly locally for the last 5 years or so, the wife and kids along, and interacting with like minded people here and on social media, I’ve been able to keep my head in a good place for being able to break out the swim brief. Of course there are some butterflies with a new experience and really when a new swim brief season comes along.

Our condo rental was Saturday to Saturday, but the arrival and departure days were pretty much useless days. We arrived there a little after 5 to a madhouse of people unloading. I don’t know how long we waited for the elevator to just unload my in-laws car. Once we took care of them my wife and I decided to wait to unload ours and run to get some groceries. By the time we did that and unloaded our car it was already a little after 9. We promised the kids some pool time, which was only open until 10, so we had to rush and get ready. My wife got the kids ready while I returned the car to the parking garage. When I got back to the condo I found my vintage Speedo Endurance suit I got off eBay for the trip on the bed. It’s pretty similar in coverage as the Speedo Solars I have. It’s the one I packed for the hotel pool if we had time on our stop on the way down, which we didn’t. I threw it on quickly with a pair of shorts and t-shirt over it and headed to the pool. There were only a handful of people in the pool and several in the hot tub, so that made it fairly comfortable to strip down to my swim brief. We only got about a half hour in before the pool closed, but it was a good way to get a start in for a swim brief wearing vacation.

We never got an early beach start with the kids staying up later than normal. We usually let them sleep until they woke up. So the beach was pretty much busy when we arrived each day. However we splurged and rented chairs and an umbrella, so we arrived at a place already reserved for us. That might have made it worth the price for renting them.

Day 1 – Swim Brief Vacay Begins

I started off our first day in my blue print Turlock & Co. swim brief. I really had no inhibition about taking my shorts and shirt off when we found our chairs. It felt pretty natural to do so. We didn’t stay at the chairs long, since the kids were ready for the water and waves. Probably spent an hour doing that before heading back to the chairs, so they could play in the sand. The wife and I enjoyed the chairs between trips to the water’s edge for more water or cleaning of hands. Then another round of frolicking in the waves before the kids were ready to head up to the condo. Nice thing was with the in-laws along they were able to keep an eye on the kids while my wife and I used the chairs a bit longer. Then we ate supper and headed for the lazy river and pool a little after that. We started with the lazy river since it was on our tower side. I kept with the same swim brief and there were a few people there, but not like earlier in the day. When we switched to the pool which was at the other tower I didn’t cover up with it being a short journey out a gate, across a pathway, and through the next gate. Again, it wasn’t really busy, but several people were there. When we were done, I wrapped a towel around my waist and we headed up. It was a solid day with me feeling pretty comfortable in my swim brief.

Day 2 – More Turlock & Co Swim Brief

Myrtle Beach - swim brief pooltime
Day two had a pretty similar story as day one. I wore my other Turlock & Co suit that is red and blue and some white. Again we arrived with a full beach. Found our chairs, stripped down to the swim brief, and headed for the waves. They were in and out of the water again. Then we ate lunch on the beach and soon after they were ready to head back to the condo. Again the wife and I were able to head back to the beach for a bit. This time we decided to take a walk. So we walked up the shoreline for probably 15 minutes before heading back to the chairs. At times on the walk I kind of had some self confidence lapses probably because it isn’t something I have done much of. With the wife beside me it helped keep my mind at ease, since she supports my swimwear choice. Like the previous day we hit the pool and lazy river after dinner. I stuck with the same swim brief again.

Day 3 – Pool in Speedo Shoreline

On day three we ended up skipping the beach to go to the aquarium and do some other things in that area. We were able to make the pool and lazy river later in the evening. I decided on my black Speedo Shoreline swim brief this go, since it hadn’t been that busy in the evenings. As I assumed it wasn’t that many people, but still a couple dozen between the two areas. I still wore my Speedo proudly between the two areas.

Day 4 – Slugger Swim Brief Say What?

Myrtle Beach - swim brief wavesIt was day four when things happened a bit differently. We started out the day as normal with a late start to the beach. I went with my Slugger’s classic swim brief, which was my last of my slightly more conservative options. With it being closer to low tide there were some small pools of water where the kids played in the sand for a bit. So we stood there a while and watched them and then they wanted to play and jump in the waves. Once they tired out doing that we ate our lunch at our spot and the kids ended up going back to the condo to rest. Where things changed up a bit was after my wife and I sat in the chairs for a while. We went up to get the kids ready for the pool and lazy river. We were going to go to a show in the evening, so we had to go earlier for them to be able to enjoy some time in them. Again I just stuck with the same swim brief as I did for the beach. It was much busier than the evening time, but not completely packed. We were about to hit up the lazy river and my wife thought we should go to the pool first, since her parents were going to come down and watch the kids (save the father-in-law a little bit of walking). I was already down to my swim brief, so we gathered our stuff up and headed to the other side for the pool. When we got to the gate where the pool was, a young teen held the gate open for us. As I went through and said thank you, he said he liked my Speedo. I responded with a polite thank you and continued on. I think he was sincere in his remark, since I think he probably did like the print of it. This was the first time someone made a remark about my swimsuit to me, since I started wearing them in public. Once the in-laws were down and seated at the lazy river we headed over. I toweled off, but draped the towel around my neck. I figured I needed to do my best display of confidence. This would be the first time they really would see me close up in a swim brief. They should have seen a photo of me in a photo book that has been around a few years and then from the condo balcony from a distance earlier in the week. I marched on over and then set our stuff down beside them. Then I walked down to get some tubes for the lazy river. Of course they didn’t say anything about it in front of me. Oddly enough on the same day and not far apart I had the second remark about my swim brief. This was an immature stereotypical one. I will go into more details in a later post on it. I’ll just say it didn’t stop me from continuing my swim brief wearing the remainder of vacation.

Day 5 – Can’t Stop the Swim Brief

Myrtle Beach swim brief boogie boardTime for day 5 and a repeat pretty much of day one. I went back to my blue print Turlock & Co suit. We got to the beach after most were there. Now one change from the previous day was we got the kids boogie boards or whatever they are called, so they could ride the waves. So instead of them jumping and playing in them, I tried to help them catch them. That got them to stay out quite a bit in the water. We had our lunch. Then we did a little looking for seashells with it being low tide. After that, the kids went back to the condo to wait for pool time while my wife and I relaxed in the chairs. After supper again we went to the pool and lazy river. This time my mother-in-law came along. She told the kids she’d come to the pool earlier in the week at some point. So after the kids and I floated the lazy river we went to the pool where we all got in. Again not a lot of people in the evening and I stuck with the same suit.

Day 6 – Swim Brief is Underwear?

Day 6 and our last day was again pretty much a do over of the day before. I went with my other Turlock & Co suit. Think we got a tad earlier of a start. After setting up, the kids wanted to go ride the waves. Then came the third time for remarks about my swim brief. Two little twerps (boy and girl), which I’m not sure about age. If I guessed, I’d say not older than 10. They started yelling something like I like your underwear red, white, and blue and kept on repeating. I just pretended I didn’t hear them. My kids didn’t mention anything about it, so I don’t know if they didn’t actually hear them or had no clue it was directed at me. I’ll expand in my later post a little more on this incident too. I just went on with my business the remainder of the day. Eventually, our kids went to the condo and my wife and I stayed in our chairs a good portion of the afternoon. With having to be out by 10 the next day, we ended up doing some packing before hitting the pool and lazy river one last time. As with all week I stuck with the same suit as the beach. The in-laws joined us for this round. I stripped down to my swim brief at the lazy river as the in-laws sat and watched us float around. Then we got out and all made the trip to the pool this time. Swim brief only for me for the short walk. My mother-in-law joined us in the pool and my father-in-law just watched from a chair.

So did that read give you the Groundhog Day movie feel? Overall it was a great trip that allowed me a lot of swim brief time. The most I have had in a summer and hopefully more to come locally. I’d also say the most people I have worn a swim brief in front of. Unfortunately, I was the lone swim brief wearer. I did see a handful of guys in shorter swim trunks, which was at least nice. The women were in a variety of coverages and even some sightings of what were really thongs. Then the accomplishment of fully introducing the in-laws to my swim brief wearing was a success. For me it was a pretty satisfying swim brief wearing trip.

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  1. Skip says:

    I spent a week in Destin. FL back in May . Unfortunately I was the only guy i saw wearing a speedo. Where are all the speedo wearers?? I find it a bit disappointing. We had a nice time. Beautiful beach and water, and i felt great in all my speedos i brought. I’ve been wearing one for a long time and I don’t give a crap what people think!!😎

    • swimmer78 says:

      Skip, I also visited that area in May. I took my wife to Ft. Walton Beach just down the road from Destin for Mothers Day weekend. It was beautiful weather and the water was great. I wore a navy Sporti Euro brief while on the beach. Out of thousands of beach goers there that weekend, I was the only guy in a bikini that I could see. Not even so much as a square cut suit out there. It was disappointing to see, but I didn’t let it stop me from enjoying the beach and sun in my bikini. I’ve gotten used to being the only man in a speedo on the Gulf Coast beaches when we go. It’s good to know there’s a few of us braving it down here.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Guess they aren’t going where we are or at least the same time as us.

  2. T says:

    Glad to hear you had a mostly positive speedo experience on your recent vacation. I would say the positive comment from the guy at the pool who opened the gate, far outweighed the childish jibes of the two little twerps(lol), although it is sad that they must have learned that type of negativity because no one is born like that.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It was a good week of swim brief wearing even with the negative incidents. I’ve come a long way the last several years.

  3. Dave says:

    Very cool! I’m jealous 😫 🙂 Thanks for adding pictures.

  4. Jeremiah says:

    I’ve commented several times over the years in various capacities however, I would just like to commend you on your recent vacation. I am married but have no children and I’ve worn swim briefs (mostly solar) to various countries around the world and even a thong a few times in the Caribbean. Your courageous and confident and it’s like a breath of fresh air. I only wish their existed more like minded individuals like yourself and also thank you for taking the time to keep this page and blog alive. I always thought I was almost alone in the things discussed herein so it’s awesome to actually meet others with the same sexual preference and back ground. It’s unfortunate that things/speedos are so negatively viewed by society. My wife and I leave to Bali on Aug 29 of this year and admittedly I am nervous for both of our swim wear choices given their Muslim background in Bali although I figure since they have a large influx of Australians a Speedo isn’t so out the ordinary like in the USA. Anyway, my appreciation and gratitude sir!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Wow, that’s quite a compliment! My confidence comes from the family being with me and my wife’s support of wearing what I want. I do hope I’m coming across confident wearing them. It’s been a long journey to get where I am and more to go. Creating the blog and every has helped me on my journey too! Hope Bali turns into a great swim brief vacation. If women are wearing bikinis then you should be set. Good luck and enjoy.

  5. Kevin says:

    I was in Myrtle Beach earlier this month, possibly about the same time as you, but south of the boardwalk. I wore my very brief swimsuits at the pool and on the beach, and never noticed so much as a sideways glance. I was pleased at that, but sad that I was the only man wearing a swimsuit above the knees.
    My impression is that people are becoming more accepting of a man wearing a bikini on a beach where women are wearing thongs, but few men have the confidence to wear one.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Good to hear someone else tried to enlighten the beach goers of Myrtle Beach that guys can wear swim briefs. We were there the week before the 4th of July week. I think most people have a toleration of them or at least the mature individuals.

  6. DonS says:

    Could the youngsters have been primed by their father, with something like “look at that bloke in his undies”, and they took it from there once he was out of hearing. Or it might have been the colours, rather than the size, that got them interested. If they did see that as underwear, maybe look on the bright side, at least in some eyes such styles are becoming acceptable as underwear.

    Where the parents anyway, leaving children like that unattended.

    Anyway, despite this, it reads as like you had a good time there, and got more confidence in wearing briefer styles, so well done.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It’s hard to say. It was a group of adults I saw the kids with, but it was after their first round of chants that I saw them over with them. I think most likely the size. They were old enough to know it was different than what other guys wore. The parents were at the water in sight on the kids, but who knows if they were paying much attention to them with chatting in their group. It was a good trip overall and I got a good amount of time in some swim briefs.

  7. CBRDude says:

    Four years ago I was in one hellacious automobile accident. I was a devout rio brief wearing guy. A lot less material than what you’ll are wearing. I heard everything there was to think of and more. I had the body and didn’t really give a rats backside what people saw or said. My wife and kids never said a thing. Neither did my wife’s family as they knew that’s all I ever wore to the beach, pool or the boat. I never walked around in them, I always had a pair shorts over them. Then when I either got to the beach, pool or on the boat the shorts came off. My family on the other hand would wear jeans if they could. Especially my middle brother. They always poked fun at the brief’s. Some how the big endowment gene missed my two brothers and thus I suspect it was more fun than harm as my package was huge. My parents never saw me in the briefs. I always had board shorts on. My mother was and always made comments about my brief suits. So to keep peace I never wore them around my parents. Since the automobile accident, I’ve not been near water, pool or lake or ocean. My left side has serious paralysis and I’m scared as hell I’ll end up a floater or a sinker. I’ve sold my boat and jet skis as I’ve no intention of getting near the water again. My neighbors have a pool and know my situation when over there it’s board shorts and life vest. My walking is more like I’m drunk. Some days it good and other days it’s awful and I spend more time on the ground. I also do not have control of my bladder which is embarrassing as hell. The thought of wearing a pad under my briefs does not appeal to me. With a board short a can get away with it, or if I wear a catheter and bag. My days of basking in the sun are over with so is wearing briefs. My entire world changed in an instant, and it was not even my fault. I spent pretty much of my day in a wheel chair for three years as well as 4-5 days of PT. I’m sure the cost would make your first car look cheap. I envy you guys now. My new normal is being driven around by my middle brother. My kids finished up college and got their careers going. My wife of 27 years decided she no longer wanted to care for a 175 pound child. So she took off. I’m living back home. My parents converted most of the house so that I could get around. It’s like starting over again with everything. My brother comes over almost daily and loads me up for his place or we get into trouble. I do have a service dog. My shadow. Always with me. Protecting my space and where I walk. My brothers still tease me to this day about wearing the briefs.

    • T says:

      Anyone reading this can’t fail to be moved by your tragic story and how one incident can totally turn your world upside down. It just proves that we don’t know what lies around the corner for any of us or how long we may be living an independent life without requiring help with the everyday tasks we often take for granted.
      So many agonise about relatively trivial things like dare I wear a speedo to the beach, and spend years procrastinating when all that wasted time and worry could have been avoided. No one could blame you for shouting “what are you waiting for” while wishing you could once again experience a Rio brief on your now broken body.
      Thank you for sharing your story and giving all of us a reality check. X

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