Myrtle Beach 2015

This post is kind of more of a conglomeration of Myrtle Beach than just my most recent trip.

Panoramic view of the beach from the condo.

Panoramic view of the beach from the condo. Sorry got it a little curved.

Well, we headed to Myrtle Beach (technically North Myrtle Beach) this year for a trip with my wife’s side. Unfortunately that limited my chances of wearing a swim brief, since I’m not ready to sport one for family. I also don’t really find Myrtle Beach as a great place to wear a Speedo, since it seems to be fairly crowded. Although I didn’t get to wear a swim brief I did see one older gentlemen with his family sporting one most of the week. He probably was in the generation that grew up wearing them and wasn’t necessarily the prime male specimen for making Speedo wearing acceptable, but there were plenty of ladies that weren’t prime for their bikinis either. Guess they at least all have the confidence to wear them.

Myrtle Beach only brave guy in swim brief

The only brave guy at the beach is in the photo.

Also saw a gay couple, one sporting a bikini and the other sporting a square cut suit taking a walk on the beach. Only saw them once. So some people brave the crowds and wear what they want. I did notice a teenager or early twenty year old comment to her mother while looking at the one guy in his swim brief. Not sure what she said, but if it was negative then she should have taken a look at her mother in a bikini and reconsidered.

The trip we took in 2009 to the Myrtle Beach area I also spotted some swim brief wearers too. There were a couple guys sporting them. Again they seemed to be in the age range of the ones that probably grew up wearing them. I didn’t notice anyone looking or pointing towards them, but I only noticed them once on the trip.

myrtle beach condoLike I implied earlier in this post I don’t really recommend Myrtle Beach as a swim brief destination. Mostly because of the crowds and you’ll be swarmed by guys in their trunks and board short with their underwear waistbands showing. If you don’t care that you will most likely be the only one wearing one on a crowded beach then there is no reason why you can’t wear one there.

From my reading I get a negative vibe for swim briefs at Myrtle Beach. For example this blog post Beach Etiquette 101 – The Unwritten Rules of the Beach from a condo rental website called CondoLux. This was a site we were using to research condos and luckily we didn’t use them, since I came across the post after we booked our condo. Also thongs are not legal as you can see from the blog post.

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  1. chris justice says:

    Wore my square cut swim shorts at myrtle beach this past weekend. Got a few looks and a couple double looks by a couple lady’s but other than that.No one really paid that much attention to me wearing them and the beach was fairly crowded

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