Let’s Break Out the Swimwear

Let's Break Out the Swimwear

It’s that time of year. The unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day Weekend. All that swim brief dreaming is close to being able to become a reality. Have you been preparing for swim brief/thong season? Working out? Trying on your swimwear? Buy some new suits?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing well with fitting in the exercising. So not exactly where I would like to be for beach body readiness, but whatcha gonna do about it. Guess suck it up, break out the swim brief, and be confident in it. I’ve been trying on my swimwear of course. Been deciding which ones I feel I can confidently wear locally without feeling like I’m pushing the envelope. Then I have a couple new suits I got at the end of last year. The Dietz Traxx swim brief, which I reviewed and really like. Don’t think it will make an appearance locally though. Then I also got an aussieBum Surge swim brief. You can keep watching for my review of it. It may get to go to the local beach.

If you’ve been following me a while, you know last year I finally took the leap and broke out a swim brief locally at the beach. Before that it was only the backyard and vacations. Overall I feel I can continue where I left off last year. I’ll still avoid the busier beach areas, but I will brave it and be the lone guy in a swim brief on one of the local beaches. Hopefully the weather and free time will line up for several trips this year.

Now the weather here is looking half decent for sunning at the beach this weekend. Though I’m not sure if I really want to go when it is super busy. Plus the water temperature is pretty cold still for getting cooled off in. But getting some sun in a swim brief does sound good after a long winter. Guess we’ll see how plans and the confidence works out.

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  1. T says:

    Don’t think there will be a massive outbreak in speedo wearing in the UK this summer if a new survey is anything to go by. People were asked to vote for their most hated article of clothing from a list of 25 items including leather trousers,croc shoes and flares. Sorry to reveal that our beloved speedos topped the list with more than two thirds of those surveyed voting it the worst of all.
    On a happier note…. The weather has finally hotted up here in Scotland which has given me the opportunity to get the all over tan started in my back garden in preparation for my annual visit to Sicily. Can’t be looking like a milk bottle in the midst of all those bronzed speedo wearing locals.
    In my usual understated way(lol),and no doubt much to the amusement of some of your regular followers(no names,but you know who you are),I did my bit for our “community” this week by wearing a purple Daniel Alexander half back swim tanga while getting the front garden in shape. So as not to appear overexposed(lol), I wore a light coloured, short sleeved shirt that barely covered my tanga(I nearly said ass). As the heat intensified and my work rate increased,each button was unfastened until eventually it was completely open and at the mercy of the occasional gust of wind. As is often the case in my stories,a long time unseen chap from the neighbouring flats,though not the one with the dog from a previous encounter(pay attention at the back),saw me in the garden and made a detour from the car park to come over and speak to me. Now whither by fate or accident,the gusts of wind seemed to increase as we chatted, and soon the elements were playing a game of now you see it,now you don’t with the snug fitting pouch of my tanga,leaving my partner in conversation in no doubt that I wasn’t wearing baggy board shorts. Again,like the chap with the dog,no comments were made about my choice of skimpy attire,so maybe we are guilty of fearing the worst when we have a chance encounter like that,and maybe the trick to pulling it off(so to speak),is to be confident and act like it is a totally natural state to be in.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Won’t be an outbreak here either. That survey is depressing. I guess not real surprising there is still negativity towards them though. Seems your neighbors don’t mind you in the skimpy swimwear/underwear.

      • T says:

        If I try and put a positive slant to the outcome of that somewhat depressing survey,it would be that if the question had been asked without narrowing the choice down to a mere 25 items,the results might have been different. I dare say speedos would still have featured somewhere on the most hated list,but I’d like to think that most people would come up with something different off the top of their heads when not influenced by suggestions in a limited,and to some extent,biased list. If I am wrong,then we lovers of skimpy swimwear are really p****** against the wind.

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          That’s true…it is the most hated of the 25 they could choose from. There are always haters.

  2. EJ says:

    Me too T- it’s difficult to undo decades of thinking we’re not supposed to wear this stuff, but some people have the live and let live attitude. If we wear sexy stuff around other people like it’s what we do regularly and with confidence then it is what it is to them. Years ago I was g string sunbathing in the backyard a neighbor dropped by got an eyeful before I covered up- he’s real mellow I said almost nude sunbathing he said something like ‘that’s fine ‘. Made me think to put up privacy barriers- to be honest I like being seen in a g string or string bikini, it’s not perverted or even sexual. I think in my case I ‘look like ‘ I wear the good stuff and people expect me to. My yard is way busier than usual this spring I hope I can find time to wear my new g string swimsuit to a beach this summer I wish I knew other people into extreme sunbathing. I wouldn’t be shy if others are doing it and a g string is legal

  3. John says:

    I’ve been ramping up for summer and our first beach vacation at the end of June. I bought two new briefs from Aussiebum, the [Insignia] “https://www.aussiebum.com/swimwear/insignia-pacific/3313” which is a fun zig zag stripe and the [Tropics] “https://www.aussiebum.com/swimwear/tropics-blue/3952” brief in blue hibiscus. I also took a risk and grabbed a Marcuse brief called [Anime] “https://www.marcuse.com/swimwear/anime-brief.html”. That one looks like an Andy Warhol comic. Very fun but Marcuse run small and sit low. We’ll see how that fits when it arrives. It may just be for backyard time.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      What do you think about the aussieBum ones you got? The marcuse one does look pretty low rising. It is adventurous. I need to add some patterns to my swimwear. I seem to stick with solids mostly or solids with accent colors. aussieBum’s new Tanga is tempting me. https://www.aussiebum.com/swimwear/tanga-red/4066 I don’t see me wearing it locally though. Hope your beach vacation is a good one.

      • T says:

        Hi BD. Just had a quick look at the red aussiebum tanga that is tempting you. Wow!!!!! I didn’t think they did such a skimpy style in their collection,but there must be a demand for it(probably only in their homeland).
        If you were to go against type,throw caution to the wind,and bare your bod on your local beach wearing that sizzlingly hot tanga,your fellow beach goers would think you had just stepped off the set of Baywatch,and would be queuing up for selfies and autographs while frantically searching for a glimpse of the Hoff(or The Rock,if it was the movie).
        I say GO FOR IT NATE!!! lol.

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          Don’t know how long it will hang around. I haven’t seen them offer anything that skimpy in swimwear, since I started following them. They did offer a pair of string bikini/tanga underwear not too long ago. Pretty sure it isn’t listed anymore. They also introduced a couple thongs to their underwear line recently. I’ve heard they did offer a thong before, but this is the first I’ve seen them since I started following them. If I had the Hoff or the The Rock’s body then it would be easier to rock the Tanga. If they run a sale and it is still available then I might snag it up. Can be at least used at home.

      • John says:

        BD-I’ve always been a fan of Aussiebum and their new Tanga is a departure for them in swimwear for sure. I have some tanga underwear, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to bring that look to the beach.
        The two Aussiebum I got are fantastic. They both have a similar cut to them, but I think the Insignia one has a slightly more defined pouch. Nothing overly risqué mind you, but a nice bonus. I think too that the zig zag pattern plays that up as well giving the visual illusion of more.
        I’ll have to report back on the Marcuse. I’ve tried on a pair of their underwear years ago and didn’t buy them because their pouches run a little small for me. The Anime pattern was so much fun and the price was great too so I couldn’t pass it up. Stay tuned. I should have that one in a week or so.

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          Not sure I’d be able to brave the Tanga swimsuit in public or not. Maybe the right beach. I need to try some of their swimsuit that aren’t nylon out. Not sure if the one I have that isn’t nylon is a knock off or not. Got it off ebay, so you never know.

          • John says:

            I have a few nylon only swim briefs from them and they’re finicky in their fit. My favorite is their Superhero brief. I love the print, but since there is no stretch in the fabric it’s not very flattering to my backside. I’d recommend going to their styles with more stretch. I always buy mine on sale too. No need to overspend!

          • John says:

            My new Marcuse Anime swim brief arrived yesterday. I was busy with other things so didn’t get a chance to fully try it on and see how I liked it. From first glance it is smaller than I thought, but I think it’ll work although maybe not for the family vacation. We’ll see. I’ll get my husband’s opinion since it’s his family we’ll be hanging out with. I’d love some other opinions too. Any chance to upload or send a photo?

      • John says:

        BD-just an update- we’re on vacation and it’s day 3. So far I’ve been able to break out the Aussiebum Insignia as well as a Desmit brief and one other more Brazilian sings style from Taddlee. So far so good. I’ve been on the beach all day in each style with no odd glances or second looks despite the fact that I’m the only guy on the entire beach not wearing board shorts! Even the in-laws are OK with them. My sister in law even commented yesterday on how she liked the Aussiebums. I think today I’ll pull out the Marcuse Anime!

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          Glad to hear you’ve been representing the swim briefs! Sounds like you’re having a good time. The Outer Banks does seem to be a good place for it. Nice that the in-laws seem to not mind. Awesome that you got some positive feedback from the sister in law.

        • T says:

          How did you feel being the only guy wearing a speedo at a beach full of dork shorts? I’m guessing you might have felt a little bit exposed to begin with,but began to feel liberated after a short time. Hopefully some of the guys in the long shorts were secretly checking you out and possibly contemplating following your example. Perhaps you’ll see a few more speeedos on the beach each day as your holiday progresses.

          • John says:

            T-I felt kind of exposed on the first day, but considering I lap swim in them regularly it wasn’t too bad. I did notice a lot of the other guys checking me out and you could tell they were a little surprised at my boldness. I take it in stride though. The funniest thing happened today. Where we are, they have wild horses that roam the beach so there are regular tours driving down the sand to see them. Late in the afternoon I was on shore reapplying sunscreen when a small tour drove by and all the women on board were cat calling to me. My sister in law cracked up at them. I’m not sure how all those wearing dork shorts felt but it was a nice ego boost for me.

  4. OLS says:

    I’ll be doing it pretty soon EJ. Will be wearing my thing or perhaps mini cheek here in the sunny south. I won’t be close to the crowd but I don’t mind being in my skimpy swimwear if a couple of guys are away from the crowd and wearing next to nothing. That when I get the courage and bare it all.

    • EJ says:

      Hi OLS I have a good base tan already upon the north- awesome sunbathing weather early in the season when it’s hot at work I go topless my shorts are low, my g string tan lines are higher. In the backyard I sunbathe in g string underwear, but they loosen a little with heat from a profile one can see my shaven ball bag- unacceptable at the beach methinks. See, I live in MA where snottyness & arrogance are common- so I got me a real cool g string swimsuit from Skinzwear fitting more snug than my g string underwear which I prefer to be a little loose=comfort. Motivator is now I got a functional g string swimsuit to wear in public

  5. Jeff says:

    EJ I’m in MA too and have missed out on getting out in this early season great weather… unlike your g-string tan i have a farmers tan from working outside in long pants and a t-shirt. I have a skinzwear g-string i got over the winter and can’t wait to get out in the sun!

    • EJ says:

      Hi Jeff- I’m hoping to get to a beach where a g string is ok. There’s Longnook Beach in Truro seems to be popular only open to residents & renters after 3rd Saturday in June to Labor Day (sticker required), Cranes Beach has a ‘gay area ‘ don’t ya dig stereotypes?

      • ols says:

        Hi there EJ. If you want absolutely minimal coverage and a snug fit try Joe Snyder Sock It G-string. That is the closest to barely there and hold everything in place with no chance of peeking. Warning: the piece is made to enhance your package so you’ll get many looks if you decide to wear it in front of others.

    • EJ says:

      Hi Jeff- you live anywhere near Cranes Beach in Ipswich? Maybe I’ll have time in a couple weeks to get there although I get the vibe that thonging or nude beaching is more the culture down Cape & Islands but the horrendous traffic going thru Boston would be a time consuming day beach trip

  6. EJ says:

    Thanks for the tip ols I took a look at that- I like hangin instead of protruding guess even I got limits lol

    • ols says:

      I’m with you there. Prefiere hanging than protruding. I actually gave a try but is not my cup of tea. Not into G-string that much.

  7. EJ says:

    I just got the Skinzwear M1R (special order still $40), it arrived very fast- it’s their peak season I got it in about 2 weeks if that. The models wore their Johnson up or hangin- pouch is adjustable nice feature. The Candyman thongs (so called they’re g strings have adjustable pouch the 9586 I believe. The only problem with those is inconsistent sizing- biggest complaint with reviews from Amazon. I have a 32” waist I always order Small’s few almost falling off me, but the ones that fit perfect I could live in them- hate taking them off. Those are underwear suitable ONLY for backyard except nude beach I guess. I’ve been sunbathing in those for 6-7 yrs sometimes wear as just underwear.I have other brands w/fixed pouch I don’t sunbathe in. When I 1st found this blog late last summer Nate suggested I get a sexy swimsuit ‘just in case’ I’m at a beach w/swim trunks wear the g string suit under in case there’s other thongers around, got more inspired to find a beach I can wear it. But as luck would have it one side of my yard is in middle of a major makeover we dropped 4 trees 40’-50’ ft tall, cutting splitting for burning all kinds of overgrown bushes digging up roots (on break now) yard’s got a lot going on wood brush everywhere. Before ya break out the violins for me I asked for it- to cut this short I hope I find time to show it off this summer, see I live in MA where don’t blink or you’ll miss summer

  8. AC says:

    Hey guys.
    I read all your comments.
    This weekend I had de opportunity to go the beach, and I usually wear speedo or bikini, I believe people are getting use to see speedos more often because I didn’t get any look or something (I gotta say I was the one wearing speedo there).
    GUYS please, encourage yourself to wear a speedo confidently, I know you feel shy or embarrassed is you are the one, but trust me. I wear speedo every time I go to the pool/beach and I’m used to them, i don’t feel embarrassed or nervous about it, because now I’m my mind is not a big deal.
    Also I wear a thong under my speedo/bikini just in case I have the chance to take off my speedo and wear my thong at the beach, but I don’t regret or doubt about the speedo I’m Wearing.
    I’m planning to get this thong for the beach.
    It’s princy I must say, but, I’ll push myself to wear it at the beach or any pool party.
    So, guys, JUST DO IT, the wrose thing could happen is someone really tell you something.
    Trying with a speedo or Brazilian sunga (they are not very tight or skimpy)

  9. Andrew says:

    I kicked off summer a day late since I had to work this weekend, but I did hit the hotel pool in my string bikini today to enjoy the nice weather. Can’t wait to get some more use out of it and maybe break out the thong again.

  10. ols says:

    Just did my fair share of thonging these past few days. I spent most of the time wearing a thong. There were a couple of fellow thongers there and for the first time I didn’t cover up when they were close to me. As a matter of fact had short conversations with them.

    It’s you turn BD. Break out the swimwear. You’ve been writing about it for quite a while (according to your previous posts from several years) but haven’t done it yet.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I haven’t worn a swim thong in public, but that isn’t a goal of mine. If it happens some time it happens. I have worn swim briefs. The last couple years my talk was about wearing them at the local beaches instead of just vacation. Last year I did accomplish breaking them out at the local beach. The plan is to continue on this summer wearing them at the local beaches.

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