Married Str8 Trio – Skimpy Underwear with Kids

Married Str8 Trio -  Skimpy Underwear With Kids

The Married Str8 Trio is back with another discussion. This round we discussed a bit about our skimpy underwear and kids.

Do you allow your kid(s) to see you in your underwear or do you do your best to change, so they can not see them?

Ron: Yes is the short answer. I had no problem as very brief underwear was the fashion when my kids were young in the late 80s and 90s

The Bottom Drawer: I don’t hide my underwear choice either. I’m not afraid to let them see my choice though I don’t typically roam around the house in just them. My daughter isn’t really old enough to notice yet, but not planning on hiding them. Now my son has commented he likes my underwear, which I think it is the color or print he is talking about. If it is a thong he’s commented I see your butt on several occasions.

Blkmlthng: I don’t really hide my underwear choice but don’t really go out of my way to roam around the house in them either. My 5 month old wouldn’t know and my 3 year old is potty trained so he is excited about his underwear at the moment. I was getting dressed the other morning for work and I had on bikini brief underwear and my son walked in on me as I was putting on my pants and didn’t even say anything about it he wanted to tell me about the dinosaur he saw on TV.

Are there any pairs you own that you’d might try to avoid being seen in by the kids?

The Bottom Drawer: The most risque underwear in my opinion I have is stuff that is on the sheer side. I may be a bit skittish when wearing them, but I wouldn’t say I avoid being seen. My goal is not to paint the picture that I’m ashamed of what I wear or even my body in general to my kids.

Blkmlthng: Like Nate stated, I want to paint a positive body image and not be ashamed of what I wear in front of my kids. I also think there are some things that are for adults only and some of my underwear that may be mesh or net like material that may be see through; more like erotic wear that I may put on for my wife during times when she and I will be intimate.

Ron: In agreement with you both. My boys would baulk at my choice of underwear now though in times when they were young I never wore anything risqué in the sense of transparency not that I owned any.

Have your kid(s) put you in any awkward situations related to your underwear?

Ron: Not that I can think off though I think they would treat my current choice as comical and ‘gay’

Blkmlthng: No my boys are to young to do that at this point, 3 and 5 months. I suspect some jokes and ribbing would come when they get to be teenagers and young adults.

The Bottom Drawer: As of yet mine haven’t either. I think my son is entering the age that he could say something inadvertently about the unmentionables to someone. He doesn’t know they aren’t something guys typically don’t wear yet.

At what age do you think is appropriate for kids to move to skimpier cuts of underwear if they wanted to? Does a bikini vs thong make a difference? How about does gender?

The Bottom Drawer: I say the gender for the age wouldn’t matter for sure though we know things will be easier for the girls all around with underwear. For me I would say style makes a difference. I think bikinis would be appropriate before thongs. Plus bikinis are available at a younger age for girls not that they are skimpy like most of mine. An appropriate age for me would also depends on maturity more so for thongs than bikinis (depending on the skimpiness). If I had to pick an age, I’d just go with the teenage year of 13. If mine asked sooner, I think I would allow a try of them especially with it being underwear. Though my wife would have a say in this too.

Blkmlthng: For me I would say whenever they get to the age when they can purchase their own underwear with their own money. As of right now mainstream stores are mostly selling boxers, boxer briefs or briefs or tighty whities. For women the options always include skimpier styles in stores. For men most of our options for skimpier underwear are online. Who knows what things will be like when my sons get to teenager/young adult stage as clothes for teenage boys/men are getting more fitting or slim fit styles boxers definitely don’t go well with tighter fitting pants or shorts. If my sons wanted to wear skimpier styles in their teenage years it wouldn’t be an issue for me but of course it wouldn’t be solely up to me, my wife, their mother would be involved in the decision making. Once they are young adults and are able to shop on their own they can purchase whatever underwear makes them comfortable. They will grow up with a Dad who wears skimpy men’s underwear so hopefully they will grow up with it being a norm and not something seen as taboo.

Ron: Not sure about this one. Guess whenever they’re comfortable in their own ideas and have thick enough skins to put up with the negative attitudes which will inevitably follow. I think skimpier styles will come back as everything is cyclical.

That wraps this conversation up. How did or do you handle your skimpy underwear and/or swimwear with kids? Have a topic you’d like us to discuss then let me know via a comment or send me a message.

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  1. Max says:

    My kids are teenagers so if they saw me in my thongs or sheer skimpy underwear they would be oh gross. So I don’t want them to have that picture! But I’m not ashamed of my choice in underwear!

  2. Thong obsessed says:

    Interesting topic. I think it’s good to let your kids see you in skimpy underwear from a young age as is it makes it more of a norm, as was mentioned in the discussion. By the time kids reach their teenage years they will probably have already heard a lot of negative comments about thongs for men in the media etc. It’s good for them to see you wearing thongs at an age when to them it’s just underwear and they haven’t been exposed to the negativity and surprise factor associated with men wearing thongs. Blkmlthng made a very good point about how the popular styles of jeans and trousers for young men nowadays are incompatible with the boxer briefs that most guys tend to wear. It would be nice to see a shift and for more retailers to start selling underwear for men that is practical to wear under skinny jeans. I started wearing thongs when I was about 15 and the idea of wearing boxer briefs under regular-fit trousers makes me feel uncomfortable enough, let alone wearing them under skinny jeans. Gotta be thongs all the way!

  3. AC says:

    I don’t have kids, but if I had them I eouldnt really mind to wear my thong/bikini on front of them, like thong obsessed commented, if my kids will get exposed to skimpy underwear/swimwear they will be growing look at them like a normal thing, and also maybe they get inspired to wear thong/bikini, the point is they won’t be surprise if they see someone else wearing them.
    when I was a child I saw my older cousin and some uncles and jam clean van damme wearing bikinis and honestly, I got inspired by them to started wearing them.this lil thing could change someone.
    So, I have a couple nephews (10 and 12 years old) I teach their Mon to swim at them house and always I wear speedo and couple time I wear thong, my cousin (their mom) doesn’t mind that, also couple time she has asked the kids ”guys, would like to wear a bikini like your uncle” they responded “no” but they never make fun of me. They look my thongs/speedo as a normal thing to wear. Probably sounds like a lie but that trutly happpened.

  4. JM says:

    Growing up around competitive swimming I did not ever find bikini’s to be at all controversial. In fact, I’ve always found the negative commentary from other people regarding bikini and smaller suits to be rather odd.

    However, I did wear tighty-whity undies until about the 5th grade. It was at this time when we started having to change clothes for and shower after our physical education classes. One of my other classmates was wearing bikini undies and I really liked the way they looked on him. So I asked my mother if I could get some too. Thankfully she was very open minded about the subject and let me know that if that is what I wanted to do, then that is what we would do. Thankfully, at that time (the mid-1980’s) bikini undies were readily available through one of the regional retailers similar to K-Mart, but on a much smaller scale.

    Since then I have never looked back. I have always worn bikini, thong, and sexy trunk styles without concern of what anyone else thinks. My drawer is certainly a much more colorful and fun place than it was when I just wore the tighty-whities.

    Come to find out, after several years of me wearing all manner of bikinis, my dad actually started wearing some part time. I suppose he was intrigued by seeing mine in the wash all the time, so he got some for himself. I’m glad I was able to have a positive effect on him in that way as he is a pretty conservative acting fellow.

    So, to answer the question actually posed… I would say that whenever kids have an opinion about what they would prefer to wear for underwear, they should likely be allowed. I wouldn’t hide the fact that I wear all kinds of colorful and different shaped underwear from them at all, and I would probably get them some instead of tighty-whities. If they later prefer to try something different, that is fine too.

    I think the most important take away here is that the kids should not think that wearing skimpy undies should be anything other than normal. Just like underwear for women, underwear for men can come in all manner of different sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics. They can choose what they like once they are able to form an opinion about it.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Too bad the jammers are taking over the swim briefs in competitive swimming. At least some still train in swim briefs and there are other sports that is their uniform for. Unfortunately that is the only time society portrays them as acceptable. That is awesome that you wearing them influenced your dad. Usually it’s seen the other way around. Hopefully my kids will see them as normal. I’m sure society will have an influence in it. Guess time will tell of things will pan out.

      • JM says:

        Yes, TBD, I’ll agree! I’m not a fan of jammers at all. They just don’t seem to fit me well. They always seem to slide down my legs. I’ve tried tighter and looser, but they always seem to pull themselves down. I like the way the swim briefs fit so much better, though I also have a couple of square cut suits too. Once those wear out, I’ll probably not be getting any more of them as the briefs are always so much better fitting.

  5. Tim Hutcherson says:

    To swerve off topic just slightly, I am a long time nudist. Everytime I go the nudist club in Reidsville, NC, I always see lots of children with their parents running around the place fully nude. I think this is very positive for the children. It takes the mystery out of hidden bodies. They accept nudity as normal. I wouldn’t let the issue of wearing thongs around the kids become a worry.

  6. EJ says:

    Right you are Tim- however as I don’t care who sees me sunbathing in a g string, I go out of my way to make sure my kids (ages 21 & 18) don’t see it. Although I’m sure they’ve seen my tan lines not intentionally on my part. If they look in my laundry basket loaded with g strings & string bikinis to be cleaned I won’t hide that

    • RJ says:

      Hi EJ. My two children (both boys) grew up seeing me suntanning in my g-strings, whether when we were on beach vacations or by our backyard pool. I made no excuses, nor did I want them to see me being self-conscious about my body when in a public place. I have also always worn tiny bikinis or g-strings as underwear, and again treated it as perfectly normal. First, this is a personal choice, just as they now choose their own underwear and swimwear styles (one opts for my styles, the other prefers fuller briefs, but neither like boxers of any type). Second, I never wanted them to develop insecurity issues about their bodies based on some strangers perceptions of what was acceptable in underwear or swimwear. The best way to teach them to be confident in their bodies was for me to be confident in mine.

  7. David says:

    Sorry this post is late, I’ve only recently stumbled on TBD and am reading 5 years worth of blogs. I’m curious for the guys here with sons, if your son wanted to try your underwear would you let them. Maybe even sharing them until they found the style they liked best then buying them their own?

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Hi David, Welcome to my blog. I guess it would depend on waist size when/if my son expressed interested in trying bikinis and/or thongs. I’d probably just go the route and buy him some pairs to try. I do wonder if he will want to try out the skimpier styles some day. Thanks for the question.

    • RT says:

      Hello David:
      My sons didn’t borrow my tiny underwear and swimwear that often, but there were some times when they did ask. Not a problem for me. My older son did try out my g-strings on a number of occasions before he then started buying his own. Always assumed they were testing things out before deciding what they wanted.

      • Crossfithong says:

        RT that’s really awesome that you encourage your son to wear whatever they want,
        How do you feel about it?

        • RT says:

          Hello Crossfithong. I’ve always said that one of my many roles as a father is to set a positive body image for my sons, regardless of their body. That extends to the choice of underwear and swimwear. They have seen me in bikinis, thongs and g-strings since they were babies, and it is the norm for them now. As a result, they don’t have the hang-ups that many other guys have when it comes to seeing other guys in tiny briefs, nor do they have those hang-ups when it comes to their own choice of underwear and swimwear. If anything, knowing they could “experiment” with my underwear has helped them make their own choices as to what they prefer. Works for me, and works for them.

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