Q&A: Year of the Thong with Bikinis ‘N Thongs – Part 1

Year of the Thong with Bikinis 'n Thongs

Hello and welcome to part one of my Q&A with Bikinis ‘N Thongs (@BikinisNThongs) from Twitter. Last year he decided to challenge himself and make 2018 the year of the thong. I reached out to him for a Q&A and he graciously accepted. Let’s dive right into the Q&A.

First off how long have you been a wearer of bikinis and thongs?

I started wearing bikinis sophomore year in high school, so 17-18 years ago. I used to ride my bike to the local KMart and buy them for myself. My parents never would have. It was on one of those trips senior year, I think, that I discovered the 3-pack of Hang Ten thongs. I was transfixed. I had to have them!! I didn’t purchase any more until I went off to college. I maybe had 4 bikinis and the 3 thongs total back then.

Kmart is where I got my start. Didn’t discover they had them until my junior year of high school when they were advertised in one of their flyers. Now that we know how long you have been wearing then, why did you decide to make 2018 the year of the thong?

It was a simple decision, really. I had started to wear them more and more over the last couple of years, so I decided to “challenge” myself to see if I could do it. It was also a way to force myself to wear them all and get rid of pairs that I didn’t like rather than let them hang out at the bottom of the drawer feeling all lonely and unwanted.

What I didn’t expect was that it would be super easy and I’d find myself expanding my collection as much as I did. It about doubled!

I did notice a lot of thong buying over last year. You said it was easier than you expected, but were there any days you really didn’t feel like a thong?

There really weren’t any days where I wanted to wear something else, which I didn’t expect. I actually ended up cleaning out a lot of my briefs, bikinis, jocks, etc. in June/July last year. I kept some that I just couldn’t part with. ? This year, I’m wearing the bikinis on Mondays. ?

I did have a few days where I didn’t feel like wearing anything, just being naked all day, but, because of the challenge, I slipped into a thong anyway. It really isn’t much different if you think about it.

You get better support with a thong than without one! That’s why I prefer a bikini or a thong over nothing. Was there something you missed about wearing a bikini that you decided to do Bikini Mondays this year?

Better support, yes, of course. But sometimes I like to lounge around naked. I don’t need a lot of support if I’m not being very active. Don’t get me wrong, I never go commando. If I’m not wearing underwear, I’m completely naked.

The decision to start Bikini Mondays was a practical one. I have a bunch of bikinis that I enjoy wearing and think are sexy, so why not wear them? It has been weird those days having so much coverage that I’m not used to having. ?

Guess you’re back to fitting your Twitter handle this year with Bikini Mondays. Was your year of the thong challenge also with swimwear? It seemed to me you did well with making 2018 the year of the thong with your swimwear too.

I mostly wore thong swimwear, but some swim briefs as well. Honestly, most of the pairs I have purchased lately can be worn as either underwear or swimwear. They’re technically marketed as swimwear, but they’re unlined so I wear them as underwear too.

I only wore swim briefs when I wasn’t sure about the crowd. The first few times I went to Hollywood Beach (the gay beach in Chicago), I wore a thong under my swim brief so if I felt comfortable enough, I could take the swim brief off. I did both times, so I just left the swim briefs home after that.

I also spent a lot of time out on the lake in a friend’s boat. I didn’t wear a thong the first couple times (most everyone else was in trunks), but did once and after that they kind of expected it.

Why did you decided to strip down to the thong at the beach?

Probably the same reason I decided to wear a thong on the boat and decided to stop trying to hide when I changed clothes in the lockerroom at the gym — I stopped caring what people thought. Part of the #yearofthethong was deciding to wear underwear that is unconventional and that I find extemely sexy. It was time to not feel ashamed of it — which wasn’t necessarily easy. The way to make thongs more acceptable is to increase exposure and get more guys to try them and get more guys/girls to get their boyfriends to try them.

It’s super easy to wear a thong in public at a thong wearers event because it’s public, but private, and everyone else is wearing them too. It’s tougher to get the courage to do it in a truly public environment. I basically, just had to say “F*** it” and see how it went. So far, I haven’t had any issues or fallout from it. Friends from tennis have seen me at the beach and nothing much was said.

That’s kind of how I looked at finally going to a swim brief at the local beaches here. Also wanted to do it before the kids got too much older, so they will see it as somewhat of a norm for me. Was it harder to break a thong out at the beach than when you broke a bikini out for the first time?

Yes quite a bit more difficult. I was on swim teams as a child and in high school, so wearing a bikini/swim brief/bikini was second nature. When I took it off for the first time, I was at the beach with my roommate (and ex) who was aware I wear thongs regularly, but wasn’t expecting me to wear one at the beach. I was more concerned with his reaction than the reaction of all the hundreds of other people on the beach. It got a little easier when I saw another guy or 2 rocking a thong as well.

That’s a wrap on part 1. Come back next week for more year of the thong Q&A with Bikinis ‘N Thongs. We touch a bit more on the swim thong and a few questions on Thonger weekends.

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