str8thongwearer Q&A: All In

str8thongwearer All In QA

I’ve been talking to str8thongwear for a few months now. He was pretty new to thongs when we first started interacting, but has gain thong wearing experience rapidly. Part of this is due to his all in attitude from finding something supportive and comfy. Then the other part coming from his wife testing that he is committed to thongs. Let’s get into some Q&A.

You’re fairly new to thong wearing. What motivated you to go from the so called ‘normal men’s underwear’ to thongs?

I had always worn boxers for the longest time, but they really provided absolutely zero support and as I’m pretty active I needed something more. I tried boxer briefs for a time but every one I tried, the legs always bunched up and made it so uncomfortable to wear. I was out shopping in a department store and came across some low budget thongs (joe boxer) which were $10 for four so I thought I would try them for working out. After I wore them the first time I was hooked – I hardly noticed the strap. There was no riding up and the support was really good. I ended up liking them so much I went to wearing them 24/7. I hate the connotation they get but I like them too much to let the fear of not being normal override my want to wear them.

Did you know there were more styles than boxers and briefs available for guys?

I knew of them only about what you hear about. Nothing ever in person.

I personally did more of a gradual move from briefs to bikinis and into thongs. Why did you decide to go all in with thongs and send your old underwear to the trash?

Not sure what made me go all in on wearing them. I guess the comfort was just surprising.

What challenges have you found with moving all to thongs?

Changing at the gym I guess lol.

What’s your concern with changing at the gym? The stereotype that are associated with thong?

Mainly the comments or worse I might get if seen in one.

What do you think would happen other then comments?

I have no idea. You hear about bullying way too much.

Any other challenges with thong wearing?

I think maybe being in situations where wearing a thong would be odd. Like staying with family while traveling maybe. Also getting rid of the stigma of being a straight male wearing thongs since it’s unusual.

Any regrets about going all in with thongs?

Not at all. They provide the support and comfort I didn’t expect. I wish they were more widely accepted though. I guess it was pretty aggressive to go all in though.

You were probably more aggressive about it than most. Do you have any desire to try other against the norm underwear styles that you haven’t?

Like g strings ?

Yes, g-string, bikinis, string bikinis

Since we’ve last spoke I got some of all three

Thongs still top the list?

yeah it’s what I wear 95% of the time.

We’re going to do a Q&A on this, but let’s wrap this one up with a bit of a teaser. What was your wife’s thought on your thongs?

we talked about it right?

Yes we’ve discussed it. Seems she was more mad about you hiding it than anything.

yeah. In the beginning I was hesitant to tell her from fear of how she would react. She found out I had been wearing them for a couple weeks and got mad I hid them. She was very shocked I would wear them as they are way against the norm and she didn’t understand why guys would wear them. But she said it was my decision and I can wear what I want.

That wraps up this Q&A. Next time str8thongwearer and I will discuss a bit on his wife’s reaction to his switch to thongs.

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