Married Str8 Trio – Underwear Chat Part 2

Married Str8 Trio: Underwear Chat - Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of the Married Str8 Trio underwear chat, Read it here. Now on with the chat.

Are you brand loyal or like to try different brands out? What things influence you when deciding on a pair of underwear to purchase (color, cut, fabric, wife, advertising, etc)?

Blkmlthng: I’m very loyal to brands. A few years ago, I tried different brands but the results were not comfortable and ended up spending money on items that never got worn more than once and eventually got thrown out. Some of my favorite brands currently are Obviously, N2N, Cocksox, Ergowear, Gregg Homme and Prevail Sport. These brands you will find as the majority in my underwear drawer along with some older Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren and some non-brand thongs I got from ebay years that are awesome to wear. There are so many factors that influence my choice in underwear. First it has to be a string bikini, bikini, pouch brief, thong or g-string. Secondly the pouch must be an anatomic pouch. Anatomically proportion pouches are very important to me when I’m choosing my underwear. I like to hang naturally and don’t like to feel like I’m being bunched up and smashed in my underwear. Thirdly, I love prints and bold patterns. I love animal type prints such as leopard, snake and zebra, which i have several in different brands and underwear types. When you look in my underwear drawer you won’t see black and white, you will see very bold and vibrant colors such as purples, golds, different shades of pink and really cool patterns and designs. I enjoy mixing and matching my underwear (styles) with my clothes, especially for work. I work in an office environment and have to dress business casual (ie shirts and ties, dress slacks, khakis and polo shirts). I think my wife enjoys seeing me in different underwear styles, prints and colors. I have a leopard print g-string she purchased for me shortly after we married and I do enjoy it as does she when she can see me in it.

One thing I failed to mention is fabric. I don’t like 100% cotton anymore, I like soft synthetic fabrics like modal/lycra blend (Obviously brand) polyamide/spandex fabric (ergowear), supplex (Cocksox brand) and microfiber cotton, nylon blend (prevail sport). I also have some net and mesh styles that I will wear but not overly crazy with the net and mesh as the net can be uncomfortable for all day wear (happen to have a few that are soft) and not crazy about sheer material overall. I don’t like lace or satin as it reminds me of women’s panties and it isn’t my personal preference.

Ron: I’m very much into cotton and cotton mix for underwear though someone in an outdoor shop recently said that synthetic fabrics are better for exercise or where you are like to perspire more. Generally most of my underwear is HOM or Kiniki and I’m afraid – black as it’s the only colour apart from white which HOM make their micro styles. I have a few different coloured Kiniki micros though and planning more as I like their brief, narrow, reasonably high cut with a pouch. Similarly I like a bit of freedom. I wore sloggi tangas for a while but above all my underwear, these were the one my wife hated the most! I have one Bruno Banani purple micro in synthetic fibre which I wear occasionally.

The Bottom Drawer: I have been pretty brand loyal over the years. I have however been trying to expand upon my brands, since I started blogging. Most of my collection has been from Prevail Sport and Kiniki. Also some purchases from BodyAware over the years though they seem to be getting more and more feminine in their styling. I use to hit Undergear sales now and then too. I have tested out some other brands recently and have discovered some more to my liking, so I’ll probably keep testing out the brand waters.

The biggest thing I look for in underwear is narrow sides. Typically I look for around an inch or less for sides. Gives me more of a free feelings. Also I’m not a fan of plain elastic waistbands especially ones blazing the brand. I prefer more of a ¾ or less back. With fabrics I do try to avoid real sheer fabrics and not a fan of lace either. Other than that I’ll give most a try. I do like a variety of colors and prints/patterns, but cut is the most important factor for me.

Would you like to be able to go to a store to buy your underwear or do you prefer the anonymousness of online shopping?

Ron: Pre internet days, I would summon up all my courage to buy from shops, though the experience always passed without any stress and most often with good customer service. This was always a good option as the goods could be seen and handled. Finding a shop that sells micro underwear is quite hard these days, certainly across here so my only option is via the ‘net; then again you can only rely on images of the goods and any feedback from previous purchasers. Given the choice, I’d still prefer buying from a shop and face to face interaction.

Blkmlthng: For me I don’t mind shopping online for my underwear . The reality is you can’t try underwear on in a store anyway so the anonymous shopping online is cool for me. Back in 2001 when I first bought thongs and string bikinis in the store I hated it. I bought my first men’s thongs and string bikinis from Target and K-Mart, I was so scared and nervous to do so. I would buy extra stuff to conceal the items and try to go to the oldest female cashier, never a male or young female, if I couldn’t find an older female (like 65+ grandmother type figured they wouldn’t pay much attention to what I was buying) cashier I wouldn’t buy my items. Back then I wish online shopping was more prevalent. The only underwear catalog shopping that I was aware of back then was undergear and I didn’t want them shipped to my dorm. Online shopping really hadn’t taken off at that time other than eBay. In the comfort of my own home I can read reviews, research on the materials and the brands to figure out what works best for me. I have been shopping online for underwear items for about five years and I love it! I honestly can say I don’t miss going into the store and buying underwear.

The Bottom Drawer: I do like the anonymousness and convenience of shopping online. Probably a better selection than a store would carry too. On the other hand if there was a men’s underwear store like Victoria’s Secret then I would be interested in shopping at it. I like the idea of being able to actually see the bikinis and thongs in person. This would especially be nice for exploring new brands. You’d be able to at least get a first hand look at the styling like the pouch, feel of the fabric, and overall cut. Also would be nice to instantly have them in hand though I guess the anticipation of their arrival in the mail does make it a little more exciting. I do agree shopping at a store can be nerve racking, but I’m thinking after shopping at a men’s only underwear store a few times that would start to subside. I’d probably do both online and in store shopping if both options were available to me.

What things do you think need to change to increase the popularity of men’s bikini and thong underwear?

Ron: Good question. The change has to come from the cat walk and endorsed widely by younger generation. Bikinis might be more acceptable though I think thongs will remain very much with the select few. I think also there has to be more acceptance by women of their men wearing such tiny garments

The Bottom Drawer: The biggest thing that I think needs to change is the stigma or the closed minds that people have towards men in sexy underwear cuts. That I see as a hard task with most things you see on tv shows, movies, or generally seen by the mass population is usually a joke when related to bikinis and thong for men. Until those mediums change how they portray men’s underwear, we may be in for a long fight to popularize them. Like Ron, I can see bikinis breaking through easier than thongs.

Blkmlthng: I think the biggest change needs to come from the advertisements from the makers of the underwear. There needs to be more diversity in the adds and not market to one race or sexual orientation. I feel if a women was incorporated with the men it would help with the argument that there are women who enjoy seeing their men in sexy, skimpy underwear. Also it would be nice to see men of color along with the women in the ads. Being an African American male, most of the advertisements don’t display African American men or men of color in the ads. I think it is presumed that African American males wear boxers and that’s it. At least in my case that couldn’t be farther from the truth and I’m sure there are other men of color such as me but the ads don’t represent that as they dont’ really represent for the heterosexual male. I agree with both of you that bikinis would breakthrough easier than a thong.

I like to thank Blkmlthng and Ron for joining me in this underwear conversation. Keep watch for more from us in the future. If you have questions you like us to answer? Use the “Send me a message” to email them to me. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Hi guys, recently discovered this blog and it’s great. I’m also a married straight guy with the same interests. I posted last week on an old blog that my interest came with an undergear catalog showing up when I was in high school. I also love bikini and thong swimwear, I have a good collection but in the same boat as TBD, can’t find the nerve to go public in them.

    One last question is do any of you guys enjoy sexy gear? Leggings, shorts etc??

    Thanks again for the great blog!!

  2. EJ says:

    I’m kinda picky when it comes to coverage w/string bikinis-especially the back. The less the better maybe I should stick with thongs

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