Married Str8 Trio – Underwear Chat Part 1

Married Str8 Trio: Underwear Chat -  Part 1Here’s the first installment of conversations from the Married Str8 Trio (Blkmlthng, Ron, and me). You can read the Introduction Post here. This conversation will be a two part post on underwear. Feel free to chime in and comment on our discussions.

We already touch on this a bit in our introduction post, but let’s go over our prefer underwear style(s) and why?

Blkmlthng: I really enjoy wearing skimpy sexy underwear for men. I like the way it looks and makes me feel as well as I’m a minimalist and don’t like a lot of material under my clothes. If you go to stores it’s hard to find skimpy underwear, thankfully you can still find them online but sometimes you have to go through trial and error and reviews before you can find the right ones that work best for you. I now have a collection of gstrings, thongs, and string bikinis that I wear daily. I really enjoy wearing these items that have anatomical pouches which most if not all my underwear have. I really like my thongs and string bikinis to have the thicker waistbands, just a personal preference but also will wear and like the thinner waistbands.

If I had to pick my absolute favorite style of underwear it would say the string bikini. String bikinis are my most favorite style of men’s underwear. My string bikinis almost outweigh my men’s thong underwear collection. It’s too bad that you can’t readily find them as you once did. I still have some pairs from Calvin Klein that I bought in stores throughout the years that are still holding up and are in good shape. It’s a shame Calvin Klein discontinued this style. Currently the string bikinis brands that are my favorite are Obviously, N2N and Ergowear. At one time men’s string bikinis and bikini briefs were the underwear to wear for men. It’s a shame this has changed.

The Bottom Drawer: I’m only into two styles of underwear and that is of course bikinis and thongs. I did a complete switch to them in college and haven’t looked back. Like Blkmlthng, I like how they look on and make me feel like sexy and more confident. I find them more comfortable and less restrictive on the legs and offer great support. Add bonuses are they are much cooler to wear in the summer, take up less space when packing for a trip, and the wife seems to enjoy seeing me in them. Always fun to have a variety to pick from in the morning instead of just wearing pretty much the same thing all the time like most guys do. In the end they are just more fun to me.

Ron: Like you both, my preferred style of underwear is the bikini style though the briefer the better and like blkmlthng a string bikini is among them. I also like thongs but for general wear the bikini is normal. My current drawer has many HOM and Kiniki micro bikinis and and some cute ones I actually bought in a Walmart in Houston when I was there on business some years ago. I like these styles for their brevity and as mentioned for taking up less space in the drawer and while travelling. My fabric choice is cotton though for sports or hill walking I’ve started wearing synthetic fabric or bikini swimwear as they are cooler.

If you know you are going to be seen in your underwear like at the locker room or doctor, does that affect your underwear choice? Why or why not?

Blkmlthng: Great question! For me unfortunately it does affect my choice. When I was working out on a regular basis (trying to incorporate that back into my schedule) I was always cautious and careful about the underwear I wore, always boxerbriefs or boxers, especially when I was in college. I relaxed on that a little as I got older and I began to wear my bikinis, pouch briefs or string bikinis occasionally but I would still make sure my underwear was never seen by others as I would keep my shirt on as I would put workout shorts on or try to change in a less crowded spot. I’m naturally a shy person so i chalked it up to my shyness but in reality I think I never wanted my underwear choice to be seen. In terms of the Doctor the first time I wore my pouch briefs to the doctor was this year for a physical. Normally it’s boxerbriefs but this year I said I’m going to wear my brief and it wasn’t a big deal. Maybe next year I will try a bikini or string bikini, that’s a big maybe. Don’t know if I could ever wear a thong in the gym or doctors office.

Ron: I used to be self conscious when going to the gym etc but now I don’t really bother to be honest. Having lower back issues, I go to my osteopath regularly and occasionally have to strip of to my underwear, typically my HOM black micros without any issues. Guess my attitude now is; I’ll wear what I chose and if anyone has a problem then it’s their problem. My wife still niggles me about disliking my underwear/swimwear choice and I say the same to her! However, all said, I’d be cautious of wearing thongs though; my bravery doesn’t extend to them! ha!

The Bottom Drawer: I am more selective about my choice. Not as much as I use to be. I hope to keep improving on my not caring attitude. I do typically avoid wearing a thong and anything that may have some sheerness to it. Also I keep away from too flashy colors and/or prints. I’ve come to a point for the most part that I don’t care too much about wearing a skimpy bikini when I know I’ll be seen in my undies. One, I don’t have much of a choice, since I only own bikinis and thongs. Two, I’m finally getting the don’t care what others think attitude and just wearing what I want. If they don’t like what I’m wearing they don’t have to look; not that I’m prancing around in my undies places. The doctors have always seemed oblivious to my bikinis, but guess that is what we should expect from people in that profession.

We all avoid thongs when we might be seen in our underwear. Why is this the case?

The Bottom Drawer: For me this is the case, because it is more of an extreme from the norm in men’s underwear even more than bikinis. Don’t really want to stand out more in the locker room even though guys are walking around it without any clothes on. Guess I’m more shy than they are. Then there’s the stigma that goes along with a thong that they are feminine. Guys seem to love cracking jokes about wearing a thong. Like the other day my wife asked her coworkers if they were going to wear shorts on the class field trip and her male coworker texted he’ll be wearing a thong under his skin tight pants or something along the lines. Don’t need to give anyone ammo to make fun of me. Already irritates me that they are making a joke about a thong. Guess not leading by example and speaking up isn’t helping the men’s thong cause.

Blkmlthng: In regards to the men’s thong underwear, like Nate stated it’s not the norm in men’s underwear and I don’t want to deal with the questions and judgmental attitudes. I don’t mind questions or a discussion about wearing such underwear if I knew it was going to be an intelligent and purposeful conversation but sadly it wouldn’t be. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in social settings or among friends and I hear, “no man would or should wear a string up his butt” or “only gay men wear thongs.” Movies and TV shows don’t help, they treat men’s thongs as a gag or joke or insinuates that only certain types of men would wear such underwear. Statements like this really irritate me and I want to step up and correct them but I don’t, which doesn’t help the cause of men’s thongs. My thong underwear wearing has really evolved and being that I have been wearing such underwear for almost 20 years. I started out feeling ashamed every time I would wear one and was in fear what others would think about me if they knew what underwear I was wearing that I couldn’t really enjoy wearing what I felt was comfortable. Now I don’t worry about what others think but I am genuinely a shy person and don’t like much attention drawn to myself so that could be why I wouldn’t wear a thong openly in a locker room or even for underwear if I was to go to the doctor and have to strip down to my undies.

Ron: Guys- I echo everything you’ve both said. It’s the constant association with gay men etc that gives me a complex alsmost about wearing a thong. In fact I can’t remember wearing one aside from seeing if mine still fit me! Some years ago I was in Buenas Aires, Argentina on a Spanish learning holiday and saw some male thongs in an underwear shop so plucking up my courage and best Spanish I walked in and was confronted with three shop assistants behind a counter, two of whom were female so undeterred I asked to see the thongs and one of the ladies attended to me. She was by helpful and non aggressive and I ended up buying black and white thongs which I often wore during my time there. Although I was staying with a local host family I had to arrange my own laundry so took my clothes to a nearby laundrette. My thongs always came back neatly folded and nothing ever said by the staff. It really does irk me though, the attitude to thongs and skimpy underwear. I might wear a thong to a massage but not in the locker room or doctor.

Keep watch for Part 2 coming next week. Have questions you like us to answer? Use the “Send me a message” to email them to me.

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  1. Brian says:

    My wife and I wear only thong underwear and at the beach. When we first met my thong and tan was better than hers. Of our friends, half the women wear thongs and I’m the only thong male. I had a girlfriend in college buy me a thong and I loved it and was all in. Shortly after I tried the beach and loved being the only guy in one but loved the tan lines. My wife started wearing thongs on the early 90’s as a 10th grader and wore them at the beach too. She was gymnast and an older girl was changing and wearing a thong and she was in. We are similar in how we live the sexuality of being in thongs and having tan lines too.

  2. EJ says:

    Several years ago I wore a string bikini to have a physical.My doctor sent me to the lab for a test-right before the lab tech stuck a q-tip swab up my urethra, he said ‘ that’s weird,this test is usually for women’.Doctors can think stigma too

  3. EJ says:

    True-I stereotype those who stereotype they all closed minded,judgmental-if they think somethin’s wrong it’s gotta be wrong for everyone,etc. I’m very open minded-who decided the good stuff is feminine anyway?

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