Skimpy Underwear with Parents, Family, & Beyond: A Conversation – Part 1

A conversation with Bikinis 'N Thongs and JoMo Part 1

Today I have back Bikinis ‘N Thongs (@BikinisNThongs) and also joining us is JoMo (@leopardboy). We all started our journey into underwear in our teens while living at home still. We’re going to be talking on a variety of things related to bikini and thong wearing. First we’re going to touch on how our interest came about and how we got our hands on our first pair. Then the next installment we’ll be talking about our underwear and how we handle it with our families. Then we’ll wrap up the three part series with some general discussion on our underwear and swimwear choice. Let’s get into the conversation.

About when did you get interested in wanting to try against the norm underwear?

JoMo: I think i was between 12-14 but was too scared to act upon it until I would say late 14 early 15 and my parents were very supportive and treated me wanting to wear a thong as very normal.

TBDrawer: I guess I can’t remember exactly when I got the interest. I do recall probably my middle school years that I saw some multi colored briefs when shopping with my mom that I asked for and she obliged. Makes sense that it would be around the time when girls are grabbing my attention and I started noticing the option of bikinis they wear. I know high school is when I really got interested in wanting to know what a pair of bikinis would be like to wear.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I can’t pinpoint the exact year, but it was right around the middle school/junior high period. My parents had us make Christmas lists and that usually entailed flipping through the JC Penney catalog. When I paged through the underwear section, I saw the men in bikini briefs. I knew I wanted to try them, but my parents wouldn’t buy them. Tighty whities only. It was a few years later (junior year of high school) while shopping on K-Mart that I saw my first thong. That’s when I decided I had to try both styles…..and eventually saved up some money to buy them.

How did you go about getting your first pair?

TBDrawer: Since I didn’t realize any stores carried bikinis, I attempted to modify briefs into a bikini. I wasn’t particular successful in my attempts, but I thought that was my best option at the time. It wasn’t until I was 17 when I saw a Kmart flyer that was advertising bikinis for men that I figured out I could actually purchase some locally. Guess who borrowed their parents car soon after that and drove to the local Kmart. I used the excuse I needed to purchases a gift with it being near Christmas time. So I returned home with a 3 pack of string bikinis and some other items that I didn’t really need.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: It was summer, so I was able to ride my bike the 3 miles to the K-Mart, with the money I had saved burning a hole in my pocket. I got to the store and stood in the underwear aisle mesmerized. I couldn’t decide what to get. I finally got the balls to grab the 3-pack of Hang Ten animal print thongs and the 3 pack of Bill Blass bikinis (I might still have one of these). I was very nervous walking up to the cashier counter, especially since I didn’t have extra money to buy other items to disguise my true purchase. Hehe

I couldn’t bike home fast enough to try them on. ?

JoMo: I was at kmart with my mother and she said to “Try it” and i did that next day and it was not the best experience as the band was far too thick to be comfortable but i did love the way it looked.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I am so jealous of you and your mom, JoMo. I think my teenage years would be far less angst-ridden (from trying to hide my bikinis and thongs from her) had she offered to buy them for me like that.

I guess Kmart was the place for bikinis and thongs! Too bad they’ve been closing stores. Obviously we all have become hooked on them. What was it about the first time that you tried a pair on that got you hooked?

JoMo: I am lucky in that regard. I still felt quite nervous buying animal print (sexy) at the time pairs and hid them but have until recently always been quite overweight so buying the underwear helped give me confidence and suited a my flat bottom giving me a better shape and i felt better about myself . Also I cannot understand Kmart going under, here in Australia Kmart is one of the biggest retailers who recently rebranded and now make millions, s*** underwear tho

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: To be honest, the first thong I bought was miserable to wear. It had an elastic-type string at the back that just rubbed me the wrong way. I didn’t buy any more thongs for several years (until I was away at college). I fell in love with the thongs I purchased from International Male catalog — they had a fabric strap in back that was *way* more comfortable.

TBDrawer: I didn’t get my first thong until college. I didn’t notice thongs in Kmart when I got my first string bikinis. I got my first thong from International Male/Undergear, which did take a little getting use to. For bikinis what hooked me was probably first how they looked, but also how they felt. Briefs were always too restrictive on my thighs, so was great not to have that with the bikinis. Boxers had no support. Thongs would be how they looked on too. Now I would include how they make me feel in general when slipping a pair on.

What made you two decide to give thongs another try after your first trying not turning out so well?

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: The sex appeal factor was what made me go back. Plus, I saw that the tail of the pair was also made from fabric and not that awful elastic string.

JoMo: For me it was the look and how attractive the men looked wearing them and how I wanted to be the same. Especially in the 90’s the men (on the packaging) were in shape but not huge bodybuilders. I found/find this shape very appealing and when shown in a thong or brief even larger men I find it accentuates the form overall with the male physique. I even prefer men with more weight in a brief as it looks better to myself.

That’s all for part one of our conversation. Next week we’ll get into our underwear and the family. Read Part 2.

2 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    My very first experience with buying thongs was similar to Bikinis ‘N Thongs. I bought a 3-pack of men’s thongs at a department store, and couldn’t wait to get home to try them on. The thongs had an elastic string for the rear, which were very uncomfortable. Needless to say, they were purged immediately. It was many years later that I discovered well made thongs, and now I’m hooked. With so many manufacturers out there making comfortable thongs for men, there is something for everyone.

  2. CW says:

    Well I started with a 3 pack of jockey bikini underwear purchased from JC Penny. Then I cut down and made my own thong from one of them for use in a tanning bed. I was 15 years old at the time. Then I ordered a undergear catalog from an ad from the back of some magazine. It was live changing. I ordered lots of different bikinis and thongs from then on out. Learned real quick in the locker room at high school not to care what anyone else thinks. Wear what ever you want! My high school girlfriend didn’t care what I had on. Miss undergear but there are so many options available now. Thongs and bikinis only now. Same with swimwear I hate board shorts and only use them as coverups.

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