Skimpy Underwear with Parents, Family, & Beyond: A Conversation – Part 2

a conversation with Bikinis N Thongs and JoMo Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our conversation with Bikinis ‘N Thongs (@BikinisNThongs) and JoMo (@leopardboy). This week we’re covering some question on bikinis and thongs with our families. Now on to the questions.

For JoMo why do you think your parents were so open to you trying thongs? Then for Bikinis ‘N Thongs and I why did we hide them from our parents? Did you bring it up to them before you got them yourself?

JoMo: I honestly think it’s because my mum is a reformed hippie and dad is just the most easy going guy in the world if we’re not talking about sports. They told us (my brothers and me) they would rather we be ourselves and safe than to hide everything and get into trouble

TBDrawer: I never brought my interest in trying bikinis or thongs up to my parents at all. I don’t know if I would of asked for them if I realized I could have gotten them locally or not before I had the ability to drive myself. Like JoMo, my dad is pretty easy going and probably wouldn’t have said too much. My mom would have been more likely to comment on things though she did buy the multi colored briefs, which I guess isn’t quite the same jump to the string bikinis I first bought. Guess I just figured they wouldn’t get them for me, since they weren’t the norm that males wore.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I never talked to my parents about it at all. They were pretty firm that boys wore tighty whities so I was afraid of what they’d think if I asked to wear something else. That fear was confirmed later they they found a couple of bikinis and thongs in my dirty laundry when I went home from college one weekend. (I usually did my own laundry to avoid the scenario, but mom insisted that particular weekend.) She was so disgusted that they took me back to school early that weekend and we didn’t talk for several weeks.

I purposely left a pair of bikinis in the laundry when I came home from college to see what my mother would say. She only commented something along the lines of those don’t look like they would fit you. Guess we had a variety of reactions when the parents found out our interest. We mentioned our mother’s reactions mainly, but did our fathers have the same reaction?

TBDrawer: My Dad hasn’t made any comments about my skimpies to me. He has to know about them, but I don’t know when he would have discovered them for sure. I know he has had to seen them in the laundry hanging on the drying rack when getting food to feed our dogs. I suppose he could have mistaken them for the wife’s. My gut tells me he has to know and really it doesn’t surprise me he wouldn’t comment about them to me.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: Several years ago, I was moving and had all of my underwear in a few boxes, which apparently weren’t secure enough. My father grabbed a couple off the truck and one fell to the ground and exploded on the sidewalk leading into my new apartment building. It was, of course, a box of thongs. All he could say at the time was “wow….they have everything but lights”. My family stood around laughing while I scrambled to put them back in the box, totally mortified. He hasn’t said anything since, but that jokes gets brought up at more family functions than I’d like to admit.

JoMo: My dad doesn’t want me to walk around in a thong in the house which i think is completely fair but i have been swimming to lose weight fro over a year now and come home in just a t shirt and speedo 5 days a week and he honestly couldn’t care less. He does like to make cold water and shrinkage jokes tho.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: Hahaha. Shrinkage jokes are fair game if you’re going to walk around in a speedo in front of family. ?

JoMo: I think so too

TBDrawer: So I shouldn’t be bold and introduce my family to my swimwear brief wearing??

JoMo: Treat yourself

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: You should, but prepare for some teasing. Hehe

It probably can be infer from past responses, but was the reaction from your parents what you expected with them learning of your bikini and thong interest?

JoMo: Not at all, i was internally screaming and waiting for judgement. Even though they are both relaxed I assumed it was not really normal and I wouldn’t be allowed.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: Mom’s reaction was basically as expected. Dad’s was a little unexpected but I think that was because of the surprise of how he found out. Also, mom’s reaction was before I came out; dad’s was several years after. That could have had a lot to do with it.

TBDrawer: Guess I wasn’t completely surprised, since it was college that I introduced my mother to one of my bikinis. I did think she’d have a little more to say then how small they were. Glad I didn’t get shipped back to college like Bikinis ‘n Thongs!. Not surprised my Dad never said anything about them.

Are your sibling(s) aware of your underwear choice?

TBDrawer: I don’t believe my brother is aware of my underwear choice. He was in college when I finally got my first pair, so wasn’t much opportunity for him to discover them. If he does know, he hasn’t made any comments on them.

JoMo: I have two brothers and they are completely polar opposites. My older brother is the straightest butch tradesmen i have ever met and he saw the first bonds thong i ever got on the clothesline and went silent and was so awkward for weeks and asked our parents why but my slightly older brother (middle child) being a huge stoner was so relaxed and supporting that he went out and got his own to sh** my oldest up without a fight and he absolutely hated it “just quietly “ but at the time was super supportive and non judgmental.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I have both a younger brother and an older sister. They were both present for the moving incident so they know what I wear…..and participate in the “everything but lights” teasing to this day. Outside of that, it’s not really discussed.

Next week in part three of our conversation, we’ll be answering some miscellaneous questions on our bikini and thong wearing. Read Part 3.

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  1. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Gents

    This super informative and so great hearing these stories. Much like you I have a sister who knows as she often (or only seem to take washing of the line when I wore and wash a thong) but has not said anything yet.

    Probably told my mother. To this day no one said anything. Yet in my mind, I’m still conservative trying to only wear thongs when I can wash them and get them of the line myself.

    My fear is that they’ll all will freak out and be disappointed. Like that is how most outbursts go. The teasing is fine but it’s just the initial responses which Will not be a discussion but more a outburst of potential insults.

    At some point it will have to happen I guess. Or I can just move out again. From all your comments and every other guy, it’s just better if your family supports you. That way a gf, spouse or partner or the world doesn’t matter because you are who you are.

    Long winded but thanks again for the great series

  2. T says:

    Great conversation,but I’m sure I’m not the only one appalled by the negative reactions of a few of the family members mentioned by your two guests. JoMo’s older brother saw his thong on the clothes line and went silent on him,and Bikinis N’ Thongs’ parents didn’t speak to him for several weeks after finding his skimpy undies in his dirty laundry. If such an insignificant thing as a thong was enough to send them over the edge,heck knows what a REAL crisis would have done to them.

  3. DonS says:

    Weird isn’t it. When I grew up a teenage boy wearing a bikini (string or briefs) was acceptable to many parents I suspect, or why did so many boys wear them at school. Also very popular with teenage girls at the time, so those families with both genders of children probably had to cater for the similar tastes of each. The manufacturers obliged by providing bikinis for both in the chain stores, so at acceptable prices since we’d soon outgrow them. So me wearing Jockey nylon bikinis was hardly an issue for either parent. The more recent string bikinis have made my mother think I have mixed my partner’s underwear with mine, and does not think men should wear red underwear, but otherwise accepts them.

    Thongs were a different issue then, but then were not easy to obtain. So I was a adult before I started wearing them. For my parents in that era (and I suspect most) , the fear of a boy being homosexual and all that meant was a real issue for them and that is the impression that thongs gave, however wrong that may be, then or now. So my later wearing of them is not an issue, having proved myself to be heterosexual.

    So I think this shows that in many ways, despite our various societies supposedly becoming more accepting of human differences, in fact have started to clam up. The sexual revolution we had has started to decline.

  4. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hey T and DonS

    I see both your points and it’s so true that revelotions come and some leave men in the back end.

    If I look at the Pics of my parents and her brothers. The type of pants they wore and even the shorts. Yet today of my pants are too tailored, then she asks must it be so tight? Can’t you wear stuff that fit.

    Don’t know what she would do if she would stumble on my thongs. The conversation I dread ???.

    I think if we have male bikinis in stores it would make it easier. Yet our version of bikinis are basically briefs so it’s useless in the sex appeal.

    • DonS says:

      I have no doubt that if male bikinis were sold in chain stores it would make life easier for those who wear them. They used to be, not many varieties though, but they were easier to obtain years ago than now.

      • T says:

        I fondly remember those days too,Don,when you could go in to a department store and buy men’s thongs and string bikinis and often the bikinis were sold in individual boxes with a picture of the string on the outside Happy days!

        • DonS says:

          If anyone wants a reason to go to a pub and drown your sorrows, this year marks the ten years since G-strings were available here (AUS) in the chain stores. Myers, a more upmarket store, had an Oroton style (looked like junk though) that were still available then. Must be a similar story in other countries.

  5. DonS says:

    The converse would be an interesting topic – has any one ever bought their father a different style to what he normally wears, and what was the reaction. I don’t have sisters, but I think that for most families an older brother buying his younger teenage sister some sexy underwear would be frowned on, but no doubt it’s happened, either as a joke or (sadly) for more ulterior motives.

    The only time I bought my brother and I bought my father (only Jockey Classics) some underpants (two inch side patterned briefs) as a Christmas present, they were put in the drawer and never worn, probably never even tried on, so we never did that again. I was a young teenager then. My mother later said “just don’t bother trying again”, she was disappointed at how he had treated the gesture.

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