Skimpy Underwear with Parents, Family, & Beyond: A Conversation – Part 3

a conversation with Bikinis 'N Thongs and JoMo Part 3

Welcome back to our final round of questions on our bikini and thong conversation with Bikinis ‘N Thongs (@BikinisNThongs) and JoMo (@leopardboy). This round of questioning we touched a bit on a variety of things. On to the last of the questioning.

JoMo: My question atm would be “What material thongs did you lean towards to? What do you purchase now and preferred style/cut and why?”

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I have been buying spandex/lycra thongs almost exclusively lately. I feel they fit and hold up better than cotton or other materials, plus they can double as swimwear. ?

My favorite cut at the moment is the Skinzwear M77. It has thin sides and a low cut, form fitting pouch. There are also a couple of cuts from Jovana Design that are similar that I also like.

TBDrawer: I wouldn’t say I look for a particular material for a thong. I look for something I like the looks of mainly. I do like ones that cling and mold to me best. More of a traditional thong back over a g-string are also what I normally gravitate to. Then I like a moderate coverage in the front. I find I like the look of that combination the best.

Let’s jump back to the beginning of our wearing, which was when we were all still in school. Did you wear the bikinis and/or thongs to school? Only wear them when at home? Wear them all the time? Or did it just depending on what was going on that day?

JoMo: I wore one a few times during year 12 (final year of hs over here) and was completely sh***ing myself the entire time. My friend saw it the second time and I absolutely sh** myself but after pointing it out and making me cringe he never mentioned it again and treated me like it was fine. Bikinis i would wear normally without fear or comment as briefs were the norm or satin boxers shorts so I got a comment on the bright colours but nothing other than that as I assumed all the boys assumed my mother brought the

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I would wear bikinis when I knew they wouldn’t be seen. A few other guys wore bikinis, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

I wore thongs under my tighy whities to keep them secret. I was still nervous that the briefs would get pulled down accidentally or someone would see the thong’s pattern through the thin white material. If anyone noticed, they never said anything.

JoMo: It all seems so stupid now as I couldn’t care less but in my teen years it did seem terrifying that somebody I barely knew would see.

TBDrawer: As teenagers we feel like we need to fit in more than we do as we age. We were more likely to get teased by classmates than people we surround ourselves with now if they found out we were breaking the underwear norm.

In school I tried to wear them as often as I could. Though like Bikinis ‘N Thongs I opted to wear them when I knew they wouldn’t be seen. Luckily I took summer school gym, so not very often I’d be changing in a locker room. So having some pairs launder to wear was what held me back from wearing them more often mostly. I had no incidences with anyone seeing them while wearing them and never notice anyone else in bikinis and thongs back then or even over the years.

What was your biggest fear when you first made the move to bikinis and/or thongs?

JoMo: My biggest fear was ridicule by friends. Especially in the changing rooms at school if I was ever brave enough to wear a thong in one. And it sounds stupid but at the time i also worried about bits accidentally flopping out but lycra set those fears aside

TBDrawer: I don’t remember a lot of fear, since I really wanted to give bikinis a try and had my mind set on it. Then wearing them just solidified wanting to wear them regularly. I’d agree with JoMo that friends or guess classmates in general finding out was probably the biggest concern back then.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I think the only fear I had was that family would find out…and that turned out to be somewhat justified. I was never one to parade around half naked (oh, how times have changed!), so chances of friends or classmates seeing me in them was slim. I was teased pretty heavily then anyway, I’m not sure it would have even added fuel to the fire. LOL

Since Bikinis ‘N Thongs brought it up, how have things changed or not changed with your underwear from your start into bikinis and/or thongs until now?

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: Just last year, I did the Year of the Thong (insert blog post here….haha). Since then, I pretty much only wear thongs. I still have some bikinis and pull them out on occasion, but I’ve given up wearing all other styles.

JoMo: I am far more comfortable in only thongs all the time now but I actually prefer the swimwear type and love the feel of lycra on my body. I find it both very comfortable/form fitting and empowering in the right setting. Even if I wear boxers style shorts I have some from “Bonds” that are 100% lycra and fit perfectly.

TBDrawer: I wouldn’t say a lot has changed. I’m still about 50/50 with my wearing of bikinis and thongs. I’ve experimented with more brands since starting to blog, but still like to stick more with my early adopter brands. I’m fairly comfortable wearing bikinis in public changing and starting the process of trying to make that true with thongs too.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: What are your favorite brands? Are they different for thongs and bikinis?

TBDrawer: My loyalty is still to Prevail Sport and Kiniki. They both have bikini and thong styles I like and fit my budget. For bikinis I also like Dietz. Then I’ve been liking the Intymen sports thongs, but that is the only item from them that interest me. There are pairs in other brands I like too, but I stick with my main two with somewhat regular purchases.

JoMo: Ooh my fave were from a now defunct Australian brand called Helene Intimates. Super supporting and comfortable. Made from a thin but not sheer swimwear lycra and has side clips I have worn in the pool in the morning on holiday and all day comfortably.

For bikinis I would have to day that it is the bikini cut from Kiniki and it 100% has to do with the stretch fabrics they use. As i work retail i am moving around allot and as it is thin and strong they feel great and day and with the fun patterns I find them fun to wear.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: For bikinis, my favorite brand is still N2N. Honorable mentions have to go to Joe Snyder, Egrowear, and IntyMen (for the sport mesh pairs). I tried Kiniki and didn’t like them, so I’m the odd man out there.

For thongs, my favorite is Skinzwear. I *LOVE* all the styles I have tried. Honorable mentions go to SkinFit, N2N (watch their sizing lately), Jovana Design, and M Wear.

JoMo: First public experience in a swim brief as an adult and reactions?

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I swam in high school, so wearing a swim brief was no big thing for me. The first time I went to the beach with friends, I peeled my outer shorts off and started setting up my towel and stuff. I didn’t really notice any reactions from those around me…..but I also didn’t care so I wasn’t really paying attention.

Wearing a thong for the first time was a bit different. I was with a friend (now roommate) at the gay beach. I wore a swim brief over my thong and got comfortable with the crowd first. Then slipped off the swim brief and walked to the water in my thong. Nobody said anything. A few guys smiled and stared. But overall, it wasn’t a big deal.

TBDrawer: What I consider my first appear in public would be on my honeymoon. We went to the Outer Banks and we headed to the southern part of it to get away from the crowded area. There was only a few people at the beach area we stopped at, so that made it pretty easy to drop the shorts and enjoy the beach. I didn’t notice any reactions. My second public appearance on the trip I had a guy approach me to help him launch his kite for kitesurfing. His reaction was like I was wearing normal swimwear. I haven’t really had any noticeable reactions that I can say was from wearing a swim brief.

If you could go back and tell the younger version of yourself something about the wearing of bikinis and thongs, what would it be?

JoMo: Honestly though, i would say :stop caring and be you, you will be so much happier and confident.

Bikinis ‘N Thongs: I’d tell myself that you shouldn’t care what other people think and to wear what you want. Also, they get more comfortable and sexy!! ??

JoMo: Could not have said it better myself

TBDrawer: I’d basically say the same thing, but in a little broader terms of live life for you and not how you think others perceive life should be lived.Some of us need to be trailblazers instead of staying in the societal rut.

I’d like to thank Bikinis ‘N Thongs and JoMo for joining me in this conversation piece. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed it.

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