Married Str8 Trio – About Our Underwear: Part 2

Married Str8 Trio - About Our Underwear: Part 2

We’re back with part 2 of About Our Underwear. If you missed part 1 read it here. Feel free to comment below and add to our conversations

What is/are your favorite brand(s) and why?

The Bottom Drawer: My favorite brand is still Prevail Sport. It was one of the first places I found online to order bikinis and thongs. So I’m pretty loyal to them. I love their cuts, how they fit, and their color/print choices. Here’s a couple others that are near the top of my list. First is Kiniki, which is another I found early on that has some quality underwear and swimwear. I would not hesitate to buy from. Both Kiniki and Prevail Sports are pretty reasonably priced too. I’ve become a fan of Dietz in the last couple years. I like the subtle color accents they add to their bikinis and thongs. Also pretty good quality and fit.There are some others too, but will stop at those three.

Ron: So I guess my loyalty is with kiniki as I really like their fabric and cuts more so the micro ranges though on some of the swimwear the fabric can be a bit heavy. That said the dark coloured micro swim bikinis I have have a lighter more flexible fabric. My other favourite is HOM again due to cotton fabric. Given that I prefer very brief underwear I mostly find other micro briefs to have more synthetic fabrics. I’m open to suggestions for any other micro cotton manufacturers.

Blkmlthng: If I had to rank my top 5 favorite brands they would be the following:

  1. Obviously brand has become my absolute favorite underwear brand. They were the first brand that I found that carried the thicker waistband string bikinis after years of searching. The cut, how they fit (anatomic pouch) and their colors are great and top my list as my favorite underwear. If you looked in my underwear drawer you would find this brand in briefs, string bikinis and thongs.
  2. Ergowear is also another favorite much for the same reasons as Obviously. I love the way this underwear fits and their vibrate colors. I also have this brand in thongs and string bikinis (thicker waistbands).
  3. Cocksox, while not a huge fan of their thongs and g-strings, I love their thick waistband String Bikini offerings and bikini brief undwerwear. The only drawback with these underwear for me is I have to be cautious when I wear them as they offer pouch enhancement, and if you are well endowed you will really stand out!
  4. Gregg Homme this is the brand that got me wearing g-strings so I will always be greatful to this brand for them. I just love the sexiness of this brand and the offerings in different styles and fabrics. The fit of their thongs and g-strings are some of the best I have ever experienced. A little on the expensive side, but if you can find a sale don’t pass up!
  5. Tie between Kiniki and Doreanse. I really like these brands for their price point but they don’t skimp on the high quality materials. I love the patterns/prints/colors, fit and feel. I enjoy Kiniki as they offer the tanga style of underwear that I truly enjoy.

What is your favorite pair(s)? Why?

The Bottom Drawer: I’m just going to cover my favorite pair and you can read my two posts: 2016 Thong Favorites and 2016 Bikini Favorites. My favorite pair for over 15 years is the Prevail Sports String Brief. Don’t let the brief fool you. It is a brief bikini cut that has just the right amount of coverage. Or you could say non-coverage. It’s features a 3/4 back, moderate coverage front, and nice narrow 1/2″ sides. They fit nice and snug and stay where they belong. The snugness keeps the package right where I want it to stay. I also like that Prevail Sport offers them in a variety of solid colors along with prints. They also keep adding new colors and prints as others are phased out.

Ron: I must look at prevail sport as I haven’t for a while. So I guess my favourite was a string side bikini similar to the ones Nate has mentioned though it was made from cotton by a small family company based in Scotland but with south African connections. They made three colours; blue red white and I loved them. Sadly the company went out of business within a couple of years back in the early 90s I think. So now my default is back to kiniki or Hom for their micro styles. I’d prefer bold colours and prints but sadly most are black. I forgot to mention another very comfortable bikini made by ‘sloggi’; their mens tanga styles. Narrow elastic waist band with 3/4 back and seamed front pouch allowing good ample support. Just the sort of bikini you could lie about the house in.

Blkmlthng: My favorite pair would have to be Obviously Bikini Briefs or what I would call String Bikinis with a Thick Waistband. These underwear are perfect and feel as though they were tailored made for my body. I never have to readjust myself throughout the day or worry about a wedgie, they stay in place no matter how much you move. The material is so soft and fits like a glove; the anatomical pouch molds to your natural shape. I have several pairs of this String Bikinis and Thongs and the Thongs fit and feel the same way. They are just an all around great brand!

Is there a particular brand(s) or pair(s) you are looking to try? What’s drawn you to them?

Blkmlthng: There are two brands that I really want to try in 2017 but only have recently made a purchase to one. The brands are Skinzwear and Arroyman, the latter I recently made a purchase and am looking forward to trying. Although Skinzwear is primary a swimwear line, I don’t have a problem with wearing swimwear as underwear. The pairs that I want to try with this brand are their thongs, I really like the patterns and colors they offer which is what draws me to them. I may purchase one or two sometime this year. In regards to Arroyman, I like cut of their pouches and the colors they offer. I recently ordered two tanga style bikinis, thong and bikini and I am hoping they live up to my expectations!

The Bottom Drawer: There is lots out there I still want to try and Skinzwear has been one for years on my list too. It’ll most likely stay there for a while longer. What I’m really interested in getting is a couple of pairs from Dietz. I want to try a bikini and a thong from their Firenze line. The fabric looks like it would be super comfortable and I like how they add subtle color accents to their underwear. Another brand I want to try some more of their underwear is Doreanse. The one thong I have from them I really like the fit and the fabric. Plus I think Doreanse underwear is pretty reasonably priced and good quality.

Ron: I guess for me it’s ease and cost of sourcing underwear or swimwear. Mostly I’ll try for UK based companies mainly for cost of shipping. That said with my preference for mainly cotton fabric bikinis , the choice is limited. You’ve both mentioned skinz who are also on my list for purchasing from. I love their swim bikinis and some amazing patterns in fabrics. Love their bold designs especially the bright floral greens along with the cut of many of their suits.

Thanks for reading this conversation from the Married Str8 Trio. Comment or send me a message with what you want us to discuss.

5 Responses

  1. Teide says:

    My main and favorite underwear brands:

    Punto Blanco, Udy and Jim from Spain.
    Impetus from Portugal.
    Hom from France.
    Lonsdale from UK.
    CK from USA.

  2. Teide says:

    I like too Aussiebum from Australia.

    Jim and Udy are out of business. But I have a good supply of briefs and bikinis from them. Very good design and construction.

  3. E.J says:

    For sunbathing I like the candyman g string thongs 9685 & 9680.These usually run large-of the 12 I have 3 are true to size. For that they are extremely comfortable I prefer loose over tight-feels like I’m not wearing anything.As far as string bikinis mostly life by jockey,but I cut some of the back as there is too much coverage.I have a few Daniel Alexander string bikinis-ended up cutting some back from them to loosen them.I work out so I have kind of an athletic a**. Women used to tell me it was my best feature when I was younger

  4. E.J says:

    Correction on one of the candyman g string thong model #s it’s 9586 & 9680

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