Jinshi Classic Bikini Brief Review

Jinshi Classic Bikini Brief ReviewI’ve had several people mention trying Asian brands and to check out Amazon for them. So I decided to experiment by order some from Amazon and Aliexpress. The first one I got is the Jinshi bikini brief that I found on Amazon. It was fulfilled by Amazon, so didn’t have to wait for it to make the trip from China. That is part of the reason I went this route first. What drew me to this one on Amazon is that is was made out of Bamboo, which I hadn’t tried yet. Also I liked that is had narrow sides.

Overall this is a very comfortable bikini. Bamboo is a super soft fabric. This actually ended up being the second bamboo pair I tried, since I did a review of a thong made out of it for Underwear News Briefs. These bikinis are made out of a blend of 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex. Now I don’t like that these have a full back. I really do prefer more like a 3/4 back, but some bikinis I can let slide with more. I’m finding it hard to let it slide on this pair. I do really like that is has only 1/2″ sides and the pouch cut is around the amount of coverage I like. I did follow the size chart for my waist on these, which actually fell into L and XL for China sizes. I went with the China XL, since my impression is Asian brands run small. They seem to fit fine, but I’m thinking a size down may have been a better option for me. These actually do say a US large on them and medium is my preferred US size.

These are pretty much a flat front for the pouch. It has a bit of stitching at the base of the pouch for some contouring. It is pretty supportive. At center front on the waistband is a tag that has the brand name Jinshi on it. I’ve been going back and forth on if I would recommend these or not. I know I wouldn’t go two thongs ups on these, but maybe it is a one thong up bikini. For now I’m going to go with no thongs up. Maybe I’ll grab a size down and see if that gives me a clear thong up or leave it at no thongs. I will wear the ones I have, but thinking smaller sizes would be better. One thing I would recommend is giving a pair of underwear made out of bamboo a try.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.5
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: No thongs up
Additional Photos
Jinshi Classic Bikini Brief FrontJinshi Classic Bikini Brief BackJinshi Classic Bikini Brief PouchJinshi Classic Bikini Brief Packaging

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