Tri-Satin Tanga by Kiniki

Kiniki Tri Satin TangaUpdate 6/24/2016: Just notice that Kiniki is offering this tanga again in black, blue, or red.

Thought I’d do a throwback review for Thursday, since I really liked this bikini. The Tri-Satin Tanga string bikini is another great bikini from Kiniki. It offers a U-shape seamed front pouch which offers great support, but not real roomy if you are well endowed. It features 1/4″ sides and about a 3/4 back. It’s made out of nylon fabric, so not stretchy. It’s a nice lightweight fabric that I find good to wear for times when you’ll be getting sweaty or wet. The support of the bikini would be enough for active play, but the back does have a tendency to move, so you’d probably get a wedgie if running around in them. For normal wear the back typically stays where it belongs. With this being a throwback review, Kiniki no longer offers this version. You can check out their other tanga selection for a cut along the lines of this pair of string bikinis. Do you think Kiniki should bring back this cut?

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up
Additional Photos
Kiniki Tri-Satin Tanga FrontKiniki Tri-Satin Tanga BackKiniki Tri-Satin Tanga Pouch
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