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I found Prevail Sport about 2001 and they are my top retailer to purchase thong and bikini underwear. Their underwear and swimwear is made in the United States in Atlanta, GA. Their products are Jackson Delk Designs and are “designed to fit snugly for the best performance wear.” They definitely do fit great and keep everything in place.

Some of Prevail Sport's Underwear Offerings

Some of Prevail Sport’s Underwear Offerings

They are one of the most reasonable priced online retailers for men’s thongs and bikinis that are of excellent quality. My orders have all come in a timely manner and only had to contact customer service once for a promo not showing up on the bill. They emailed me back within a hour that they’d credit my card, so my limited experience with customer service was positive.

All the items I’ve bought from them are well made and have been holding up well over the years. Their cotton thongs and bikinis of course hold up longer than their fancier fabrics. I’ve purchased a lot from them and have gotten plenty of wear out of the underwear I’ve purchased. Their string brief and string thong brief are my top picks from their styles though most I have tried have been great picks. I have bought a few of their swimsuits, but most are unlined. So I haven’t really worn them other than at the house. The one swim thong I’ve worn as underwear, since it is a light material. I was thinking they may take request to have lining added. They offer different fabric and pattern options than other underwear and swimwear brands, which is another thing I like about Prevail Sport.

Prevail Sport’s website is a little outdated look wise, but their product offering is normally up to date to their catalog. I’ve always ordered from them online and have had no issues. Check out the products of theirs I have reviewed so far here.

What do you rate Prevail Sport?

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  1. Brian says:

    Thank you for this post. I just ordered two bikinis and one thong from prevail. Can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail

    • Hope you enjoy them when they arrive!

      • Brian says:

        They arrived in the mail today. Couldn’t be happier with them. The only thing I don’t love is the thong I ordered has a pattern on the front but has an all black tail. The item description actually said that. I just overlooked it. No worries. I will definitely be ordering more from prevail soon!

      • Brian says:

        Loved my first order so much I just placed another order today. Going to try the cotton zealand brief, cotton string thong, and another regular string brief (probably my favorite from my first order). The best part is I got 25% off my order πŸ™‚

        • Awesome. Their string brief is my favorite. You should like the Zealand. It’s a pretty close cut to the string brief. I saw they were offering 25% off a $29 order.

          • Brian says:

            Just got my order πŸ™‚ this time I tried some of their cotton/lycra blends and while I do like them I definitely prefer the feel of the nylon/spandex. Do you have a preference between the two?

            • I have more of the nylon/spandex ones, but think it is due to the print selection. So guess in a way a prefer the nylon spandex, so I can have prints. How do you like the Zealand brief?

  2. Brian says:

    Sorry to keep posting in old thread but I was wondering if BD or anyone has purchased any of Prevail’s swimwear. A lot of their swimwear is described as “unlined nylon spandex” and I was wondering how the material differs from their underwear that is essentially made out of the same thing. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • The bikini I have feels more like swimsuit material than the underwear I have. The thong one is kind of borderline though. I wear it as underwear, but the wife commented it looks like swimwear. It has been awhile, since I bought those swimsuits from them. I’ve been thinking about trying one of their lined ones.

  3. HoChi says:

    I own a bunch of their swimwear and highly recommend it. The string bikini is my top choice which is unlined but is very high performance and high fashion. The monaco is a good choice for a lined one that is in the middle of the conservative-aggresive cut spectrum.

    • I like the looks of the Monaco, but I’ve been thinking about the Racer. It’s probably a better options for the local beaches where I live. More likely to get more wear. I love the cut of their string bikini. Have a lot of that cut in underwear. Thanks for your feedback on their swimwear.

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