Extreme Collection Ring Thong from Undergear

Extreme Collection Ring Thong ReviewI really like the fabric of this thong, which is 80% nylon and 20% spandex blend. It has a soft satin like feel. However I do not like the built in c-ring panel. I did not find it comfortable, but it was also my first c-ring experience. I did follow what someone said in one of the reviews on Undergear’s website and cut the c-ring panel out. That made the thong more comfortable in the front, but may have made the waistband a little more stretchy. So the waistband seems to slide down some. Also the tail width seems to vary on these. I ordered three pairs, one in each colors and they’re all different. So some of them I have to adjust a bit to make them comfortable. The one pair I can just slip on with no tail adjustment. With the c-ring panel removed, I find this thong comfortable.

The thong has a centered seamed front v-pouch. The sides are about 1” and the tail on the three of mine range in their width. The black pair is about an 1 1/4″, the red is between 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″, and the army is 3/4″. With my alterations they still seem pretty supportive. I would recommended only buying these when they are on sale. To me they are not worth their full selling price. I got mine during their $5 sale, but I’d probably consider buying them at $8.

Extreme Collection Ring Thong C-Ring

C-Ring Panel

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.0
Overall Comfort: 4.0*
Tail Comfort: 3.5
Recommendation: No thongs up*

*These ratings are based on c-ring panel removed. With the panel in it would be thongs down and poor comfort.

What do you rate the Extreme Collection Ring Thong?

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  1. Aaron says:

    Hey there…considering buying these. I prefer skinnier backs. Which of the 3 colors has the smallest back strap? The pictures on the Undergear site are all different.

    • For me the army has the skinnest back strap about 3/4″ then it is the black (1 1/4″), and lastly the red (1 1/2″). I don’t know if the color makes a different or if it is the luck of the draw.

      • Aaron says:

        Thanks man! I ordered the army. I’ll let you know when I receive it.

        • How did the thong turn out for you? Narrow back strap?

          • Aaron says:

            Hey, the thong back strap isn’t as wide as the one in your picture. I was happy about that. The c-ring is way too tight! I want to cut it out like you ended up doing. Where did you find worked best for making the cuts so it doesn’t ruin the entire thong? Thanks!

            • Guess there’s not consistency with the back tail. I used a pair of small scissors, which are probably for kids. Seemed to give me better control of cutting. Then I did my best to expose where the c-panel attaches to the pouch elastic by folding over the pouch elastic. Then I kind of used the elastic as a bit of a guide to cut and as I cut I was pulling a bit on the panel to stretch the fabric. I did accidentally cut the pouch on one of mine, but was able to sew it with a few stitches and it is hard to tell I did it. Guess the key is just take your time and slowly cut and make sure the pouch fabric doesn’t sneak up. Don’t know if that make sense or not. Kind of hard to describe in words what I did. Good Luck with the removal.

  2. David_NC says:

    I’m so glad I found this review, I bought this same pair 5+ years ago and it was my first (and only) c-ring underwear. I didn’t love the c-ring, but I was worried about cutting the panel out so they went to the box and have stayed there for years. I saw this post and followed your suggestion, I removed the c-ring panel yes the sides do seem a bit more stretchy but not too noticeable. I have the army and the string at its narrowest point is 1inch thick. The thong is very smooth and and the material is very comfortable. I think I’ll try these the rest of the day.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Good to hear snipping out the c-ring panel works fairly well for you too. I pull mine out of the drawer occasionally still.

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