Married Str8 Trio – About Our Underwear: Part 1

Married Str8 Trio - About Our Underwear: Part 1

Hey guys, Married Str8 Trio is back with another two part conversation. We’re discussing a bit about our personal underwear this go around. Let’s get into it.

We discussed this in an early chat, but let’s do a quick review. What style(s) are in your underwear drawer and why?

The Bottom Drawer: In my drawer you’ll be finding mostly bikinis and thongs along with a hand full of g-strings. These have become my chosen styles for a few reasons. One they make me feel sexy. I don’t like restrictive elastic around my legs or having to stuff extra fabric into my pants. I find they offer good support and keep everything in place how I like it. Also I like having some variety to pick from.

Blkmlthng: I actually have two underwear drawers! My top drawer is full of thongs, g-strings and thin waistband/tanga styled string bikinis. In the second drawer you will find a mix of bikinis, pouch style briefs, boxer and trunk briefs and thick waistband string bikinis. I love underwear and wear the various styles for various reasons. My standard go to underwear are my thicker waistband string bikinis. I love string bikinis and will wear them with dress pants, khakis or jeans. For the days when I’m in a bit of sexier mood and what to feel sexy and confident, I will wear one of my thongs, g-strings or thin waistband/tanga styled string bikinis. I love variety and I think of my underwear drawer as a buffet and like Nate I don’t like restrictive elastic around my thighs and I don’t like a lot of fabric under my clothes. The only time I will typically wear boxer or trunk briefs are if I’m wear some looser fit pants such as sweat pants or lounging around the house. I have some jock straps also but those are reserved for working out or doing yard work outside. Underwear can be fun and functional at the same time!

Ron: Guys. Like you both I dislike so much fabric around my legs and wear only very brief bikinis mostly. I also have a selection of trunks as my wife likes them and periodically dismisses my bikinis so to keep her happy I will wear them. Otherwise I will wear bikinis which also make me feel good. I have a few thongs but rarely wear them as my wife dislikes them. Strange how she wears the tiniest thongs or gs which I love but hates men to wear them. Can’t see that logic!

Are you more of a solid or print guy and does the style of underwear influence the preference? Do you stick to particular colors or print themes?

Blkmlthng: For me I would be considered a solid and print guy. I’m drawn to all colors on the color spectrum. I’m one of those guys who likes to match his underwear with his clothes, I will do this more so during the work week than on the weekends when I’m lounging at home. Usually my underwear under my dress pants or khakis will match my tie or a color in what I’m wearing to work that day. I also love animal prints. I have various snake, leopard, cheetah, tiger and zebra prints in bikinis, thongs and g-strings. The days I want to feel extra sexy or confident, you might find me wearing one of my animal print styles. I also have prints in various colors and designs, its usually whatever I find aesthetically pleasing.

Ron: I guess I’m a solids guy though most of my bikinis are black with one or two other colours. I prefer cotton underwear so mostly solid colours but would love bright patterns which normally come in synthetic fabrics.some of kiniki’s gstrings have some funky colours. Like Blkmlthng I enjoy animal prints especially leopard or cheetah and years ago had a very brief leopard print cotton bikini which was great to wear in warm weather for lounging about. Alas nice patterns in cotton are rare these days….

The Bottom Drawer: Like Blkmlthng, I consider myself both a solid and print guy. My underwear style doesn’t really influence my preference. It’s more what the brand is offering that influences solid or print. Most of the time that offering is more on the solid side. I do try to pick colors I don’t already have in the drawer or few of when offered. I do gravitate to black and reds if limited in color options. Like the both of you, it is hard to go wrong with an animal print. Colors of tie dye also draw my attention and stripes are fine too. Really open to any print that is unique and a nice color combination. I find it nice to have a variety to choose from.

What influences you in picking out your underwear for the day (working out/physical activity, working, night out, lounging, etc)?

The Bottom Drawer: Probably the biggest thing that influences my underwear choice for the day is the amount of physical activity. If I’m going to be getting sweaty then I want a pair of underwear that isn’t going to retain the sweat. Also going to pick an older pair, since the salt from sweat seems to be hard on them. Most likely a good supporting pair will be worn too. Other than that it is just what the mood that morning dictates. Sometimes I know it’s a thong day, a bikini day, or a snug fitting pair day. Some days I just reach in and pick out a pair until it says wear me. One other thing that would influence my choice is if I’m going to be seen in my underwear. If that is the case then I would lean to more on the conservative side with a bikini in a dark color.

Blkmlthng: Like Nate, it depends on what I’m going to be doing for the day. If i’m going to work or a night out with the wife it will be a string bikini, bikini thong or gstring usually my nicer pair of underwear. If i’m going to be home lounging or running errands such as going to the grocery store or the mall, I will wear a pair of boxer briefs or trunk briefs. If I’m going to be doing a physical activity such as working out or cutting grass I will wear a jock strap or an older pair of bikinis that I have that moisture wicking abilities.

Ron: Daily for work I just wear micro bikinis all colours; just depends what comes out of the drawer first! At the gym I slip into a swim bikini only because I don’t want my underwear to sweaty. Then I may also go for a swim after workout. For nights out its pretty much the same though if I’m wearing a kilt I possibly won’t wear anything at all!

Look for part two next week. We’ll be looking at our favorite brands, pairs, and ones we’re looking to try at some point in the future. If you have any topics you’d like us to discuss, comment below or send me a message.

10 Responses

  1. T says:

    “Girls.Like you both I dislike so much fabric around my legs and wear very brief bikinis mostly. I also have a selection of trunks as my husband likes them and periodically dismisses my bikinis so to keep him happy I will wear them. Otherwise I will wear bikinis which also make me feel good. I have a few thongs but rarely wear them as my husband dislikes them. Strange how he wears the tiniest thongs and gs which I love but hates women to wear them. Can’t see the logic.”
    You’ve probably noticed that this is one of Ron’s answers to one of the above questions,but with the pronouns changed to make it as though written by a woman. My reason for doing this is to highlight the fact that if a woman was to send this to an agony aunt in a woman’s magazine,she would more than likely be told that she was in an unhealthy relationship with a controlling husband who dictates what she is allowed to wear. Far fetched? I don’t think so. Look at the evidence.
    Ron says he doesn’t like lots of fabric round his legs,yet he wears long trunks to keep his wife happy.Very rarely wears thongs because his wife doesn’t like them,even though she likes to wear them. In previous discussions he has also mentioned his wife’s lack of tolerance to his preferred underwear choices.
    It just seems a bit contradictory to me that a regular contributor to a forum which sets out to promote and encourage more men to wear skimpier underwear should have his own underwear styles dictated too, so close to home. No one should have the right to tell you what you can or cannot wear on your own body.

    • I don’t think Ron’s wife dictates what underwear he wears. I think he wants to give her a taste of what she likes to see him in now and then. It’s like when a woman wears a thong for her guy even though she might not particularly like wearing thongs. Sometimes it is a good thing to appease your significant other. I will let Ron respond on the matter.

      As for him being a contributor, I do not see it contradictory to the blogs aim. He’s not the only one that has told me their wife’s aren’t a fan of bikinis or thongs. Ron does not allow it to deter him from wearing them as underwear or swimwear. I see that as an encouragement to others in a similar situation. He’s told me his wife has packed his bikini swim briefs for trips they’ve gone on, so she is not denying him from wearing what he likes. I’ll pass the comment on to him, so he can respond when he has a chance.

  2. Teide says:

    It would be interesting to place pictures of your drawers.

    And that we can put those of our drawers.

  3. R says:

    Good comments. It’s right that people should have the right to wear what they want and I do. Never being offensive though make the point that I can. I suppose it’s the ridicule factor and feeling embarrassed. There are some narrow minds out there and always insecure people willing to ridicule others publicly. Along with the fact that I like to compromise with my wife. I must add that my wife does not ridicule me publicly; just privately. We have a very good female friend who is more on my wife’s frame of mind but equally diplomatic in that she says everyone has a personal choice. I will still continue to buy and wear very brief underwear and swimwear, take an initial hit of ridicule then it settles down.

  4. EJ says:

    When I started wearing thongs & bikinis for my wife’s viewing pleasure, she was into it, as we got older she isn’t-strange cuz I wasn’t working out then-20-25 yrs ago.I have more muscle tone at 51 than I had at 26

    • That is strange that she was into it and now she is not so much.

    • T says:

      Could it be that your wife is maybe feeling a little bit insecure about how she looks compared to 25 years ago? By your own admission you are in better shape now than you were back in the day, and you probably look pretty good in your thongs and bikinis. Maybe she is worried that you will get unwanted attention and admiring looks from younger eyes.

  5. EJ says:

    Strange is right BD. T- I thought of that yrs ago, maybe her thinkin I was wearing sexy stuff to be appealing to other women which of course is the wrong reason-I wear ‘the good stuff’ cuz I want to

  6. EJ says:

    Then again T- maybe not unwanted attention, I take it as a compliment when women half my age show interest

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