Married Str8 Trio – Women in Advertising Follow Up

Married Str8 Trio - Women in Advertising Follow UpI wanted to do a follow up on including women in advertising of men’s underwear and swimwear from the Married Str8 Trio discussion “Men’s Underwear / Swimwear Advertising Chat.” I want to thank T for his comment on it. Please read it to get a full understanding of our response. Basically he said he doesn’t want to see women used as sex objects to sell men’s underwear and swimwear and wondered what our wives would think about us wanting women in ads. We agree with not using sex to sell. So we want to clarify how we would like to see women included in men’s underwear and swimwear advertising. Would even work for women’s advertising too.

The Bottom Drawer: In response to our wives thoughts on it, I don’t think any of our wives would be a fan of using sexual type ads to sell men’s underwear and swimwear. We’re talking about tasteful photos not provocative ones. There are a few ads I recall that I thought did this well. The first one that comes to mind is from Ergowear. The woman was in a night shirt/gown and the guy in his underwear. They were lounging on a couch I believe. Another from another brand had the woman behind the man with her arms around his stomach and chin rested on his shoulder. A swimwear one I remember had the guy and girl hand and hand walking on the beach. None of them sexual and all in good taste. They give the impression the woman was fine with what the guy was wearing. Those are the types I’d like to see if a man and woman are included in the ad. I’m sure my wife would be fine with those. I wouldn’t mind just a guy shaving, cooking, lounging around reading, or something along those lines in the underwear ads. Those are at least situations one could put themselves in.

Ron: Good comments by both you and your respondent. I’m with you in that I wouldn’t want an inference to sex as a selling point for skimpy underwear. Images of couples doing every day things about the house with no particular emphasis on the underwear; it could even be to jointly advertise both men and women’s skimpies. As the guy remarked about selling cars; one mantra was that sex sells cars and just about everything else! It would certainly help to have a woman in the ad to get away from the gay thing.

Blkmlthng: I completely agree with all of you. I especially agree with the showing of guys in situations with their woman such as getting dressed in the morning, having coffee with their woman, things that men would typically do at home. Having a woman in the ad with the focus not being on sex would be helpful to normalize men wearing skimpy underwear.

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