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Married Straight Trio Conversation

I think it has been over two years since we’ve done a Married Str8 Trio conversation. In the past I split some of the longer ones up, but we’re going with the whole conversation this time around. The conversation was sort of just general chat on underwear, but first we did an overview on how we got started into them.

Quick review on how we got into against the norm underwear of bikinis and thongs.

Blkmlthng: It was in the fall of 2000 and I had just turned 18 and was a freshman in college. When I went to college I was a plain Hanes white boxer wearer and had just begun to wear boxer briefs. I basically was following the trend of the time. I was heavily into hip hop music and being a straight young black male I felt that this was the style of underwear that I was supposed to wear. Being away from home for the first time I was on my own and was doing shopping for myself to include underwear. I remember vividly taking the campus run shuttle to the shopping center in town to make a run to Target and while in there I decided to pick up some undershirts and while in the section I began to browse the men’s underwear section. There I rediscovered other styles for men’s underwear that I had seen a few years prior that my uncle wore when he and I shared a room for a short period of time when I was a pre teen. I purchased a 5 pack of Jake Taylor bikini briefs, and thongs. Also on this same trip I stopped in the neighboring TJ Maxx and purchased a grey Calvin Klein sports brief with and a 2xist men’s thong. That day is what started my awakening into these styles for men and it’s been an up and down journey but now I am comfortable and confident in the styles of men’s underwear I enjoy wearing.

TBDrawer: My interest in bikinis and thongs started with my admiration of females in them as a teenager. Then one day I received a catalog that had other catalogs in it where I noticed some men’s underwear catalogs (International Male/Undergear and Bodyaware). The covers had men in skimpy styles of underwear. Discovering that got me wondering what it would be like wearing those styles. Was probably a year or more later that I discovered I didn’t have to mail order those styles. I noticed in a Kmart advertising circular, they had men’s string bikini underwear. First chance I got I borrowed the parents’ car and drove to Kmart to get a package. I don’t remember the brand I first bought, but I instantly knew the style was for me. Didn’t take me too long for me to head back to get a different brand to try.

I didn’t notice any thongs in stores, so it wasn’t until my freshman year of college before I took that step. I mail ordered one from Undergear with some bikinis. It was actually a g-string, but it did the job at getting me interested in thongs. So throughout the college years I grabbed a thong here and there to try when I stumbled across other places to buy. Today I’m around a 50/50 bikini and thong wearer.

Ron: So I guess my interest in bikinis and thongs started when I was a small boy in Brasil, where I was born. Bizarrely, I actually wore shorts and when my aunts tried to get me into a pair of skimpy briefs I kicked and screamed as I didn’t want to! How times have changed a mindset!!

I must have been about 9 or 10 when I saw a televised circus and remember the acrobats swinging on their high swings. The guy had on long white trousers but his very brief white bikini could be seen beneath while the girl wore a white thong bikini set. I was determined then to get myself a white bikini. However it wasn’t until I was about 13 or 14 that I happened to be in a local store of national chain which was well known for selling most underwear for men and women. I found a very brief cotton bikinis and finally bought my first bikini style white briefs. I also bought a pale blue one. I used to spend time staying with my grandparents who had a housekeeper who used to do my laundry. One day when she was folding the laundry, she was folding my white bikin when my gran saw her. She asked about the briefs and I admitted they were mine though was very embarrassed. Her reply was that she wouldn’t think it would fit over a baby’s bottom, never mind on me. The housekeeper was always diplomatic and made some comment about modern styles.

At school we wore speedo style swimwear and I remember borrowing my first ever actual nylon style fabric speedos. The fabric was so light and showed everything you had. Actually I found wearing them very sensual and loved how my package bulged out in the thin fabric, especially when wet. A friend also gave me a spare bikini he had and this was amazing. It was far briefer than the normal 3 or 4cm briefs and the fabric was a spandex type nylon and very revealing. I wore those to death.

On one family holiday, when I was about 17 we went to one of the Channel Islands, off the south east coast of England and I happened to be in a general store when I found an amazing brief mid blue bikini again made by speedo.Well I was desperate to have this bikini and that evening when we were out for a meal I feigned sickness and said I would return to the hotel to rest, obviously past the store to buy the bikini! I asked the lady if there was a white one but unfortunately only the blue one but no complaints from me.

On another occasion I happened to be in a local shop which sold highland wear like kilts. I saw little boxes hanging on a display and asked the lady assistant what they were. She opened up a box and revealed tiny nylon bikinis, only about 1cm sides. These were amazing and absolutely miniscule. At the same time another local national chain store was selling very brief swim bikinis and I bought a couple of them.

I started to wear the bikinis on holiday in Europe and wore them all the time.

I’m a devotee of very brief swimwear and underwear for both men and women as I love the brevity of them along with the form they show. My wife wears g-strings, brief thongs both in underwear and swimwear though to be fair more brief bikinis for the beach rather than thongs.
I’ve started wearing brief bikinis to the pool without issue and now that it has opened again post lockdown I will return. I have a couple of white bikini swimwear and have even dared to wear them to the pool.

My favourite wearing experience was about 5 years ago when we were at a spa near Vienna, Austria, where I wore a black bikini with 1.5 cm sides and actually turned in the elastic around the legs to make them briefer and wandered around the pool like that. No issues, but then we were also naked in the sauna along with everyone else!

I do have some tight trunks, which my wife loves and I wear occasionally beneath my kilt when I go to International rugby matches in Edinburgh; it can be damned cold sometimes!! However I always have my usually skimpy cotton bikinis to wear as normal beneath trousers.

Why do you think some of us guys have a distinct interest in them while others couldn’t care less about their underwear?

Blkmlthng: I know for me I like the way men’s bikinis and thongs look on me and my body. As a man it is important for me to have a healthy self image of my body. I will put on a pair of my underwear and take a few moments to admire how I look in them and it helps boost my confidence and makes me feel good about myself. I admire how the pouch frames my genitals and my ass and focus on the things I like about myself as opposed to things I may want to change. I also like for my underwear to feel comfortable and have functionality. I stopped liking boxers because they virtually offered no support and seemed pointless and made me feel like I was always wearing a pair of shorts under my clothes. While I liked the support of boxer briefs they were too much material and because I have thick thighs trunk briefs were not comfortable for me. Men’s Bikini, String Bikinis, Thongs and G-Strings offered the functionality I crave with the minimal material I prefer and it’s the perfect underwear combination for me.

TBDrawer: Like Blkmlthng I enjoy how bikinis and thongs look on me most of the time. Then I like how they feel on, support me, and make me feel in general wearing them. That seems to be a reason many of us guys like to wear them. We then want to try and discover other great pairs and keep on trying more. We have curiosity driving us too. My guess is many guys aren’t aware of the option of bikinis and thongs for guys. Then others view them as feminine and not masculine, since that is society’s portrayal of them. Also you have partners buying their guy’s underwear for them and they just go with what is in the big box stores and buy what is supposed to be popular. If they don’t try underwear that is against the norm, they’re not going to get what we get out of them. Still some won’t get it and go back to the norm. In the end there are plenty of both sexes that think underwear is just something they are supposed to wear for hygiene only.

Ron: So I definitely think so. For me it depends on what I’m doing as regards what underwear I wear and also dependent on whether I’ve shaved recently 😆 synthetic fabrics tend to catch the stubble a bit more!

On a daily basis i wear very brief micros but on occasions will wear trunks if we’re going out in very cold temperatures. So for me the right underwear is a conscious decision whereas I think most guys don’t really think or care about what they wear as underwear is just a necessity that they’d rather not think about.

The culture in the UK has shifted from boxers to trunks but briefs are definitely coming back and some stores still have thongs on sale.

To be honest I’m past caring about what everyone else wears and just content myself in my styles.

If stores carried bikinis and thongs, do you think it would draw guys attention and they would pick up a pair to try?

Blkmlthng: Absolutely! If you go on websites that sell men’s underwear for example EBay they have vintage men’s bikinis and thongs that are unopened from the ‘80s and ‘90s going for sale for upwards of $100. I have seen Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Jockey and Calvin Klein bikinis and thongs that were once sold in stores being sold from from stores old inventory or unsold stock. I remember going into the stores as a 12/13 year old and seeing men’s bikini underwear on mannequins advertising men’s underwear. Seeing the underwear on the mannequins made me curious and I would look through the styles and had I been old enough to buy my own underwear at the time I would have definitely bought some instead of the full cut briefs my mom bought for me. Seeing these styles in the store had an impact on me that when I got old enough to buy my own underwear I gravitated to men’s bikinis and thongs.

TBDrawer: I don’t think it would draw the numbers we would like to make them become a norm, but I do think it will draw some in. I know my interest in bikinis and thongs was from seeing women in them. When I realized they were available for guys I wanted to get my hands on a pair and try them. So from my experience, I think there are guys out there that would wonder what they would be like to wear and grab a pair. I’ve also noticed in reviews of the Hanes string bikinis that some guys saw them on the shelf and decided to give them a try. Now if there was more than a pair or two on the shelf maybe there would be more takers. More selection would give the impression that guys must be buying and wearing them. Many of us got our start from stores like Kmart, so it is definitely a plus when they are on the shelves at stores for guys to stumble upon.

Ron: There will always be a core group of hatred for this type of under/swimwear and similarly a group who will gravitate towards these garments; case in point, us I guess.

I believe the ‘middle ground’ who may have had an interest or intrigue in such garments would probably have a wee flirt with them by looking, touching and maybe buying. However such garments on display may also attract attention of their womenfolk who may be likewise tempted to peruse and buy some for their partners. If you put something on display there will always be those who will be intrigued and if there is sufficient interest from others around them, a sort of community comfort that others are of the same mindset, then people will look.

I’m old enough now that I’m past caring about the community comfort aspect and I just fly solo and look, touch and buy without fear or embarrassment; as they say in this part of the world, “I’m nae bothered fit others think” – work that one out!

Ron touched on this in his previous answer. Do you think bikinis and thongs on the rack for guys would grab the women’s attention (Since they seem to still be buyers for their guy) and they would buy a package/pair for their guy to wear?

TBDrawer: Like Ron said above I think if women see them in the men’s underwear section it may entice some to buy for the guy. Again I’ll refer to reviews I read of the men’s Hanes string bikinis. There are reviews from women that bought them for the partner and their partner were surprised at the fit and comfort. Some of the guys were reluctant to try them, but did so because their partner wanted them to. Having some bikinis and thongs for guys in physical stores, I think will in the end start guys on their journey into against the norm underwear. The plus of women buying them is it is going to help some at putting the guy at ease about wearing them. Again like Ron mentioned, just visually seeing bikinis and thongs for guys is going to grab people’s attention and make some of them wonder what they are like to wear or how they will look on their guy.

Blkmlthng: Like both Ron and Nate have mentioned, I think they would grab the women’s attention. I think there will be some women who would be intrigued and purchase for their guy and there may be some who may not pay attention at all. There is a group like us who enjoy wearing bikinis and thongs and our women like to see us in them. My only frame of reference was being in Priscilla McCalls, a lingerie/sex store with my wife when we first got married and there was a leopard men’s g string on display that intrigued my wife and she purchased it for me. It would be nice if mainstream stores would carry men’s underwear and thongs like how they do for women’s underwear.

Ron: The old saying ‘out of sight out of mind’ applies here though in the reverse I think.
For the more adventurous or wickedly sexy wives, I definitely think that little bikinis or thongs hanging in the mens rack would tempt them to pick them up and wonder.

Unfortunately this would not be the case with my wife as she is more turned on by tight trunks. For me having little bikinis and thongs on display would make them more ‘mainstream’ and move them out of the ‘only for sex’ locker; make them more acceptable.

Do you think bikini and thong underwear would be as exciting if the percentages of guys that wore them would be similar to the number of women that wear them?

TBDrawer: It may be somewhat less exciting and possibly it wouldn’t drive me to be blogging about it. However, I do think I still would be buying more than I need and trying different brands and styles. Looking at what women have out there has to indicate they enjoy the variety of options and are buying them up. They have stores dedicated to underwear only, so they have to find it fun like we do to wear them. Isn’t it fun to be able to wear something skimpy and wild under your clothes with no one knowing about it? Doesn’t it feel exhilarating when you think about it? I still think I’d enjoy being able to do that if bikinis and thongs were acceptable like they are for women. Maybe I still would be blogging about the skimpy styles. I know there are some women out there doing it. For me I believe I would still have excitement for it especially with thongs still being a scary thing for both sexes.

Ron: I think this would then verge in the realms of acceptability of thongs and bikinis. For instance I’ve noticed that briefer swimwear is becoming more acceptable here in the UK with more guys wearing speedos to the pool albeit for purposeful swimming, myself included and there seem to be more high swimming costumes for women which tend to rise up into a thong style when used say in waterpolo or even dedicated swimming.

So if thongs and bikinis were more accepted I think they would still remain sexy and exciting and both sexes would enjoy shopping for each other and together. I still recall the thrill of shopping for underwear for my wife in Victoria’s Secret in Houston and seeing how the female assistant seemed surprised about how at ease I was., especially when we discussed the panty style; thong of course. There were a few guys accompanying their female partners who seemed quite shocked at my ease and comfort at discussing underwear. My wife still asks me about different panty styles when we are shopping for her underwear.

I would still get a thrill of wearing skimpy underwear or swimwear no matter if they were more acceptable. Currently while in lockdown I try to appease my wife by wearing tight trunks, her preference but intersperse this with my very brief bikinis, one which I’m wearing just now actually.

Blkmlthng: I am in agreement with both of you. I think that for me personally no matter what bikini and thong underwear will always carry a level of excitement for me. I still get a thrill in wearing a great pair of bikini or thong underwear. I recently began wearing some of my vintage bikini and thong underwear and reaffirms my excitement and why I enjoy wearing such styles of underwear. It’s nothing like a great pair of fitting sexy underwear! It makes me feel good, confident and sexy which in turn makes me feel good about me as a husband, a friend, employee, etc. Having my wife enjoy me wearing such underwear and respecting me as an individual who may not wear the “normal” men’s underwear helps also.

Do you think guys (or their partner if they’re the ones buying) are not aware that bikinis and thongs are an option (available) out there for us guys? Or do you think something else is keeping them from considering them as an option like following into societal norms and/or stereotypes?

TBDrawer: I think there is a mixture of factors. First I don’t think people think of bikinis and thongs for guys. Men’s underwear is focused and advertised as boxers and boxer briefs with some briefs mixed in, so that is what comes to mind when men’s underwear is thought of. I guess that means there is some unawareness or blinders on people to the options. Now if they are aware then that is when the societal norms and stereotypes come into play. People like to fit in and follow what is considered norm, so they are going to stick to the underwear norm. If they have an inkling to try them then either they are afraid to be made fun of for breaking the norm and/or the stereotypes related to bikinis and thongs are a factor. That is when my blog hopefully comes into play and they come upon it and can get the support they need to take the step into fun underwear.

Blkmlthng: I agree with your opinion Nate. If you look at the mainstream of what’s being sold by big box retailers you see boxers or boxer briefs as the only option for men’s underwear that’s on display. If there are bikinis and thongs available you may have to hunt for them or purchase online. Around 2011 I worked at a Community College that was near an outlet mall. I would go there during my lunch break and would go to the Jockey outlet. During that time they still sold their men’s bikinis, string bikinis and thong underwear. This was one of the places I was able to get my bikinis and thongs still in store other than the brands sold at Wal Mart, Target and KMart. I recently went to another Jockey store and there were no bikinis or thongs on display for men as I recalled almost ten years ago. Even when you go to the Jockey website it appears that the men’s bikinis and thongs are hidden as if it’s shameful they make these style of underwear for men. I also think men just don’t freely talk about the type of underwear they wear as women do. I’m thankful for this blog as I can learn about different brands, styles and experiences of other men who enjoy wearing bikinis and thongs as I do.

Ron: I’m in agreement with you both about the stereotyping of men’s underwear/swimwear and the stigma about wearing very brief items. Where I live there aren’t any stores that sell really brief bikinis etc for men so I have to rely on Internet shopping which then brings a wee conflict with my wife when they arrive in the post. It’s an interesting point you make, Blkmlthng, about women speaking to each other about their underwear and also, their point about how good they feel in decent underwear. I’ve never heard men speaking like that! Although times have moved on and there appears to be less public ridiculing in locker rooms etc of men in skimpy attire, well not that I’ve experienced here, though there still seems to be a reticence for men to display their preferences in public; I certainly have no issue in being totally naked in a locker room then slipping into a very brief bikini then continue to dress as opposed to putting on clothes on top to hide my bikini. I guess as I get older, I become less caring as to others opinions. So I appreciate these conversations with like minded people.

We talked about men’s underwear and swimwear advertising and what we thought they could do in a past piece to promote bikinis and thongs, which will probably never happen from the main brands out there. What do you think can be done to try and promote the availability of men’s bikinis and thongs along with dispelling stereotypes associated with them?

Ron: So I think there have to be more high profile people wearing bikinis. Currently I’m aware that a few manufacturers are openly advertising speedo style swimwear for me, specifically based in the UK and, based in Australia though have an outlet in the UK. This indicates to me that the wearing of skimpy swimwear among men is becoming more prevalent. These companies and others have to be visible on platforms like Instagram by advertising so that people can see them and try them. Bit by bit I’m sure there will be a shift to this type of swimwear.

TBDrawer: Like Ron I think it is going to be social media that is going to be a platform to bring awareness. More in particular it is going to have to come from someone popular (influencer) on the platforms. Not necessarily an athlete or famous person (though wouldn’t hurt), but someone with loyal followers. Influencers is a popular way these days for companies to promote their products. They send them some items and they’ll use their creativity to work them into their social media posting style. I see it on Instagram with female influencers. I also see it in videos my kids’ watch on YouTube. I think the companies making swim briefs and skimpier styles will have to seek out influencers and work with them to promote their products. Hopefully they don’t just go for the swimwear/underwear influencers. Probably need to go for general ones in fitness and fashion. Need to hit guys that aren’t already seeking them out or already considering it. If the influencers can promote them in a positive light then I think that would help dispel the negativity they seem to carry with guys.

Blkmlthng: You both hit the nail on the head. Social media influencers coupled with a male celebrity that is popular with males and females. Also I think that this type of underwear and swimsuits should be marketed as functional and supportive of males anatomy and are comfortable to wear.

That’s a wrap on this conversation. If you have any suggestions of a topic for us let me know.

10 Responses

  1. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Gents

    I think this is always a favorite segment for me.

    From the list, question 2 and 3 I want to comment on.

    2. I think you absolutely spot on. Further to this, in my opinion. I think we as men has always been told what is acceptable. So too in our swimwear and underwear.
    Hence why, we always think of what they would say. Also as long as one man wears what is acceptable for another. Then it’s all good. So the cycle continues. Until like you gents mentioned, you choose yourself over the norm.

    3. Must agree with you. The carry in stores might not help. Since the stereotypes /psychological aspect is not removed.

    I’ve thought about this myself. Since Jockey is the most well known brand in my country. Having selling agreements with most stores and their own website.

    Would I have the courage to walk in store and purchase it.

    I buy from their online store. And always feedback. We recently got to a smaller thong vs the previous one. So it’s slow progress.

    This I think still largely sits on the existing stereotype.

    Where there are more underwear brands who offer thongs. They owned and catered towards gay men.

    So I’m left to wonder. Is jockey actually selling to men via their online portal.

    Although often the massive G-strings are sold out it takes months.

    I think more woman still purchase and those of us who do purchase know where to go.

    If these styles were mainstream
    – I think I will not loose my excitement for them. Yes it will help make it a norm but it won’t take away the joy for me

    I might even get some thongs as a joke as gifts, which helps. However, I don’t know if it will go as boxer briefs.

    As mentioned, the vintage items retail $100 dollars.

    The only way it will work is if an influencer does it.

    Let’s say CR7 launch a range. The other brands will follow because CR7 is doing it.

    The market will jump in on excitement. Even the women will want their men to wear it.

    But I think most brands don’t dare anymore. Too afraid to loose then to be be different.

    Sorry for this long post.

    Again thanks for taking time to share opinions and discussion.

    Can’t wait for next installment

  2. SM_Thongguy says:

    Side note on vintage items

    Those speedo thongs. Is a dream bucket list item.

    Okay I’m done hahahaha

    • John S says:

      Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything. I bought a blue Speedo thong back in the day and still have it. It’s nothing to write home about. The waist is extremely tight and inflexible (there’s no drawstring). I think Speedo was making it so it could stay on while swimming without the drawstring. It’s also extremely high-waisted. Almost comical. I could nearly jest in saying, “Halfway up to my shoulders”. At the same time, the pouch is simply too large. You could fit a garden hose in there. While I fell in love with the idea of a Speedo thong, it’s an extremely flawed garment. There are so many thongs that simply fit better. Both Olaf Benz and Hom really know how to make a good thong, although I’m mainly speaking about the low-rise models from a few years ago…. Plus there are new brands giving it a whirl as well. Please, don’t lose sleep over the Speedo thong. You will look better in almost any other quality thong 😉

  3. Jordan says:

    Hello, I will try to put hope in your heart:
    In this video taken on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro – if you can look at anything other than the buttocks of Brazilian girls – you will see that a lot of young men do not wear swim shorts but small square swimsuits that are called there- low “Sunga”.
    (Warning: This video is actually a medical test, if you can watch it to the end you don’t need to see a cardiologist)
    In France also this sunga swimsuit is back in fashion for those who are over 30 years old at least. It must be said that long swimming shorts are not the best for swimming and even less for walking when they are wet! I have already seen young people hold the bottom of their wet shorts with their hands to walk more easily … In addition, tanning swim shorts or swim pajamas is not necessarily very sexy: a body all tanned with thighs all white, it’s still ridiculous!
    Not long ago I found a blog run by a woman (Jack = Jacqueline). This blog is about fashion, accessories and health for men. I found two articles there on thongs, the first for the underwear, the second for the swimsuits.
    Well the elephant-string or the mankini, they’re not the ones who are going to relaunch fashion but the rest is good, especially when she says “The male thong is going to conquer the beaches”. I hope you can activate the translation function to read these articles.

    • John S says:

      Thanks for the video of Rio. One thing I noticed was that the overwhelming majority of men had clearly been lifting to get into some kind of shape, even if they were a bit overweight. By contrast, I was surprised by the number of women who were simply overweight,…. and yet wearing a thong nonetheless. Hmmmm….. It gets you thinking (and resenting!). 😉

  4. Daniel says:

    Great commentary! A fine line between practicality and good feel and looks! Nothing better then when little wife say’s “looking good!”

  5. David_nc says:

    Great segment, I’d like to combine in-store purchase and advertising. I remember being between 10-12 and shopping with my mom at the local JCPenney for back to school cloths, in the underwear section I saw Jockey elance bikini and string bikini (true vintage early 90s) and mannequins wearing them they looked so cool. I also remember the JCP catalog with the models wearing them and the advertisements in magazines with sports professionals and one such ad with medical professionals and I thought how cool they were. Also, actors like Marky Mark wearing white CK briefs in one magazine and the underwear sells out. So if underwear brands would actually show the styles we like on famous people or social media influencers today they would probably sell better. Of course the particular trip I am referring to I got boxers and some plain white briefs. Fast forward a few years to around age 14 and saw the Hang Ten string bikini in my local Kmart and begged my mom for them. I have thick thighs and explain how much more comfortable they would be with less material. They were animal print and I wore them until they had holes and had to be tossed out. Years later I got my first Undergear catalog and at first was nervous about ordering, this was before credit cards and online purchase. I had to write a check and Mail in my order and wait forever it felt like to get my new undies. I was lucky to find a few bikinis and thongs in the local Belk, Jockey store, Macy’s, TJ Max and others but alas the variety once found at these stores is not there. So I think if styles were available in local shops it would make someone considering the purchase more likely to make the purchase as long as the sales staff aren’t dumbasses and make them feel stupid. I have to purchase online but am leery due to not knowing how the material feels, the width of the tail, the shape of the pouch and other factors including often times underwear stores that sell the styles we like price many of their pairs higher than I am willing (and I am sure others) are willing to spend just to try and see if I/they like them. I’ve bought some and wished I hadn’t but you live and learn to become discerning with purchases.

    • David_nc says:

      I would like to add that aside from the Mark Wahlberg ads the guys in most of Jockey ads and JCPenny and Sears catalogs were not overly muscular – they were the average guy, think about the Jim Palmer ads. So if underwear manufactures start advertising again, I think it would be a good idea to have “real” guys not guys that live in the gym. Men also face body discrimination/shaming as much as women do.

  6. Jason Brent Childs says:

    For me, it was age 15 (1986). I was at Kmart with my mom and we were shopping for underwear and socks. She asked me if I wanted to try something new (pointing to a 5 pack of Hang Ten cotton micro bikini briefs). I knew I would never get another opportunity like this, so I said yes. That was 34 years ago, and I’ll never go back to boring, mundane Y-fronts.

  7. John S says:

    Just out of curiosity, isn’t the trend towards transgenderism helping out at all in terms of social acceptance of speedos and thongs? There are an enormous number of young people who seem to be non-binary or trans. Shouldn’t that be helping out our cause?

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