Review: Cover Male Slip Bikini (CMI016)

Cover Male CMI016 BikiniI like to get away from just solid colors all the time and grab pairs that have some accents on them or something that differentiates them some. So I decided to give this pair a try with the different color sides and fabric. However these are a similar cut to the Cover Male bikini CM101 I reviewed a little while back. Really the only difference is the mesh sides.

This bikini is a blend of 85.89% polyamid and 14.11% spandex. The main fabric is like a light swimwear fabric, which is typical of pairs in the Cover Male line. The sides measure in at about 1 3/8″. It has the center seamed pouch. Then it has about a 3/4 back. They are to be machine washed cold and hung to dry.

When I first pulled these on, I discovered with the mesh sides it reduced the stretch. It required a little care to get it over the hips. Wasn’t a tight wiggle by, but not the typical ease as a waist that is stretchy. Once up and over the hip these have a similar fit as the CM101. It has a snug pouch and offers excellent support to do whatever you want in with most likely no bouncing around. It’s not made for the well endowed. The back has a firm grip on the rear and shows some cheeks.

I’ve encountered a couple issues with this pair besides the not so stretchy waist. I have had seams dig in some on the sides and be bothersome though not extremely bothersome. Does leave the seam marks on your skin. Then I discovered a run in the mesh after the first wearing. Neither is going to stop me from continuing wearing the pair again. Overall it is a decent fit and comfortable most of the time once over the hips. I’ll probably wear it more for an exercise pair. I’d recommend going with the CM101 over this model though.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 4.5
Recommendation: No thongs up

Pros: Great Support, 3/4 back with a little cheekie feel
Cons: A bit warm, maybe too snug for some, can pinch at seams, waist not real stretchy.

Additional Photos
Cover Male CMI016 Bikini frontCover Male CMI016 Bikini backCover Male CMI016 Bikini pouch
What do you rate the Cover Male Bikini – CMI016?

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  1. T says:

    The only Cover Male underwear I have are all g-strings, which I would liken to the Daniel Alexander brand, but slightly cheaper in price and smaller with their sizing. Nate states in his review that he discovered a run in the side mesh after only one wearing and that the seams were bothersome. That suggests to me that it is either a quality control problem, or a sizing issue, which makes sense to me based on my experiences with their strings. Can’t say I’m bowled over by the colours, but I suppose the mesh sides would help spice it up for some. Definitely not one for me.

  2. Danny says:

    I like the color blocking- it’s hard to find prints. I’d love to see more stripes/polka dots. Even like a tiger print would be nice variety.

  3. David_nc says:

    I’ve been trying to determine if CoverMale and Daniel Alexander were made by the same manufacturer, several of their designs seem very similar. I like this color blocking on this pair, I often find I have single color and would like to mix it up some. I’m not a huge fan of mesh mostly like with what Nate said about it not having any stretch and some is too large it pinches. This does look like a cool pair other than the few flaws you mentioned.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Cover Male and Daniel Alexander are own by the same company along with Good Devil, which I think has some similarities too. I’m not sure if they were all originally their own brand and were acquired by the company or not. I know the company does buy underwear brands and has several online retailer websites that sell the brands.

  4. JR2 says:

    Good review , I like cover male for the styles they offer and usually are usually pretty reasonable priced. One thing though , I noticed on CM101 bikini I recently purchased is that they screened printed the cm logo and some other info on the inside front of the bikini . This print is noticeable from the outside of the bikini . I can understand why they do that , but it kind of messes up the overall look of the their underwear.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You are correct about that. The same thing is the case with Daniel Alexander. It’s almost like it is stamped into it, because it is raised on the outside.

    • @chithonger says:

      I am all for the “tagless” movement in men’s underwear, but when it’s visible from the outside it takes away from the appeal of the pair. Even when its done well, it usually wears off after several wears and washing.

  5. @chithonger says:

    I saw the notice of this review piece on Twitter and initially liked the aesthetic of the pair from the pics you included. I couldn’t tell that the color blocked sides were a mesh fabric. I’ve seen brands do color blocking well, even with mesh. CoverMale must not be using mesh with stretch if it’s causing issues with the waistband. The run in the mesh is also likely caused by it being overstretched while being slid on or off. Such a disappointment.

    I haven’t owned any CoverMale pairs in quite a while, but I know a lot of guys who are very loyal to this brand. I just ordered a pair (the CMI034 Volcano Butt Bikini from Skiviez) and now this review has me anxious about the quality.

    It seems the quality of these “affordable” brands has been declining for a while. I am thankful to be in a situation where I can purchase the higher end brands for their quality and availability of colors/prints. A few of the cheaper brands I’ve come across with decent quality are:
    * Brave Person – on Amazon. It’s often sold under several brand names (MuscleMate is one, I think), but it usually has the Brave Person logo. I haven’t seen non-solid color pairs.
    * iKingSky – also on Amazon. These are like $25 for a pack of 6. They’ve release some decent camo-like prints.
    * JAXFSTK – on Amazon, eBay, and has their own site. This brand has some super cute prints, many are floral which not all guys like. I think they’re priced something like $7-9.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You are correct. They didn’t use a stretchy mesh on this model making it a wiggle to get past the hips. The CMI034 looks like a fun one…might have to get myself a pair. My guess they’ll be fine, since they appear to made completely of the swimsuit like fabric. Will keep watch on twitter to see what you think of them.

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