Review: CANGHPGIN Men’s Tights/Leggings

CANGHPGIN Men's tights leggings

If you read my Thoughts on Men’s Exercise Running Tights post then you know I’m just venturing into them. I’ve worn padded bicycle tights and shorts for many years, but never thought of wearing tights/leggings for anything else. So I headed over to Amazon to see what they had to offer. As usually there was quite a selection. Price is the first thing that came into play with me to narrow it down some. I decided $20 was going to be my limit for giving a pair a try. Then I didn’t want any branding on the waistband, since that made them feel like they were a base layer to me. Of course I paid attention to reviews for some guidance. Last I wanted something subtle to start off with.

I settled on a pair branded Canghpgin Ad. At the moment it has about 1000 reviews with a star rating at 4.2. I decided on them because I liked they weren’t just a solid color, but had a design incorporated into them. They’re made out of a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The fabric is digitally printed, so the outside only has the design and the inside is white. These have a plain black elastic waistband. The ones I bought are centered seamed front and back. I saw one of the options had seams left and right of the package to I guess create sort of a pouch area. The leg seams are only on the inner leg side. These have no pockets either.

With really only having padded tights for biking I don’t particularly have any standards for tights/leggings other than fitting me. I used their size chart to pick my size, which is a height and weight one. Based on the chart I was a large, but decided to go with a medium. I was just over the line into the large size. They state to order one size smaller than you normally do, but I don’t believe that meant based on their size chart. I am happy I went with the medium. For the most part I like the overall fit. The back seems to sit lower than the front while my bike tights are the opposite. They sit higher in the back than the front, but I believe that is by design for them. Since I’ve been wearing these tights for riding the exercise/spinning bike, I’d like the back rise to be higher.

I find the snugness of them to be a good amount. Feel similar to my bike ones. I’m not sure I’d put them into a compression category, but a decent hold on the lower body for my purposes. They wick away sweat well and feel dry after I’ve been exercising. I’m a sweater and am wiping sweat off my face, so it is nice that the tights feel dry at the end. I know some say the center seam in the front can cause the so called camel toe. That is not the case for these. Probably due to them being a light fabric. I’d recommend sticking to wearing underwear with them. They’re not going to keep you snug and in place. I think to wear tights without underwear it would require some kind of pouch for us that are into bikinis and thongs. We typically like to be held in a particular place.

The back seam helps define the butt especially with wearing a thong. With the thin fabric these can and most likely will show your underwear if not wearing a thong especially picking the right color. I’ve intentionally shown that with the one pair in the image at the top. I may choose to intentionally do that if I wear them in public too. Would be a way to promote bikinis for guys.

As I mentioned I mainly have been wearing these while on the bike, but I did take an advantage of an opportunity to take a hike. It was a great day for a hike other than a little on the cool side with a breeze. I opted to wear a hoodie, which gave a little coverage below the belt. With the tights being a thin fabric, they’re not really good for real cold weather. I’m usually good in the bottom half in cold weather, so they were pretty good for the chilly hike. I think others would have found them not warm enough. I didn’t come across anyone on my hike. The parking lot had fishmen when I got there and when I left, but that was it for people.

Overall it was a good experience wearing these tights. I think they have a pretty good fit for my first pair of non padded tights. At least I like how they fit me. It was a great, fun, and new experience for me to wear tights hiking instead of just cycling. Not sure why I never considered them for other activities besides riding the bike. I’m not going to rate them like I do bikinis and thongs. I liked them enough to add a second pair. The main reason for this so called review post is to share my experience with wearing them.

4 Responses

  1. Jomo says:

    I am wearing a Pair of Spiderman leggings now. i love them for around the house wear. i don’t like the pouch style unless its for the gym. At home i just prefer what you have

  2. Jomo says:

    I am wearing a Pair of Spiderman leggings now. i love them for around the house wear. i don’t like the pouch style unless its for the gym. At home i just prefer what you have 🙂

  3. Bill says:

    I’ve been wearing mens 2ZU leggings to the gym with a thong under them. They give great support and are extremely comfortable while working out. And as an added bonus I get a lot of compliments from the girls in the gym as well as guys wanting to give them a try.

  4. Jonathan G says:

    I’ve been buying leggings from dance stores. They tend to fit me very well-brands like Sansha and Bloch. I’ve also bought two pair of women’s leggings from Amazon under the Tsutaya brand. They fit really tightly over the butt and have a smooth, flat front. They work really well for my pilates and barre workouts.

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