Married Str8 Trio – Underwear & Swimwear Stigma Chat Part 2

Married Str8 Trio: Underwear Swimwear Stigma Chat Part 2Welcome to part two of the Married Str8 Trio’s conversation on underwear and swimwear stigmas. If you missed part 1, read it here.

Do you think it is the stigmas with swim brief (bikini & thongs too) that deters guys from wearing them or the fact their manhood will be on display?

Ron: This is where the stigma may be most obvious as there are potentially two stressful areas; purchasing and wearing. While online shopping has generally removed the first there are still shops out there that stock brief styles and again a friendly female assistant is preferable. I cite the occasion I had in Buenos Aires when a lovely lady helped me with a purchase of two swim thongs and put me total at ease and an occasion much further back when we were on a family holiday on one of the channel Islands and I sneaked away from my parents to buy a very brief Speedo bikini and again the lady was lovely. So wearing them is another issue which has taken me years to become comfortable with though as I get older the attitude has changed and I’m less bothered about what people might think. I see them looking but I just act with purpose. Also depends on the cut. The more narrow front or back or low cut then the chance of bulge enhancement and accusations of exhibitionism and being gay. I have some very brief even string like bikinis which definitely accentuate the bulge and I would only wear them in safe areas like European beaches or pools. I think less enhancing styles will not attract so much attention and you can relax. I’m even starting to consider my 1″ Hom black bikini as boring seeing as I’ve been able to wear briefer styles in public.

Blkmlthng: I think the reason most men don’t wear swim briefs is due to the fact that it accentuates a males anatomy/bulge as Ron has mentioned. You have some men who have no hangs up about their bulges being front and center and you have some that are shy. The reality is that people, both men and women put a lot of emphasize on “does size matter” and the sexual aspect of wearing such swimwear. I think this is a two sided coin issue as in reality there is nothing sexual about wearing a swim brief, bikini or thong. For those who want to tan and enjoy the sun and water on their skin can feel free but the swimwear can provide support that some men enjoy and need. You have a percentage of those who wear these swimsuits to get attention and to show off what they have or think they have and you have people who stare and make a big deal about what the man is wearing. You may have some people who don’t pay it attention, some who may find it sexy and some who may find it obscene and repulsive. It’s such a broad array of reasons as to why the stigmas exist and deter men from wearing these styles. For me personally, I don’t think wearing such a swim brief, bikini or thong is a big deal or issue. I personally will wear a swim brief one day as it is one of my goals but I will also do it in an area and location where I won’t have to deal with the stigmas and hangups of others.

Ron: Good response from Blkmlthng. Just to give an additional point, I think stigmas are more in places where skimpy swimwear is not common on men whereas in other places like most of Europe, Australia (especially since the speedo was born here ) there is no stigma only where it may be creeping in due to the younger set on social Media from those countries where a stigma exists. I feel quite lucky in that I’ve grown up with skimpy swimwear and have been able to wear some quite small suits on beaches and pools

The Bottom Drawer: In general it does seem the issue related to swim brief is around your manhood being on displayed. I see people relating swim briefs or less to being an exhibitionist. Then there is always the gay stigma that is out there too. I’m sure some guys are self conscious and do not want to have their manhood on display either. I’d still probably lean towards the stigmas as what is holding most guys back from wearing a swim brief out in public. Especially the ones that have some interest in it. Another thing I’d throw in there is it is hard to be the one not following the crowd. Guess I’m also saying the same thing as Blkmlthng that there are many reason discouraging guys from wearing swim briefs.

Ron, I agree that acceptance of skimpy swimwear or tight fitting in general would be based on location. Even within a country there is more acceptance depending on where you live. I personally have found that the very few places I have worn a swim brief or have seen someone wearing one there seems to be at least a tolerance of them.

Have you encountered occasions when attention was drawn to skimpy swimwear/ underwear worn by you or others or given to you or others?

Ron: The example which prompted this question happened many years ago when I was on a long train journey in the UK nearing it’s end when I saw a group of people, not together but had built up conversation and rapport over the journey aided by a few beers. One was a guy in a kilt though I can’t remember exactly how the conversation went but a woman suddenly took out a tiny yellow bikini from her bag and handed it to the guy. I think there must have been a dare for him to wear it and he promptly pulled it on. He lifted his kilt and revealed himself much to woman’s delight. Unsure if this was a man’s bikini though bear in mind at this era very skimpy underwear/swimwear was common for men and she may have had it for a male friend but it looked good on him. I also recall a film (movie) with dolly Parton and burt Reynolds in which she handed him a tiny thong or bikini to wear but he was against it. If she asked me I would definitely have done!

The Bottom Drawer: I haven’t really noticed any attention drawn to me or others with wearing a swim brief. The most I have noticed was on a trip to Myrtle Beach there was one brave sole on the beach in a swim brief and I saw a teenage or college age girl and mother whispering while looking his direction. Mostly I’ve seen tolerance towards guys wearing swim briefs (typically on the fuller brief side). Probably be a different story with skimpier cut swim briefs or swim thongs. Haven’t had any experiences on the underwear front. Underwear isn’t really something I personally bring up in conversation in person. Mostly conversations I’ve encountered are a guy asking a woman on how thongs can be comfortable. Nothing on an actual intellectual level. Guessing this could be due to stigmas related to bikinis and thong or my reserved nature.

Blkmlthng: I honestly haven’t had the experience personally of attention being drawn to skimpy swimwear. I honestly haven’t seen a man wear a skimpy swimsuit on the beach. I remember in the late ’80’s and early 90’s going to the beaches and seeing guys in speedo type swimwear or shorter swim trunks but I don’t remember a big issue being made about it as that was the style of men for that time. In regards to the skimpy underwear, when I first got married, I surprised my wife by wearing a g-string. At first I was nervous about doing it as I didn’t know what her reaction would be but lets just say on a trip to a local adult store a few weeks later, she picked out a leopard g-string for me to wear for her so it was safe for me to assume that she enjoyed her man wearing skimpy underwear!

Do you think the stigmas we’ve mentioned have lessen over the years? In what ways if so and why not if not?

Ron: For me it’s like a graph which goes from normality as up to the mid -late 80s when acceptance was waning into the trough of the 90s to the last few years when this was rock bottom and bow I think it’s gradually coming back. I recall finding the tiniest of mens bikinis in a national fashion store with no looks or negative comment from staff when purchasing and even wearing. In the low period there was constant ridicule but the last few years I think there has been a resurgence and acceptance certainly here, I suppose being so close to mainland Europe.

Blkmlthng: I agree with Ron. I remember how the ’80’s skimpy mens underwear and swimwear was popular and the norm, every male was wearing skimpy bikinis, I remember seeing male family members do so. The 90’s with the baggy clothes and fashion changed it and the 2000’s brought the “metrosexual” fashion and slimmer fitting clothes. I think the fashion industry as a whole is getting away from going into stores and shopping and online shopping has become a norm or staple which the mens underwear industry has adopted. I mean you have everyday guys like us who wear these types of underwear, I know there are more just like us who do, they just don’t talk about it. I’m almost certain each of us knows a guy personally, works with one or interacts with one casually who owns or wears skimpy mens underwear regularly but probably won’t admit it.

The Bottom Drawer: I agree it does seem to be coming around again. I think the Internet has to be a main factor in it. It allows you to shop anonymously (at least from people that you may know). You can find like minded people, so you know you aren’t alone. There is encouragement that it is fine for guys to wear the skimpy undies and swimwear. Then the variety of brands out there have been growing over the years, which I think is another sign of things on the up. I do however believe underwear is farther along than swimwear. Mainly do to underwear not being seen by others for the most part. There does seem to be a decent tolerance to the swim brief from my experience so far, but I don’t know about acceptance.

That wraps up part two of this chat. Part three coming next week. Feel free to comment and give us your feedback.

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  1. T says:

    Whenever any of my workmates tells me they are heading off to sunnier climes on holiday,i always say “don’t forget to pack your speedos.” Without exception,the response is along the lines of “you must be joking!!!!” One guy showed me some holiday snaps from a recent trip to Spain in which he was wearing a truly horrendous pair of tartan shorts(we are Scottish),in the pool. When I implored him to ditch the garish shorts for a sleek,sexy speedo,he told me you would get lynched for wearing those. I tried to describe the sheer joy of feeling the hot sun slowly toasting areas of your body normally covered by restrictive clothing,but to no avail. I guess sometimes you just have to admit defeat.

  2. E.J says:

    Stigma- I got no problem showin off some women would probably like to see something different

  3. E.J says:

    My wife has said everything from nice undies to that’s weird-society is confused

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