2016 Thong Favorites

2016 Thong FavoritesI did my top 5 in bikinis I own last week. You can read that here. Now it is time for my top 5 in thongs from my underwear drawer.


5. Bodyaware Soft Micorfiber Thong
Bodyaware Soft Micorfiber Thong
Unfortunately Bodyaware no longer offers this microfiber thong. It is super soft and comfortable that you really don’t know you have a thong on. It’s your standard thong cut, but the fabric is what really makes this thong a winner for me.

4. Doreanse Euro Thong (1392)
Doreanse Euro Thong 1392
If you haven’t tried a thong along the v-string line then I’d recommend trying this one out. A nice cross between a traditional thong and a g-string. The fabric is nice and soft with some stretch that helps with good support. This is one that may not have room in the pouch if you are well endowed.

3. Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Like I said in my top 5 bikini post. I’m pretty loyal to the Prevail Sport brand, which brings me to the Prevail Sport string thong brief at number three. It’s pretty similar to their string brief with a traditional thong back. Great support and I like that they offer patterns.

2. Fagioni Clip Thong
Fagioni Clip Thong
This is another traditional cut thong, which is very comfortable. Not as supportive as other thongs, but still good for everyday wear. Could be a great beginner thong. As an added bonus it has clips on the side for extra easy removal for the wife.

1. Blueline Microfiber T-Back Thong
Blueline Microfiber T-back Thong
This is a super skimpy clingy thong that leaves little to the imagination. I like to say it fits like a glove. It’s not the biggest of pouches, so may not fit the well endowed. I also call it a v-string, since it has the triangle in the back. I love the fit of this thong and find it very comfortable and cool. It has become a favorite to pull out of the drawer.


That wraps up my 2016 top 5 thongs. Tell me what thongs I should try in 2017.

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  1. Cocksox Guy says:

    I think as my favourite’s you should try Cocksox thongs, I have worn these for many years and they used to be made in Australia but our now made in China and the cost of them have gone up to around $33 AUD but the fabric is soft and stretchy and feel absolutely sexy and comfortable as any thongs and gstrings I have worn. The front pouch holds your c*** and balls out so no uncomfortable balls hanging in between you legs ,they do go into your *** but because of the comfortable fabric they don’t pull on your ******* just sit there rubbing on it nicely. I feel very horny every time I put then on after wearing them for many years.

  2. EJ says:

    I like the candyman g string thong for sunbathing.As I said in another blog, mostly they run large-you’ll see negative reviews cuz of that on Amazon. There’ s almost no support-when fabric heats up they get more loose-very comfortable though waistband can’t be more than 1/4 inch-less coverage gettin rays I hate takin it off

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