The End of 2017

The End of 2017

2017 is about to come to an end. It’s been a good year for my blog. Good amount of traffic coming to it, which is what I like to see. A lot of interaction from you the readers, which is one thing I was hoping the blog would bring. Nice to have loyal followers! I’m happy I did pretty well keeping up to my one post a week. My biggest accomplishment in 2017 was breaking out the swim brief at the local beach. I see that as blog related, since I set a goal to do so in a post. That gave me accountability and motivation to do so.

Hopefully all of that continues into 2018. So what is in store for the new year. First thing is I think I’m going to attempt to give the blog a little bit of a new look. Mainly I want to try to improve it for mobile. The comments especially replies to a comment I know can be hard to read on a phone. Hopefully I can find something that can improve that.

I’ll continue with similar posts as I have been doing in the past. Have suggestions of topics let me know. I have pairs to review still from brands like Daniel Alexander, Kiniki, Doreanse, Intymen, and maybe some others. Have some swimwear from aussieBum and Dietz to cover too. I may look into adding a forum since there appears to be interest in it, but want to get more time for votes before I do too much with it.

What won’t be coming is a membership area or at least a paid one for sure. What I’m seeing with that is what I expected, but wanted to make sure. Having me be online more for chatting was a 50/50 mix, so I’ll just be online when time permits me. You can always email or comment. I do my best to reply in a timely manner, which isn’t always that timely. I’m still staying clear of photos of me modeling. You may see swimwear ones, but rarely underwear. I won’t say never, but it’s not in the plans.

With covering more brands, I’ll be waiting on more feedback there too. I’m thinking I‘ll probably at least reach out to some more brands I like. My thoughts for brand is for an extra post for the week to inform you when they release something new. The goal wouldn’t be to use it for the post for that week unless it was something special. I usually do more social stuff with brand related content.

I hope to bring back the Married Str8 Trio conversation more than I did this year. Just need to take time and think of some topics for us to discuss. Guess we’ll see what else comes to mind in 2018. Thanks to all that has visited and kept up with my blog in 2017. Here is to an inspired 2018.

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  1. Thong obsessed says:

    Look forward to reading your blog in 2018. More of the Married Str8 Trio conversations sounds good. So glad I found your blog Nate, it’s awesome to see other guys with the same passion for thongs etc. Following on from my last post in Just Want To Shout It an idea for a topic I had was the portrayal/usage of men in thongs, bikinis and speedos in films and TV and how that has changed over the years.

  2. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I second what Thong obsessed said. I really enjoy your blog Nate and so glad I found it too. It’s really cool to find other like minded guys to talk to about underwear and to know I’m not alone in my interest in bikinis, thongs and speedos. I was thinking the same thing as Thong obsessed about the portrayal/usage of mens bikinis/thongs in movies/tv and how cool it would be to discuss that…so thanks Thong obsessed!

    • Thong obsessed says:

      Happy New Year Bikini Obsessed! Keep rocking the skimpy stuff! Trying to decide what my first thong purchases of 2018 should be. I really like the look of the Daniel Alexander thongs and g-strings. How about you bro? Do you have any favourite brands? I think a thong bodysuit would be interesting to try, but they don’t make many for men.

  3. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Happy New Year Thong Obsessed! Liked what you had to say man…Ill keep rocking the skimpy stuff! Daniel Alexander looks like they got good stuff. I really like manstore, olaf benz and prevailsport but have yet to brands like N2N and Obviously. How bout you bro?

  4. Thong obsessed says:

    Thanks man! I really like Olaf Benz too, one of my faves. They do great underwear and swimwear. Manstore is ok and I will check out Prevailsport. Some other good ones Muscleskins and Skinz! I think Skinz actually have a store as well, which is pretty cool as there’s not many places to buy skimpy stuff other than online.

  5. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Hey Thong obsessed that is awesome you are a fan of Olaf Benz also! I have a speedo from them with about 1 inch – 1.5 inch sides. It fits and looks pretty good. I have a `tower string` (thong) from manstore which I really like too. I like the looks of what I see from manstore, but I only have the one thong from them. Muscleskins and Skinz look like they have cool stuff. I stumbled upon a site called ‘buffedbod’ which has custom made swimwear. I’ve never ordered from them but I’ve thought about it! Wonder if BD knows about the buffedbod site? I’m kind of curious about custom made bikinis and thongs..

    • No, I haven’t heard of buffedbod. Though it says the owner/designer use to be the owner/designer of HE Swimwear, which I heard of. Never tried them either though and guess they closed some point after he left the company. Nice thing about the custom made swimwear/underwear is you get some nice print options.

  6. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I remember seeing that website when it was called HE Swimwear. I like the sounds of basically creating your own style of underwear or swimwear. I wonder how their quality is.

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