Some Q&A: Answered

Some Q&A Answered

I did a post at some point last year requesting questions that you may want me to answer. I had a few questions submitted from T and Thong obsessed. So today I’m answering them.

What is the most money you have spent on a single thong/g-string/bikini brief etc?

Well, I’m on the cheap side, so the most I recall I’ve paid for a pair of underwear is $18. There are some brands I like to try that are more in the $20 to $30 range. Hard for me to spend that much on a pair of underwear to find out I do not like them. That is how the $18 pair turned out. I think the most for a swim brief was around $25. Again there are more expensive ones I’d like to try out there.

What is the dearest thong,bikini etc that you have seen in a catalogue/shop etc?

Nothing really comes to mind at the moment from a store or a catalog. Something I wish was still available is the HOM micro swim briefs they use to offer. Loved the overall cut of them.

What age were you when you bought your first thong etc and how did it feel the first time you wore it?

I got my first bikini at 17 and then I got my first thong in college. I most likely would have been 19. It was actually a g-string. I loved how it held me. The string took some time to get use to I know. I’ve always found it fun slipping on a bikini and thong with it being against the norm. Plus they always make me feel sexy.

Where did you buy your first thong etc,and if it was from a shop,were you embarrassed when you got to the checkout?

I bought my first thong online at Undergear. I didn’t come across them in a store like Kmart and Target until later on in college. When buying in the store it always got the hurt pumping and butterflies in the stomach. Probably been more so if they were individual pairs like at Victoria Secret. At least they were in packages, so had some discreteness to them. I don’t know if I would say I was embarrassed as I would anxious. I did pick the female sales clerk for checkouts.

Have you ever dated a woman who didn’t wear thongs herself?
Maybe I’m giving myself too much credit, but I don’t believe they did before me. Once I was in the picture I made sure there were thongs in the drawer. They couldn’t say too much with me wearing them. Would be a different story if I wore the ‘normal’ guy undies. I am pretty certain I got my first girlfriend to try her first thong. She was the one that wore them the most after that.

Men wearing thongs tend to be ridiculed in the media. What is the most frustrating comment for you to hear as a male thong wearer?

Really anything negative towards guys in thongs, bikinis, and/or swim briefs really irritates me. Videos that people take and post online of themselves or others being stupid in thongs, bikinis, swim briefs is annoying too. Guess I’m anti anything negative towards them.

That wraps up this round of Q&A. If you have questions feel free to send them in or leave a comment.

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  1. T says:

    Hi BD.
    The most money I ever spent on a single item was £15 for the black Hom swim thong which has become something of a “celebrity” lol in this hallowed blog. That was considered a lot of money back in the day for what was a very skimpy swimsuit. The equivalent price in dollars was probably $30+.

    I’ve seen designer swim briefs in magazines priced at well over £100,which is insane!

    I get really annoyed with people who secretly film guys wearing thongs,g-strings etc and post them online with the intention of ridiculing the unsuspecting wearer.
    One of the worst offenders was an American woman called Brandi who filmed an older(but in good shape) guy lying on a beach wearing a skimpy thong.She then filmed herself talking to the camera adding what she thought was probably a hilarious running commentary(which was actually puerile,juvenile, trash talk),while occasionally angling the camera back onto the poor guy on the beach as if to reinforce her point.
    Well, to say I gave her both barrels would be an understatement,and I took great delight in pointing out the hypocrisy of her wearing a bikini top that had fought unsuccessfully to contain her sagging breasts,while she saw fit to criticize an elderly gentleman for wearing a thong.

    • Sounds like that was money well spent on the HOM thong. It does look like a really nice thong cut. Too bad HOM has moved away from their skimpier cuts. There are some insanely priced styles out there. Hard to agree with the saying you get what you pay for at prices that high. Hard to find a video that is respectful to the male thong.

  2. Thong obsessed says:

    That’s cool that you got your first girlfriend into wearing thongs Nate. I agree, it’s fun wearing a thong knowing that it goes against the norm, knowing that most people would be surprised by your underwear choice. On a similar note, I like the fact that I wear skimpier underwear than my girlfriend does or some of my female friends. For me, as a male thong wearer, I find it really frustrating hearing the “boxers or briefs” question. Especially as some people answering that question are negative about guys even wearing briefs and claim that boxers are much more comfortable.

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