Review: Doreanse Swift Bikini

Doreanse Swift Bikini Review

I don’t usually go for white undies, but sometimes it is fun to do the whitey tighties the right way. I’ve said it several times about liking subtle accents on pairs of underwear. These have a bit with a gray stripe on each side of the pouch. I’ve been testing out the Doreanse brand after discovering a thong I enjoyed from them. This is the first bikini I’ve tried from them so far.

I like the front cut of these. The back not so much since it is a full back, which I think may lead to the issue I have with them. They do not like to stay up. They slide down on me and some times enough for the dreaded plumber’s crack. I don’t want that with a pair of underwear. I do believe the cut of them are more of a low rise cut, but shouldn’t be that low. The front cut of these are what I call a moderate coverage. Now like other pairs of Doreanse underwear the pouch is smaller than a typical pair. It’s fine for me and I like how the pouch holds me. You just need to be aware they don’t appear to make roomy pouches. It is a centered seamed contour pouch with a double layer of fabric. The bikini has narrow sides coming in at about 1″. The fabric content is the same as others I’ve bought from them with 45% cotton, 45% modal, and 10% lycra. They can be machined wash, but should be hung to dry.

I had high hopes for this bikini. I thought it was going to be a good one from the looks of it. Unfortunately the creeping down of them brought on the disappointment. If they stayed where I pulled them up to then I’d give them a thong up. Add a skimpier cut back to it then it’d probably make the two thongs up. I do find it comfortable to wear with good support otherwise. Just don’t want to have to keep pulling my underwear up.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.0
Overall Comfort: 4.0
Recommendation: No thongs up

Pros: Nice moderate front cut, comfy fabric
Cons: Slides down (can you say plumber crack?)

Additional Photos
Doreanse Swift Bikini FrontDoreanse Swift Bikini BackDoreanse Swift Bikini Pouch
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  1. T says:

    Hi BD. Haven’t tried any of this company’s bikinis,but I did buy a couple of their g-strings which,although they looked great,had a very uncomfortable under strap that was way too tight and couldn’t be worn for any length of time.

    Decided to give my butt a bit of a break recently from my usual g-strings and return to some Kiniki tangas that very rarely see the light of day. Doing this made me realize why I prefer the freedom and practicality of my favoured strings over bikini briefs. With a string,you very rarely have to adjust anything and the pouch doesn’t restrict any movement,whereas with the tangas, I felt squashed in at the front and I had to keep doing a Rafa Nadal to straighten a wedgie and maintain a symmetrical vpl(lol).

    In the U.K the expression we use for what you call “Plumber’s crack” is “Builder’s bum.” This expression was apparently coined back in 1988 and was used to describe the everyday occurrence of hairy arsed builders unintentionally,or otherwise,displaying acres of exposed butt crack every time they bent over in the course of their working day. Often the sheer depth of flesh on display would suggest that no underwear was being worn and perhaps going “commando” was the preferred norm for guys in this trade,but having read your latest review and the difficulty you had keeping your butt covered,maybe all these guys were wearing Doreanse bikinis and experiencing the same problem.
    Finally, I think we have to give the French the award for best descriptive term for this “condition.” The expression they use translates into “The Plumber’s smile.” So next time you are walking by a building site and are met with a row of exposed butt cheeks,or your local plumber is bent over your u bend showing more crack than the San Andreas fault line, don’t be offended.It’s just their way of giving you a friendly smile.

    • So far I haven’t been doing too good with my selection from them after the first thong. Still have a couple more to try. I’m guessing the tangas must have been more of their half back styles that don’t stay in place and become a wedgie. Their fuller back tangas like the Cambridge stay in place pretty well. Raffles is one I had in the past that was decent too. Guess that is one way to look at experience. An online retailer called Duluth Trading has a shirt they advertise for fixing the crack issue. Call them long tail t-shirts now. Was thinking they called them something else originally but don’t recall now.

  2. Bill says:

    I haven’t tried any of the Doreanse bikinis, but I also have several of their thongs. They used to be a favorite brand of mine and I still have some thongs from them I really enjoy, but have started to branch out trying other brands. If you do try Doreanse further, I personally really like the naked thong and the warrior thong, I have two pairs in each.

    • I have a two bikinis and a thong from them yet to try. Not the two you mentioned though. Do have my eyes on some other pairs from them. I like the fabric they use and also reasonable priced in my book.

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