Review: Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong (771)

Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch ThongThis is another pair of Daniel Alexanders I nabbed on sale for a pretty good bargain. If it wasn’t on sale I wouldn’t have bought this style. Main reason I got it is to say I at least tried a protruding pouch pair of underwear. Instinct was that it wouldn’t be for me. Instincts were correct. Now with that said this protruding pouch thong isn’t a total miss.

I am surprised that the tail of this thong is pretty comfortable. A lot of time with lower rise thong underwear the tail can dig into you. This could just be because of the way I wear them. Probably don’t wear them low enough. I like that the tail is 3/4″ wide, which is also the width of the sides. Both are pluses in my book. The pouch is what I’m not a fan of and was pretty sure that would be the case. The pouch brings the sack up and forward quite a bit, but doesn’t hold the shaft snuggly. Kind of lets it rest laying forward at around a 45 degree angle. Hence where the protruding comes from. Now the real protruding occurs when the erection makes an appearance. With how the pouch is made with the depth going outward, it allows your penis to grow forward raising your pants in the crotch like a tent.

This rising would be more noticeable I’d say under slacks than a pair of jeans. I wear athletic pants a lot around the house and they allow the tent raising to be pretty noticeable. Would be the same concept with shorts. This isn’t a thong I would wear out and about. Though I did for review purposes, which under jeans and no erection wasn’t a huge noticeable difference. I see the protruding thong more of a pair for enticing the wife, which is most likely what it will be worn for. Another thing to note is if you do not like you sack to be smashed then avoid these. They are pretty tight on them.

These are made out of a blend of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex, so there is stretch factor. This also helps with allowance of protruding out when erect. They have the Daniel Alexander logo of the left pouch panel. How they do their sizing and care instruction is a bit different. They must do some sort of heat application, which causes an emboss pattern on the outside of the pair. This could be a deal breaker for some of you. Doesn’t bother me, since they are just underwear.

Mainly the pouch isn’t for me on these. The thong cut is nice, but I like my whole package held snugly. These hold the sack a little too snugly and the shaft not enough for me. I’d categorize this underwear as for the bedroom or in general for the significant other.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 3.5
Overall Comfort: 4.0
Tail Comfort: 4.5
Recommendation: No thongs up

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Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong FrontDaniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong BackDaniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong Pouch
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  1. T says:

    Never tried any Daniel Alexander thongs,but I absolutely love their g-strings and would recommend them to anyone looking for a skimpier style. I’ve also bought a couple of their Brazilian half back swim tangas which make your average sized speedos look like Bermuda shorts.Yes they are that brief!!!!! and they come in many vibrant colours.

    Just noticed your recent tweet about Kiniki’s sale and decided to check them out having been a regular customer many years ago. I’ve ordered 3 Pulse g-strings in black,white and flesh, which will hopefully be up to the standard of their classic Gigolo strings. I’ll let you know if they pass the comfort test. Thanks for the heads up.

    • One of Kiniki’s best sales they do. Though they typically have a lot of their stuff always 50% off. Took me a while to find where the Pulse g-strings were. They are the 100% nylon like the Gigolo. Looks like they have some sheerness to them, which the gigolo didn’t. I liked the other g-strings they had where the strings matched the fabric pouch (Sling and Paws were two I have of them). Let us know what you think of them compared tot he Gigolo.

      • T says:

        Received my order of Pulse g-strings last week and thought I’d give you my verdict. Before I begin my review of the strings,I have to say that they arrived in a large flat plastic bag(the size of a magazine), with the Kiniki name in large letters on the outside. Not a problem for me, but I would imagine some people might prefer a more discreet delivery.Secondly, the strings were individually packed in poly bags with printed cardboard with the Kiniki name on them. Way too much packaging for what was contained within. Anyway,on to the review……….
        The pouch is tight,but roomy and very see through. The Kiniki labels are on the large size and are very noticeable through the material, so I would definitely recommend removing them. The real negative for me is the elastic on the waistband and under strap. It is too thick and has little elasticity which means after just a few hours of wear you really are aware that you’ve got it on. I wore the three strings on consecutive days and the under strap felt like barbed wire by midday. I actually went commando for a few days to let my butt recover.
        Very disappointed with this product and it certainly does not compare with the much missed gigolo string of the past. So glad I didn’t pay full price.

        • My package had Kiniki on it too, but most people probably haven’t heard of them. Not that it matters to me either. One place I buy still sends catalog and they have skimpy underwear and swimwear on the outside cover. Most of my items from Kiniki came in that packaging too, which was new from the last time I ordered from them. It’s nice looking, but agree that not necessary for mail order. Probably Look nice in a retail store. It’s too bad the fit didn’t line up with the gigolo fit. By thick do you mean the width of the elastic? Would more length in the strap help? Thanks for sharing your experience with them.

          • T says:

            I measured the Pulse g-string under strap against several favourites by Daniel Alexander and Gregg Homme, and the Pulse strap was longer and thicker. The problem is definitely the type of elastic that Kiniki use. It needs to be a lot softer if you have any hope of wearing it for more than a few hours.

  2. RT says:

    Like that style too. Have it in same color. Very good in the minimal coverage department. Like le how the pouch holds the stuff in place. I do like more the ones that instead of protruding let things hang more vertically but would buy anothe pair.

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