The Age Old Question: Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers or BriefsHow many times have you heard the question boxers or briefs? Do people think those are the only two option out there for guys? Or do they group basically everything that isn’t boxers under briefs? Really this question doesn’t give the asker a very good sense of your underwear unless you answer boxers, since they can’t really encompass another type of underwear. Boxers just say you like to hang free. Now if you answer briefs that should lead to more questions, since the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines briefs as “short snug pants or underpants.” But I’ve never heard anything else get asked. The asker just assumes you must like to wear boring tighty whitie briefs.

People should know there is a lot more choices out there besides tighty whities and boxers. So to those that ask the question, next time you ask boxers or briefs and the guy answers briefs, ask what style of briefs? Or better yet make your first question open ended like “What kind of underwear do you like to wear?” You might get into an interesting conversation if he really isn’t a boxer, boxer brief, or tighty whities wearer.

Maybe next time someone asks me that question I should say neither and see where it leads. I wouldn’t group bikinis and thongs under briefs. When I hear briefs I think of the stereotypical tighty whities. I know there is more to briefs than that; like other color options, different rises, and more fashionable version than Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. I’m sure most people think of the same thing as me though. It’s sad that a lot of people think there is only a select few options for us guys. And even sadder that some people think that is only what guys should wear. I’m glad I discovered the real world of men’s underwear and can express myself with them and feel sexy in them just like the women can. When will we get out of the dark ages of men’s underwear?

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  1. E.J says:

    Boxers at work- I’m a blue collar guy even then I’ll wear string bikini to work, outside of work I got no use for boxers especially in summer

  2. E.J says:

    I’m at work I’m inspired to go home for lunch lose the boxers and wear a string bikini for rest of day

  3. E.J says:

    Not afraid if anyone sees- I have a dirty job wouldn’t want the good stuff gettin dirty It feels too good not to

  4. E.J says:

    I don’t care if anyone sees waistband I have a dirty job- boxers seem correct but a good fitting bikini or g string feels too good not to

  5. EJ says:

    As much as I am into thongs & string bikinis, Hanes makes a boxer that ain’t too shabby for boxers.They have a black waistband, red lettering ‘Hanes’ real thin cotton and shorter than usual on the legs.As much as I don’t like cotton on my legs these are not bad.

  6. EJ says:

    Social convention-kinda sexy

  7. EJ says:

    Are boxer briefs the ones tight on the thighs and boxers is stuff we see on a 3 stooges film?

  8. EJ says:

    I call ’em all boxers

  9. RT says:

    Boxer briefs in certain occasions but most of the time briefs (and I mean tiny bikinis and thongs or something that covers a little in the front and a half or less on the back).

  10. EJ says:

    Tinier the better I think RT

  11. EJ says:

    My man parts feel a lot better wearing a thong or very minimal coverage string bikini, instead of suffocated in boxer briefs

    • RT says:

      I do wear boxer briefs and trunks when I feel that for some reason the underwear line will show and people will know what I’m wearing (sometimes at the gym when I wear certain athletic apparel) or if an activity will cause my inner thighs to rub continuously. But I do prefer thongs or or cheeky underwear.

  12. EJ says:

    You shouldn’t worry about people seeing your bikini-thong lines, I used to think that too.As I got older I care less, and besides who’s the weirdo-the guy that wears ‘ the good stuff’ or the guy that is looking at your lines?

    • RT says:

      You’re right. It’s just difficult to overcome. Thong lines are a little more difficult to notice although people will know if your short get a little between your cheeks or when you bend over (e.g. doing dead lifts). Now cheeky underwear will definitely creat a line, more so half backs and mini cheeks. Those are the ones that I worry the most (and I wear them almost every day) but you’re right EJ it’s a matter of confidence. This will be one of my stories to tell.

  13. EJ says:

    Hey RT what very minimal coverage string bikinis you recommend?

  14. RT says:

    Hi EJ. In the minimal coverage department I recommend (of course that’s just my opinion) Joe Snyder\Daniel Alexander brand ( offer them at different prices). They cover little in the front and the back is like a tanga but likely will ride up as you move leaving you with something close to a thong (couldn’t insert a picture). N2N Bodywear and Rufskin also but they are in the not cheap side. Lastly, I’ve been buying from Amazon and the ones that I got are pretty good quality. They are just not brand name. I’ve bought different brands in different places and that’s why I can be of some help and hopefully this help. Let me know.

  15. EJ says:

    Thanks RT- for yrs I got jockey life string bikinis, they’re cheap but back coverage too much so cut some of the back off which kinda turns em into thong kini I guess you could call it but that’s a loosens them too so I’d get a size smaller.i got a few Daniel Alexanders couple yrs ago bought smalls but were too tight I ended up thonging those too.i have a 31-32″ waist and as I learned from Candyman g strings (too large) and Ali Express stuff (too small) sometimes I think I have no idea what too expect

    • RT says:

      EJ, I understand you. I usually wear the same size in pretty much all underwear but I’ve had a few surprises. Ordered medium as I usually do and some were too small and tight and a couple have been loose. For example Joe Snyder and what they called the “sock it” collection. It’s a daring underwear given the fact that the pouch holds everything in a snug but protruding fashion making your privates very noticeable and kind of large. I bought the thong and tanga in size medium but should’ve gotten the large or perhaps extra large as the strings and tanga back were to tight. I love the style so I had to modify it to make it fit. I recently bought a no-seam underwear in Amazon, brand Jack Smith, and love the fit (kind of a very cheeky bikini with very soft fabric) and again is medium in size but fitted very well. A Daniel Alexander Kini was loose and had to modify again to het a more snug fit.

  16. RT says:

    Today I wanted to take some risks. As usual l was a little indecisive on what skimpy underwear but chose a Daniel Alexander protrude pouch bikini, in yellow (ypu can look it up in as I failed to post a picture ot the website’s model). It’s a tanga but on the thong side and very low riding (as I don’t like high riding ones). Got dressed up and went to work.

    As I commented in the narcissism topic I check myself several times at him only in my undies amd with clothes on. I knew before leaving that the outline of my bikini was noticeable to certain extent if someone would look at my butt and they could certainly realize that my underwear only covers less than half of my cheeks more so because my pants were not dark and were slim fit. Once at work, A little guarded, I walked around and bent and did everything with less fear as the day went by. Great feeling. I did check myself a few times in the bathroom mirror and yes , I had some underwear lines (although not very marked). So far no weird looks or comments from anyone.

    Second part of my day was at the gym but that story is to come shortly…..

  17. RT says:

    After work I wen to the gym. Actually I’m still at the gym. I went to the locker room and even though I knew there would be a small crowd today as is Sunday i decided to undress with less fear. When I undress at the gym I hide or wait for people to leave. I changed my shirt to a exercise one and then the moment of truth; I took my pants off amd there I was in my tiny DA protrude pouch bikini, in yellow! I didn’t rush to put my gym shorts. I took my time to reach for them in my backpack. An older guy passed by but he didn’t look my way. I heard sounds of steps but sadly (or lucky) no one else ce my way. I put my shorts on and my shoes. I have to mention that this morning I deliberately took a pair of shorts to wear with my undies. They are a polyester blend, very soft fabric that hangs instead of clinging. On purpose I chose to wear them because fabric is very thin without being sheer and because those will definitely show underwear lines no matter what. I checked myself, again, in the locker room mirror and definitely had underwear lines. Most people can tell my undies are covering a third od my butt. Also because ot the type of shorts and fabric it’s kind of clear that I have a protrude pouch.

    I began to power walk around the indoor track and as I did began to think about the few people behind me: “are they checking me and realizing?”, “will they make fun of me?”. With a little courage I continued. The thing is that I’m too self aware and if you haven’t thought about it when you wear a thong or something that doesn’t hold your butt (like tights) and your butt is not firm enough, your cheeks kind of bounce and people know what you are or aren’t wearing. That was my case. Also with a thong or this kind of bikini that I’m wearing the fabric from the shorts can make its way between your cheeks again letting others know that you are either going commando or wearing very little underneath. Regardless, I have continued my workout. Still can notice my partial thong back and the protrude pouch. Now, women can wear anything, tight or not, and you can see the outline of their underwear and her curves with no judgement (At least I don’t like to judge but sort of enjoy beauty). I will keep doing my squats and stretches and see what happens.

    A third part may come shortly as well…or not.

    • I’ve been wondering how much people really pay to underwear lines. Especially men’s. I think guys probably are more likely to pay attention to women’s with their tight fitting clothes. People most likely pay less attention to guys. I think we pay more attention than most because we are into underwear that is against the norm. Just have to wear what you want and wear them proudly.

      • RT says:

        Thanks BD. Because I pay attention and I’m too self aware I think that everyone else will notice. Perhaps you’re right and others don’t really care or notice.

  18. EJ says:

    Awesome RT like I said in an earlier topic I don’t care if people notice my lines- maybe I kinda want them to notice. I have a dirty job so I change in front of 1 other guy but I’ve known him since we were kids- he’s not judge mental at all he knows I sunbathe in a g string and obviously knows I wear bikinis (modified) to work. Like myself he’s straight- nobody weirded out or insecure

  19. EJ says:

    It ain’t easy but try not to look too nervous and stuff- people notice that too- if you look comfortable you’ll look like you don’t care what people think, easy for me to say I don’t go too many places where folks’d notice my lines. Maybe that’s why I kinda hope they notice. I think in an earlier blog someone pointed out if you wear the good stuff you’re confident enough to wear it- people notice that too

    • RT says:

      Thanks EJ. Will follow your advice. Im my case it gets harder as you get older You know: “he’s not 20 (or 30) anymore and wearing what?” Anyway, as I spent more time in the gym today I cared less. Jumped, squatted, stretched. Of course I had to pull my shorts from between the cheeks several times but I was less self conscious. Next story will be this week at the beach. Some goals to meet.

    • RT says:

      Hey EJ. Has anyone ever asked you about your underwear or swimwear choice? Made fun? Found out about your underwear when least expected? Or about tan lines since you sunbathe in g-strings? Found yourself in an awkward or embarrassing situation?

  20. EJ says:

    No -none of that stuff I showed my co worker my tan lines he wasn’t surprised proved I’m an avid sunbather. About 12yrs ago I wore a string bikini to work he must’ve seen the lines and he pulled down my shorts in front of a few other guys I sort of cared but not really. I been working at that place on & off since 1984, so I guess no one surprised. You could say I look like I wear thongs & bikinis, as I said in 1 of the earlier blogs I had a few girlfriends yrs ago that were surprised or even disappointed I wore the white briefs- it was the 80’s when it was harder to find the good stuff for guys. I wouldn’t say I look too feminine 5’10” 160lbs, but I was diagnosed as metrosexual by some in the past. The last time was about 6mos ago by my long term co worker

  21. RT says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    I haven’t had any moments like that but I was wondering if someone has had and how they reacted. I now remember your previous comment in another section of the blog.
    Nice talking! (or writing). Love to share experiences.

  22. EJ says:

    RT- I been lookin at the Joe Snyder Kini 12- I’m a medium 31-32 waist but leary about ‘ one size fits most’ what’s your take on that situation?

  23. EJ says:

    Gettin back to this topic- there’s no way to tell how people react to our underwear choices maybe those that criticize feel they can’t wear good stuff and look good

    • Really probably can only tell by a look you might get. Only vocal would be by someone you know. Moat people I know have no clue about my underwear choice. Pretty much the same about my swimwear preference. Neither are something you have to share if you don’t want.

  24. RT says:

    Go with Daniel Alexander Kini. Same style but comes in different sizes. I have the Joe Snyder one and had to make some fit adjustments as the one size was too loose for me. It’s the DA string bikini. I like the fit a lot and of course is very sexy.

  25. RT says:

    At the time I was a 29-30. Went with DA string bikini and small size gives the snug enough fit so my stuff would not come out unexpectedly. I like it because the front is very low and will cover just enough but if not aware something may peek (not a problem for me); the back starts as a bikini like in the pictures but as you move becomes more of a thong (again not a problem for me at all). I think you may like it for sunbathing.

    Back to the topic. I could criticize someone for wearing boxer shorts or tightey whities but it’s their choice. Don’t know why other think that underwear choices may mean that one is a “kind of person”. Anyway I enjoy my choices just need to own it.

  26. EJ says:

    Eventually I’ll get more DA brazilian back string bikini, this time in a medium, I’m kinda picky w/ coverage I want to find string bikini I don’t have to modify

  27. RT says:

    This is part 3.

    Yesterday at the beach. May day off decided to hit the sand before begins to get cold. Packed my stuff and among those a Joe Snyder thong, a Joe Snyder sock it collection thong (probably the most revealing ome that I have) and a no-seam cheeky bikini from Amazon.

    Drove to the beach and the was some beach goers close to the parking lot. A very few scattered farther away. I walked to be by myself. I could see a beach umbrella in the distance but not that far. In an effort to be brave once I was a little away from the crowd of beach goers I took off my board shorts and changed to a very short (one-inch inseam perhaps less) white swim short. I walked towards the umbrella with the goal of no fear and to continue and be by myself. As I got very close I felt my legs trembling as I thought: this is the first time I will let somebody seee this close with such a short attire. To my surprise there was a guy under tue umbrella, he stepped out and said hi, and I realized that he was kist wearing a tiny g-string. He continued to the water and I continued to walk. It was there that I decided to embrace the moment and took off my shirt and shorts. I was wearing only a white Joe Snyder Sock It Collection. Of you haven’t seen it just covers the necessary in the but enhancing it. I couldn’t believe that I did that in front of someone. The guy didn’t mind amd he kept his way to the water. I kept walking.

    I put my backpack, planted my umbrella, and laid down my beach towel. I was free there by myself (well that guy several yards away). I walked, did some swimming, sunbathe a little. Later I saw another person comimg my way. I wanted to cover up but wanted again to be brave. It was another guy. He had a beach chair and umbrella. I did cover up but was so nervous. He waved and continued. A few yards away he put his things down. I continued my day. A little later that second guy walked halfway back towards me then to his chair. He was also wearing a thong.

    I spent there a few hours. Very comfortable as the other two were wearing thong s/g-strings too. I probably would not wear a thong or bikini in a crowd but with other fellow thong wearers now I feel more confident.

  28. EJ says:

    You’re bustin out RT. I don’t know of any beaches around here that have a secluded place to thong, unless I went to the beach in January then I could probly fit into stuff I got from Ali Express- if ya catch my drift!

  29. RT says:

    Yes EJ. That’s my spot to go in the Southeast. At least there I can be by myself or have some fellow thongers and feel even better and more confident to wear what I want even if it’s next to nothing. Just need to find a good spot and wear those Ali Express EJ.

  30. EJ says:

    Yer lucky y’all live in the south RT- I live in the northeast, sunbathing has been done for almost a month

  31. RT says:

    Got it. You’ll have to wait a few months to get your tan back. Visit the South for a few days. Still have time down here for a bit more.

  32. EJ says:

    Hi RT I want to get some DA brazilian back strings, but reviews say they’re loose- 1 guy has a 34″ waist says it fits perfect size chart for medium is 30-32″ a little loose I like but not falling off my 31-32″ waist- any thoughts? Mensuas having an under $15 sale expires tomorrow

    • RT says:

      Hello EJ. I would buy them small. I have those and I usually wear medium and they are a little on the loose side (I’ve ranged from 29-31 waist). Hopefully works for you of you like them on the tighter side. G-strings don’t know as I have none.

  33. EJ says:

    Probly a few DA g strings too

  34. EJ says:

    I do prefer a little loose over tight, as long as it’s the least coverage possible g strings are easier- less coverage, less bells and whistles thanks RT

  35. EJ says:

    RT- got few DA brazilian back strings- medium this time, found my new favorite string bikinis! You said the regular strings a little loose, maybe cuz of the back cut- straight down from the hips could make looser as opposed to triangular across cheeks might be more snug? I recommend you try a brazilian back.

  36. RT says:

    Glad you like them EJ! I have a few of those Brazilian back strings. If they are the ones you got the back is triangular and not a string. I think the medium ones that I have are on the loose side but it could be that I need to do more squats (LOL). I brought one small amd fit snug enough. They always ride up but is something that I don’t mind; actually I like it. Love them for beach and gym.

  37. EJ says:

    They definitely string bikinis- DA 608, remember I bought size small a few yrs ago/ liked em but too tight. To loosen them I cut some off the backs, turning them into a sort of ‘thongkini’ I guess, it turned outta kinda cool, these are same model a size up so I didn’t have to morph into some kind of amateur seamster

  38. Mike says:

    Thongs almost exclusively, and it’s been that way since I was 19 years old.

  39. Thong obsessed says:

    Even worse is when it’s just assumed that guys are wearing boxer-briefs. For example, I was reading the FAQ of the website for a company that offered male waxing, and it said something like “you only need to take your boxers off if you’re having intimate waxing”. It seemed weird to put the word boxers there- why not just say underwear? If the person compiling the FAQ had been a waxing therapist for a while, she must have seen her fair share of guys wearing briefs, plus the occasional man in skimpier styles.

    Things like this are really unhelpful because it just reinforces the idea of guys who choose to wear thongs, bikinis etc as being the odd one out. Like you said Nate, it’s sad that a lot of the time they’re not even acknowledged as underwear styles for men. It’s strange because a fair percentage of women must have dated or known guys who wore them.

    I saw a video on YouTube of a wrestler called Roman Reigns being asked if he wore boxers or briefs. He paused for a while, said “neither” and winked at the camera. Maybe he goes commando but if not it would have been refreshing if he had said what underwear he actually wore as it if were no big deal.

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