N2N Vintage G-String Thong Review

N2N Vintage G-String Thong ReviewHere it is the review of the N2N vintage g-string my readers picked for me to purchase this year and review. First off I don’t categories this as a g-string, since it is more of a traditional width tail on it. This got on my voting list, because I liked the vintage stone washed look of the fabric. Of course it’s one of the underwear styles I like to wear.

First off I really like the fabric, the stone wash look and the feel of it. The fabric is rayon 90%, spandex 10% and is a nice soft fabric with some stretch to it. The pouch is a u-shape and has a centered flat seam, so no worries about side to side movement with the narrow front. For me the pouch is a little big for my liking and it seems to be more suited for pointing down, which I prefer up. It does bring the jewels up and supports them well. With the narrow pouch, 3/4″ sides, and 1″ wide tail you’ll be showing off lots with this thong. You are to machine wash cold the thong and tumble dry low. One thing I don’t particular like about this thong is how the tail is attached to the waistband and pouch especially for how much it costs. Even though it is made in the USA, I think it is still a bit pricey. Back to the tail attachment, basically the tail is a separate piece with elastic sewn in the sides and then placed on top of the waistband and sewn and the same concept at the base of the pouch. You can see the picture below. I think it should flow together better like how the pouch attaches to the waistband. Also shown below. I probably won’t purchase another one at full price, but it is a decent thong and one I’ll wear now and then.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.0
Overall Comfort: 4.5
Tail Comfort: 4.0
Recommendation: No thong up*

*I decided on no thongs up, since the pouch doesn’t suit me along with price and the tail attachment. If the pouch was more of a snug fit on me, I’d give it one thong up.

Additional Photos
N2N Vintage G-String Thong Tail to Waistband

Tail connection to waistband

N2N Vintage G-String Thong Tail to Pouch

Tail connection to pouch

N2N Vintage G-String Thong Pouch to Waistband

Pouch connection to waistband

N2N Vintage G-String Thong FrontN2N Vintage G-String Thong BackN2N Vintage G-String Thong Pouch
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