Review: Kiniki Clip Side Thong

When I bought this thong, I wasn’t looking at it being a daily wearer pair. I see it as being a fun pair and a little nostalgia too. The only color option for it is white. Figured why not have some real tighty whities in the drawer. Really it wouldn’t be my first pick for an underwear color. Though lately I’ve been finding women in white bikinis/thongs of either underwear or swimwear to be pretty sexy.

Now looking at this pair it could be mistaken for women’s underwear with the flat front pouch. Actually I’m pretty sure it would be. The front is wide enough and has stretch with lycra in the fabric, so no issue with coverage and tightness. The nostalgia reason I went with this thong is Kiniki used to have a thong called Tonga that I liked quite a bit. It was 100% nylon, which this one is a nylon lycra blend. Tonga did have a full contoured pouch unlike this one. It had string sides and the more traditional thong back cut like this pair. The only thing I didn’t like about Tonga, which applies to this pair is too much length front to back. They sit too high, which causes me not to like how they look in the back. Kiniki does offer another one in this style called Miles with the same issue for me.

I do find the Kiniki Clip Side Thong to be comfortable to wear. Support is decent on them too. The tail measures about 1 1/4” while the sides are narrower than the other two mentioned measuring in it at 3/8”. Then the left side of the thong has a clip for a bit of fun. Probably be more fun with one on each side for more ease of removal. The clip is plastic and with it being small, I do have some concern on how well it will hold up. It is recommended to hand wash them and hang them to dry. I don’t have any real issues with the thong, but not one I would just flat out recommend. I wouldn’t say not buy it either if you are interested in it.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 4.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Tail Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: No thongs up

Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Only available in white, too much front to back length

Additional Photos
Kiniki Clip Side Thong FrontKiniki Clip Side Thong BackKiniki Clip Side Thong PouchKiniki Clip Side Thong Pouch Clip Close Up
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  1. EJ says:

    Hi BD- curious with Kiniki sling thong looks like least coverage of their g strings any thoughts & don’t mean to go off topic the clip side thong looks like minimal coverage too

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Hi EJ: The sling is the only g-string that Kiniki currently offers that I have. It appears it has wider sides and back than their print ones at least. It looks like their print ones just have the plain elastic for both. For the pouch I’m not sure. I’d probably guess either the same or more coverage for the Sling. The Gigolo they use to offer is the only one that isn’t similar to the Sling that I owed from them. It is skimpier than the Sling. Here’s a link to the Kiniki G-strings I have. The turquoise one at the bottom is the Sling.

  2. DonS says:

    Kiniki have some other clip-side styles, and not just available in white. Was there a particular reason for choosing this one.

    I’ve not tried any of the clip-side styles, so cannot offer any experience.

    Also begs the question why this style is only available in white, but that’s for Kiniki to answer.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      The other clip sides I saw are in their allure line, which most of that line does not interest me. Not really a particular reason other than just thought I try a pair I haven’t yet from them. It is a little odd they only offer it in one color.

      • DonS says:

        Nice (being sarcastic) comment on the review website from someone:
        “a piece of material with some elastic on. Shapeless and lack lustre”

  3. T says:

    I’ve actually got a couple of these clip sided white thongs and tangas still unopened in their original Kiniki wrappers. What I remember about the clips was that they REALLY dug into your skin and even after removing the undies I would still have the perfect outline of the waistband and clips branded on my skin for quite some time afterwards. Being white and made of nylon/lycra,they were also quite revealing,so not for the shy.

  4. Jr says:

    It looks like a pretty good style . I am fan of string side thong style. I am too not totally against white, but not it wouldn’t be my first choice I do have some other brand underwear that clip sides on them , kinda a fun feature though I don’t wear them a whole lot because of the clip marks.

  5. T says:

    Although the clip sides leave noticeable marks on your skin after a short time, I would still prefer them to the tie-sided styles that I have seen several guys wearing on social media. The problem with those is that the ties tend to be far too long resulting in large unsightly bows which would look lumpy under tight trousers and shorts. I think they would also become looser after a while and have to be tightened every so often.

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