Bikini and Thong Underwear to Swimwear

Underwear to Swimwear

I’ve been wearing bikini underwear, since I was able to find them and buy them personally in my late teens locally. Then in my college years with access to a credit card I was able to expand into trying out thongs. Seems like a natural progression once breaking the norm from briefs or boxers to bikinis that the interest in thongs would be there.

Once you make the leap to start to minimizing your underwear, is there an urge to move on to start minimizing your swimwear? For those that follow the blog, you know that is the case for me. It really didn’t take me that long to have an interest in trying something skimpier than trunks. I went a little too extreme with my jump to buying a string bikini suit as the first move that way. Of course I liked it, but if you read my past posts that was too bold of a suit for me to break out in public. I mean it was my college days when I got the suit. I didn’t break out a swim brief in public until at least 10 years later and it wasn’t a string bikini. Then it hasn’t been until recently I’ve made the leap of ditching the trunks at the local beach.

My guess is if you are into bikini and thong underwear you probably do wonder about wearing that type of swimwear like I did. You know how the underwear makes you feel and wonder if that would be the same case for the swimwear. What would it be like in the water, absorbing the sun rays, and just the overall feeling in general. So what’s the hold up? The fear of baring a lot more, people staring, ridicule are probably a few of the things that hold us back.

I think this is the case for not just us guys, but women too have a similar progression. I mean I got my interest in trying bikinis and thongs from seeing women in them. I’m sure that is how women got their interest too. I would guess if a woman is wearing a bikini on the beach then they are into at least bikini underwear. Of course women have it a bit easier that it is at least acceptable for them to wear bikinis at pretty much any beach or pool. I’m sure they still have some of the similar fears as guys do. In the end the freeness you get once you do it makes it worthwhile.

Did you progress from bikini and/or thongs underwear to that type of swimwear? Are you into wearing bikini and/or thong underwear and would like to try that type of swimwear? Or maybe you have no urge for trying bikini or thong swimwear, but are still into them as underwear. Comment and share your thoughts on the topic.

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  1. Black Stallion says:

    As for underwear, I just tried a thong on, and it was comfortable so I just switched to thongs instantly.
    For the swimwear, I just bit the bullet, and went for bikinis. I can’t really do the thong swimwear yet, because it’s not acceptable swimwear at the pool I attend, but believe me, when I find a pool that will accept thongs, I will be one of the first.
    My choice of swimwear comes only from skinzwear, and I would recommend skinzwear to anybody male, and female.

  2. Rick says:

    I feel like I always wore bikini swimwear (racing suits) since I was on a youth swim team in middle school, with many of my friends. It was all most of us wore. It was all the folks we looked up to wore. I had a breif phase about 10 years ago when I had gained weight and wasn’t wearing racing suits. My goal to drive me to ditch the extra pounds was when I got down to a certain size/weight (size 34 pant /under 200lbs), I could be a speedo. I got there, and although my weight is a bit up, I’m down to a size 32 pant (32-34 racing suit depending on the manufacturer). Im not sure I would wear a thong swim suit at a public place. I might at a private pool with my friends, but my friends who have private pools don’t even bother with swim suits, which helps me get an all over tan.

  3. SM_thongguy says:

    Funny you would pose this question. I was thinking of this the other day. My thoughts was to first do trunk style and then bikini.

    Mostly trunk first because I am still in the process of building up my physique.
    Being a skinny guy by nature who was teased quite often – this is the next space I’d wear more daring attire.

    On a side note 2019 has started good for me and my underwear style.

    As mentioned before I moved home. You said I should be open about my thong wearing. So about a week ago I wore my thong and after I washed it I hung it on the washing line. My youngest sister actually took it off the line along with her things.

    She brought it in and I was acting normal. Yet inside I was giggling. My aim was to just be normal as we are promoting thongs as normal preference for men.

    Then two days ago I saw Jockey SA now stock a G-string. Which is more of combination of brief and thong. I ordered one quite excited for it to arrive.

    OH and I found a local underwear designer (Niku underwear) who has thongs, swim briefs and trunks available in a physical store. As soon as my paycheck arrives I’m paying him a visit.

    Great start to the year. Again thanks for all your advice and so too all the guys who keep posting their experiences.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You just have to start somewhere and then you can work your way down to a smaller suit. Some people are better at jumping all in than others. Guess your sister wasn’t pay too much attention to the underwear she was retrieving. Did she eventually notice or did you get it without her knowing? Glad to here you found some local places to get some underwear you are interested in. Keep on wearing what you want.

  4. DonS says:

    I grew up with bikini underwear and Speedo swimwear, so there was not so much of a progression as such but just normal behaviour. To this day this is still normal attire for me. I have progressed to G-strings since, more as sleepwear than daywear, and a Kiniki swim tanga, but have never tried boxers – I just don’t see why so much material needs to used for something that I thought was designed to support and cover the genitals and buttocks.

    I’d say the idea that women who wear a bikini for swimming would also wear at least bikini underwear would be true for most, but the opposite would be less so. I’ve known a few heavier ones who wear string bikinis as underwear but who cannot wear a bikini at all, let alone for swimming. And in a country town I once worked in it was common for younger women to wear string bikinis or bikini underwear, but for some reason one-piece swimmers. This was 1980s, and a few of them were certainly built for bikinis, so why they did not wear them I don’t know. String bikinis were common for the heat (this was a place with regular high 30s/low 40s temps during summer), even with air-conditioning.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I don’t get boxers either. Not much point to them in my opinion. Yeah, wearing bikini underwear doesn’t mean bikini swimwear. Doesn’t mean they might not want to. There is too much body shaming out there that has gotten us all self conscious about how we look. At least with underwear we can wear something sexy typically without comments, since no one really sees them.

  5. Crossfithong says:

    I started wearing thong since I was 16 years old and at the beginning I felt like I was naked and people can figured it’s done I felt so nervous ans so excited about.
    When I took my classes to learn swimming, I know was my chance to wear speedo. So that was my excuse to ask my mom I need speedo for my class, she support me and she and I when to buy a speedo (adidas brand) and also she recommended me buy a bikini ( HOM brand) too.
    I was so exited to try on and I was the only one wearing bikini at the pool but I wasn’t secure enough to wear bikini at the beach yet.
    Year after, when bikini become so normal for me, I decided to wear thong in summer, but I when to the beach Over the week, when I knew was going to be empty.
    I lay down at the beach, nobody was around and I took off my shorts and I was wearing my speedo (under I had a thong), and I brought some margaritas to get little bit drunk and get brave enought to take my speedo off, and when I took it off, was amazing. I already did and i could step back because i was going to look as a coward.
    Today, still have some concerns about wearing thong at the beach, always be careful where I am doing it, but when I’m going to vacations, where I don’t know people, I just do it.
    Miami is the perfect place.

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