Underwear and Swimwear Magazine

Underwear and Swimwear Magazine

A few weeks ago I started thinking underwear and swimwear magazine. I haven’t noticed one for males or females. I know some people call a catalog a magazine, but if it’s just selling underwear and swimwear then that isn’t a magazine to me. A magazine would have articles and of course there would be advertisements.

The question would be is there an audience for one? Possibly not, since there doesn’t seem to be one. Though there are many underwear/swimwear blogs out there, so maybe that is more than enough and a magazine is not needed. On the other hand maybe one is needed.

Here’s some thoughts I had on a magazine. It could be a collaboration of bloggers and other underwear/swimwear lovers writing articles. It would be of course digital, so you could download it to a device and read it if you like. I would think it would be free, but with potential advertisements. I could see it starting out maybe quarterly and eventually be a monthly publication.

What’s the advantage of a magazine? Content from multiple people, so different views all in one place. You don’t have to seek out blogs or remember to check back. You’d get a reminder the new edition is out. Somewhat old school, but still a good way to receive information. How about some disadvantages of a magazine? The biggest I see is no interaction like you can on a blog. At the most you’d only get it monthly where on a blog you typically get content more often.

I’m sure there are others that could be listed in those categories, but those just popped into my head. I just wanted to throw the idea out there and see what people think about having a digital underwear/swimwear magazine. I created a little survey you can fill out or you can just comment on the post.

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  1. T says:

    Hi Nate,
    Is this something you are considering? I wouldn’t want to dampen your enthusiasm,but to be honest,I think the blog and the forum cater for most of the needs of the followers. Off the top of my head I can only think of a couple of areas where a magazine might differ to what you already provide. Firstly,a magazine would probably have pictures of real men wearing the items being reviewed. I fully understand your reasons for NOT wanting to model the thongs and bikinis you review,but I’m sure you’d admit that nothing beats seeing how an item looks from all angles on a living breathing man rather than a mannequin or a picture. Secondly,I think a magazine would more likely accept selfies from people subscribing to it, to bolster the content. Having said that,the forum does have the facility for members to post links to their own pics as well as sites of interest,so that isn’t really much different to what a magazine might offer.
    As I said,these are just a few of my thoughts,but I’m sure other followers will have more ideas on the pluses or negatives of an online magazine.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Right now it is just a thought that crossed my mind that I thought I’d throw out there. If there seems to be interest in something like it then I’d consider perusing it more.

  2. Gavin says:

    I for one am quite keen on the idea.

  3. DonS says:

    Such a magazine would need to have photos of models wearing the item being reviewed or sold. Whilst this would undoubtedly attract the perverts, it would not be any more than what must already happen with the existing swimwear and underwear websites.

    I’d certainly be a reader of it.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I think it would be great if the photos were of actual guys and not models or at least skewed away from the models.

  4. JR2 says:

    I think it’s a good idea, though it certainly could be a tough one . It would another avenue the bikinis and thong movement seen and heard. I think T has a good point on how would you differentiate from blogs . How would u market to companies on advertising so that they would see possible return on their investment. I suppose nothing is easy, certainly a good idea to bring up.

  5. David_nc says:

    Magazines are a little old school, while still popular the blog and site give you a better opportunity to connect with the readers. And print is much more expensive and requires a lot more work. Unless you plan it to be your main source of income I would stick with the blog/site.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It definitely would not be printed. It would be digital only, which should have little cost to produce. Would be more of a time thing for cost. The idea is it would be a collaboration of bloggers or really anyone that wanted to write an article. Then maybe a couple people (we’ll call editors) layout it and put it together. Just be another option of a way for people to read up on underwear in general from multiple perspectives in one place. Then there will always be the bloggers blogs out there to read and interact with.

  6. Perris says:

    It sounds like Costco Connection, part magazine and sales catalog. I enjoy it and read it, but can’t help notice many of them in the recycle bin at the post office. It would be a great place to read about reviews, now that there seems to be so many brands and styles out there. One person had a blog where he reviewed underwear purchased at stores, but who buys underwear at stores anymore? Most of it there is that baggy stuff, and stores are closing left and right. Many people are choosing to buy direct from China because American retailers are not addressing customer demand for lower cost, quality brief wear. Are you thinking of launching your own brand?

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      No, I’m not looking at launching my own brand. That would be a fun endeavor, but not something I’m pursuing. Kind of a thinking out loud post that a digital magazine might be an interesting concept. Potentially could be used to draw other guys into the fun underwear world if they stumbled upon it somehow.

      • Perris says:

        It is an interesting concept, but may need a website as opposed to a blog. I enjoy visiting your blog from time to time as it is great for browsing, but sometimes I want to revisit a previous subject and have difficulty locating it. If I were a lad starting to explore the world of non boxer briefs, I would be somewhat overwhelmed. It’s not like how I started by “accidental” detours through the mens underwear aisle each time I visited a store to see and learn. Just a thought.

        • T says:

          Hi Perris,
          I understand what you mean about the difficulty of locating previous subjects. I don’t know if it would be possible for Nate to incorporate an index of all the posts,but if you click on the categories at the top of the page,it splits them into separate sections which helps narrow down the search. Also,just above the comments section,you will see a “check out these posts” heading which you can scroll quickly through to view previous posts. I would say,in the absence of an index,that this would be the best way to check out older posts. Hope this helps.

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          Your best bet is to use the blog search to find a particular subject. I think you’d have the same issue with a magazine website unless you remembered the the date of the issue. It would probably be built on the same platform as blogs are. I know I need to organization my General and Personal sections. There are things called tags(kind of keywords that relate to the post) that are near the end of the write up that you can select and it will bring up all posts that have been tagged with it. Mostly those are just on reviews. I need to do that to my other sections. Maybe once I get the general and personal posts tagged I can add a place that lists all the tags.

          Also when you comment on a particular post you can select to receive notifications if someone else makes a comment on it. I believe you can just have the email sent if it is a reply to your comment or any comments.

  7. S says:

    The focus should be on swimwear and body acceptance. Picturing men feeling comfortable in their choice of swimwear in public. Underwear is too hidden and we need positive imagery of men enjoying life in their choice of swimwear.

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