Happy New Year: Bikini and Thong Resolution(s)

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year! I wanted to do a Christmas day post, but things didn’t go my way. So here I am making sure I start the new year with a post. First off did you follow the New Year’s underwear tradition of wearing a certain color of underwear? I did a post on it a few years back and it draws quite the visits a week before and after the holiday. Check the post out here. Now, I’m not really a resolution maker. Previous years I have set more of a goal in my bikini and thong journeys.

My biggest one was breaking out the swim briefs at the local beach. Putting it out there helped me have some accountability of driving myself to accomplish it. since then that is all I’ve worn to the local beaches.

Now that was really the main thing I’ve been wanting to accomplish, so I haven’t really had a bikini or thong goal (resolution) each year. Some things I want to do if the opportunity arises is wear my swim briefs to local public pools, open up to a good friend about enjoying wearing them (maybe the unmentionables too), introduce more family to them, and wear them to the local water park. Basically, they’ll be my norm in swimwear. They are at least 80% of the time now, since we go to the beach mostly.

If I had to pick a resolution it would be the one that many go with, which is eat better and get more exercise. This is especially so after all the indulging over the holidays. Looking better in my bikinis and thongs is always a nice idea, but I’ll wear them no matter what. Being body positive is really what matters in the end. For a specific bikini and/or thong goal, I’m hoping it will be something mentioned above if the situation arises. I want to find ways to spread the word that it is fine for guys to wear bikinis, thongs, g-strings, swim briefs, etc. As you can see, my ideas are more long term than just 2021.

Do you have any 2021 resolutions or goals? Mainly long term ones like me? Share some of your ideas in the comments. Maybe I can borrow one to work towards this year. Here’s to a great year of wearing awesome underwear and swimwear.

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  1. Randy says:

    Happy Nude/Almost Nude Year everyone.
    2021 goal is wear as little as possible, work on my fitness as Nate said in his post.
    I just want to say thank you to Nate for doing all the work that offers us the connection to talk about our love of not going for the normal men’s baggy swimsuits.

  2. T says:

    Can I begin by wishing you Nate and all the blog devotees a Happy New Year! Have to say I had forgotten the post about the colour of underwear traditions at this time of year,but I was even more shocked that I had actually posted a comment at the time and didn’t remember doing that either(lol).

    Loved Randy’s Happy Nude/Almost Nude Year greeting at the beginning of his post. Hopefully he will make available more of his super hot inspirational thong and bikini videos and pics.

    Most of you will know I’m not shy about discussing underwear with workmates etc,and this time of year is usually a good time to ask them if Santa brought them new undies. One guy told me he got some and had already worn several,but I didn’t find out if they were the usual boxer briefs/boxers or something skimpier. I also jokingly said to another that I could hear his Christmas thong jingling, and he replied that he wore his wife’s! I think he was kidding,but you never know(lol).

    Hopefully we can all do our bit this year to spread the word about the joys of wearing skimpy attire, be it under our clothes or on the beach!

  3. Danny says:

    Now that I’ve gotten back into better shape, I’m wanting to take a very big step, and try wearing a thong down in Galveston once this year.
    First, I need to make sure it’s allowed, which I’m not entirely certain. Though I’ve seen several women wearing them.
    I typically wear speedos with a full back and about 2” sides. I’ve been nervous to do a full-blown thong.
    I figured a good way to start would be just laying on my towel tanning, not necessarily walking all around.

    • T says:

      Hi Danny. I think the fact that you are already a speedo wearer probably puts you well ahead of most of your fellow countrymen. Even so,it is still quite a jump from a full back speedo to a butt revealing thong. Some guys might downsize to a skimpier halfback bikini to test the waters first,so to speak,but if your mind is made up to bypass that stage and get thonging,then your idea to lie on your towel rather than walk about is a good place to start. That way you can lie on your back while checking out the people around you,and when you feel comfortable and confident,you can flip over onto your stomach and start to enjoy the sensation of the warm sun toasting your buns.
      I’m guessing you are planning to do this on your own,but if you have a partner or a best buddy who won’t make fun of you come along,then it would be a lot easier.
      I remember the first time I dared to wear a tiny adjustable pouch thong on a beach abroad. It wasn’t crowded by any means,and I had spread my towel a good distance from anyone else,but I lay on my back for some time before I eventually plucked up the courage to turn over. I was aware that some people were looking at me as they walked along the shore,but no-one said anything. After a while I got up and walked along the golden sand before heading back to my towel feeling totally liberated.

      Good luck in realising your dream and hopefully we will be able to read about your experience here or on the forum.

      • Danny says:

        Thanks T, I actually hadn’t thought about bringing a friend with me the first time. That’s a good idea.
        Thankfully, Galveston is pretty chill. I’ve never had any problems wearing the speedos, other than the typical teasing from family or my buddies. I don’t think anyone I am close with would be surprised I own one.
        I’ve started wearing thongs occasionally to the gym. I haven’t gotten any comments when changing. I’m assuming people either don’t notice them when I’m wearing a longer shirt, or they just don’t care what I’m wearing. Hopefully the latter.
        It would be cool to work up the guts to take a dip in the gulf and then walk back to my towel.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      My understanding is that Galveston is a thong friendly place. I don’t know if it is just certain areas or not. Probably some areas are better than others. Definitely best to confirm they are legal though. I think starting with laying out is a good starting point too. Can always warm up to thongs by getting smaller with the swim briefs, but like T said you’ve got a good start with being a swim brief wearer at least.

  4. Danny says:

    Additionally, I’m hoping to participate in the forum section more frequently. I just stumbled across it recently.

  5. Jonathan G says:

    Happy 2021 and greetings from the Southern Hemisphere. No jokes. I live in Uruguay.

  6. Jonathan G says:

    One more thought: Wear your bikini/thong/string suits around the house. I think it helps you get used to the look and feel, which allows you to strip down more comfortably at the beach or pool.

  7. Underweardude says:

    Yeah, I’m trying to eat better and get in shape as well!

  8. David_nc says:

    Sorry I’m late to this post the year hasn’t started out great, but happy new year to everyone. For 2021 I hope to continue to expand my collection by trying new brands, remove some that won’t get worn (like my boxer briefs) and be all around healthier and continue to put family first.

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