2020 Year End Wrap Up

Year End Review 2020

I’m doing this year’s wrap up a week early with Christmas falling on a Friday next week, which is supposed to be my post day. I’m hoping to still have a post next week, but wanted to make sure I got the 2020 wrap up in. We all know what 2020 will be remembered for and that we were all affected by it. It also had some effect on my blogging.

With everyone home for a majority of 2020 it made it hard to keep up with my weekly posts on Fridays. I spent a lot of time helping with issues and entertaining instead of at my computer. I missed several posts and then my posts were posted when I could, which typically was a Saturday or a Sunday at the latest. I wasn’t able to interact like I would have liked or respond as quickly to interactions. So I just plowed through 2020 the best I could. It will probably be a similar start in 2021.

The forum has made it over a 100 users now and has some regularity of use to it too. Maybe we can double the users by the end of 2021. Not everyone that visits of course joins, but hopefully everything we discuss is helping others in their bikini and thong journeys. A thanks goes to Tanga Tanga aka T with his help in moderating the forum and interacting with everyone. We’ve had a few guys looking for support in their quest to wear thongs or getting back into thongs. Thanks goes to all the members that help support each other in our goals and promoting bikinis and thongs positively.

As I’ve said in the past, I feel the blog along with the forum now is doing what I looked for when I started into against the norm men’s underwear and swimwear in my late teens. I wanted to know I wasn’t alone in wearing bikinis and thongs and have the ability to converse with like minded individuals. Having someone to give you support when your mind is trained that guys wear briefs, boxer briefs, or boxer is great. It’s awesome the commenting that everyone does adding to my post topics. The blog has had more visitors than last year, which is what we want to see. I have been doing some more general topics to try and maybe drive some female traffic, since we know a lot of them still buy their guy’s underwear. Hoping that maybe if they stumble upon the blog that it might plant a seed in their head and eventually buy some for their guy. It’s probably a dream, but sometimes it is better to live in a dream than reality.

I’ll do a quick touch on a personal review for 2020. This summer was a three time beach trip, which is more than normal. I did think we’d get a couple more in. However more beach goers got to see a guy in a swim brief. The first visit was busier than normal for our normal beach, which wasn’t a complete surprise with the current situation. Those beach goers were introduced to my Speedo Shoreline swim brief. Now it was our second beach trip that became more of a surprise for me. I decided to be brave and wear the skimpiest suit I felt was suitable locally. We arrived at our normal beach and it was parked full! So we headed down the road to another one, which had plenty of parking. When we got onto the beach it was a lot busier than our normal one. We did find a social distance spot in the life guarded area and set up camp. I stripped down to my royal blue Kiniki Riviera swim brief. A lot of people were introduced to a fairly skimpy swim brief for the area I live in. Our last trip ended up back to our regular beach, which ended up not being guarded this time. That meant not as many people as the previous visits, but still a handful more than what would be normal. They only got introduced to my black Speedo Solar. It was a decent summer of introducing people to a guy in a swim brief. I also introduced a fedex driver to an AussieBum 1.5 Classic swim brief when he made a deliver when out with my kids. Those were my main highlights for 2020.

Let’s keep doing what we are doing and promoting bikini and thong underwear and swimwear in a positive light. People need to know they are for everyone and not just females or a particular category in general. Too many are missing out on them and really not just us guys. Of course more of us guys are, but I’m starting to feel females are too especially as they get older. They seem to think they need to upsize their underwear. Thanks again to all that follow me, make comments, and email me. Happy Holidays!

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  1. T says:

    First of all I’d like to congratulate you Nate on another successful year in maintaining the blog and forum under very uncertain and difficult circumstances. I’m sure all the followers are grateful for the posts whenever they appear and don’t expect you to stick to a rigid once a week schedule.
    With so much doom and gloom in the world and a constant stream of bad news on our televisions and other forms of media,it is a welcome diversion to escape into a friendly,inviting blog that unites guys with a sometimes hidden passion for something that many guys give not a moment’s thought to i.e underwear and swimwear.
    It is hard to explain to someone who has been conditioned to believe boxer shorts are the only acceptable style of underwear for men,how good it feels to pull on a thong,g-string or bikini in the morning and the buzz it gives you throughout the day,knowing that you’re probably wearing the sexiest undies in the office or wherever.
    The same with swimwear,although they are obviously more visible. To read Nate’s accounts of his speedo adventures on the beach this year,it is hard to believe that this is the same guy who,until a few years ago,would not have dared wear anything resembling a speedo in public,and who didn’t turn and run when a Fedex driver made an unexpected delivery and found him in his speedos(lol). Sounds like he’s taken a leaf out of my book(lol).
    Hopefully next year will see a return to some kind of normality which will allow us to mix socially with friends and family, travel without fear,and on a much lighter note,do our bit to promote the wearing of skimpy undies and swimwear for our fellow men.
    Can I take this opportunity to wish all the followers of the blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy(and safe) New Year!

    • Jeff says:

      My work schedule was changed over the summer because of covid. It had me working longer but fewer days than usual. It gave me time to get to the beach more than ever. Each beach was different but the 4 times I went I would just strip down to my bikini when I got to my spot and I only had a few a few glances from women that looked absolutely miserable

  2. DonS says:

    I for one appreciate these posts as they show what others are thinking, and also is a way of bringing unknown brands to the fore.

    It’s a shame women don’t get involved with this more. You clearly state on the forum page that the forum is for discussion about bikinis and thongs, whether for men or women is irrelevant. There have certainly been topics about womens underwear and swimwear over the years, but I note the responses are all from men, bar one women responded if I remember correctly.

    Anyway, here’s another day with me wearing a comfortable string bikini, those who want there trunks or boxers can sweat away (34 deg and humid today).

    So all the best for 2021 and enjoy the Christmas break.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      With bikinis and thong being part of the norm for women especially as underwear they don’t need a place to express their thought and encouragement like us guys. The only thing they may need it for is thong swimwear, since it doesn’t quite have the acceptance as bikini swimwear does for them. Also they could be hesitate to join in with this being a male dominate blog and forum. Some of my guesses behind it.

  3. David_NC says:

    Nate, I think you are doing a great job. You come up with good topics and I think you give an honest and unbiased opinion of the brands/styles you review. I never even noticed that topics weren’t on a set schedule; I think the time between posts were fine. I hope more people get involved and share their experiences or thoughts on brands. Maybe even a few of us could add to the reviews in the forum; I have several brands that I want to try but would like to hear other’s opinions before I do. I’m glad to see you are including the link to newer items you are reviewing. I’ve learned about brands that I have never heard of and hope to one day try out. I do wish we could all band together and revive the Prevail Sport brand, but alas that is only a dream. For me 2020 hasn’t been all bad; there has been some lows and sad times, but I try to focus on the good parts. For starters, if it hadn’t been for Covid and the shutdowns, I would never have been given the opportunity to work from home or keep my kids with me for 2 months. That is time I would not have normally gotten to spend with them and am very thankful for that bonding time. Secondly, if I had not been working from home I would have not stumbled on this blog or the forum, read the articles and gained the confidence to add thongs back to my normal underwear selection. I may have continued wearing my boxer briefs/trunks with the occasional bikini or string bikini; but I might not have ever added my thongs back. While 2020 wasn’t the greatest for everyone, let’s do our best to remember the positive moments, even those that are few and far between. For Nate please keep up the good work and keep reviewing different brands (I’ve personally bought a few that you have reviewed and hope to add more). I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

  4. SM_Thongguy says:

    Thanks Nate for another great year of insight.

    Merry belated Christmas to all and here is to a growtful and healthy 2021.

    I think due to lockdown I’ve added way more thongs then ever before to my collection. I was also able to wear them more frequently.

    While the bikini’s are still an illusive figure in my draw. My thongs has surpassed my boxer briefs in my draw.

    All thanks to you guys.

    Keep up the positivity.

  5. Jonathan G says:

    I can only echo what’s been said by others so far. Here in Uruguay, it’s summer and the beach season is in full swing. Lots of small bikinis on women, although not as tiny as in neighboring countries, but men keep it boring, wearing shorts that are almost identical, one to another. I do wear my Manstore bikini suits and happily Uruguayans mostly take a live and let live attitude toward it. I have surprised some friends though. I wore a thong to the beach in Punta del Este and it got a few looks and one pleasant inquiry. Anyway, keep up the positivity. Feliz ano.

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