Swim Briefs: The Older Generation

She's mutton dressed as lamb

T proposed the following as a topic for me and it got the juices flowing a bit.

“We’re probably all familiar with the expression “she’s mutton dressed as lamb” which is usually aimed at women of a certain age who wear clothes eg a short skirt, that society would deem to be only suitable for a much younger person. Does this derogatory comment also apply to older men who wear speedo type swimwear/skimpy underwear?”

I’d probably lean towards it doesn’t apply. Mainly because I don’t think society sees them suitable for any guy in general. With underwear being something most people don’t see you in, no one should really care what you wear. Swim briefs on the other hand, there may be toleration of them, but not widespread acceptance.There is a stereotype with swim briefs that older guys with beer bellies wear them. At least that is what you’ll see posted places anti swim brief or going around as jokes.

Now it does seem somewhat true that it is an older generation that you’ll see more often sporting a swim brief at a beach dominated by boardshorts and trunks. I assume that is what they grew up wearing, so they see them as normal. Or maybe they figured out you only live once and wear what they want.

Back to the expression, in general you would assume a younger guy would look better in skimpy underwear or Speedo type swimwear or less. They typically have the time to workout or are active enough to keep themselves in decent shape. If these were the normal attire for guys to wear then people might use that expression towards an older guys. Of course it is a generalization and I’ve seem many older guys in great shape that sport the swim brief or could. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder. We all like different things and if you don’t like what you see you don’t have to look. If you like to wear a swim brief or skimpy underwear and have the confidence then wear it.

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  1. T says:

    When I mentioned the mutton/lamb expression,I wrongly assumed it was as well known in foreign parts as it is here in the U.K. I dare say other countries probably have their own versions too.

    I totally agree with you about that phrase not applying to men due to society’s general disapproval of speedo wearing men of any age. As for older men wearing skimpy underwear,I do think that many people probably believe that older men should be wearing either old fashioned y-fronts(white)or baggy knee length trunks. The thought of a man of pensionable age wearing something as revealing as a string bikini would have them seeking therapy.

    In two weeks time I will be off to sunny Italy for my annual holiday and it will be an absolute pleasure to see the local men of ALL ages, shapes and sizes proudly wearing the skimpiest of swim briefs and not giving a twopenny damn what anyone thinks.

  2. E.J says:

    I’m from U.S I want to go to a thong friendly beach, but there are few around here, and looking at reviews few if any men wear them.Folks way too uptight about men wearing that stuff

    • Yes, the thong is still taboo for guys especially swim thongs. Most likely you’ll have to travel to find thong friendly beaches.

    • RT says:

      I go to a beach where although I’m not sure if it’s men thong friendly I see men wearing them. Those who dare to bare are away from the crowd but there’s one or two that are actually in the populated area.

      Now, while I drive to my beach spot, a couple of miles before, there is a place where I’ve seen plenty of men wearing bikinis and thongs (not my spot as you can see them from the road and there are also people in the usual board shorts). In truth I rather be where just a few ones are in their skimpy bikinis.

  3. Greg says:

    I am of the older generation, and I’ve been wearing thongs for almost 15 years. In my lifetime, I have owned all sorts of underwear–boxers and briefs. When I discovered thongs, and the absolute sexiness that I feel when wearing one, I was hooked. I don’t have a model’s body, but I take care of myself and am in decent shape. While walking around in public, a thong “reminds” me of what I have under my clothes with the crack-strap rubbing gently. So for all you older guys out there–Keep Thonging!

    • RJ says:

      I was in Antigua the other month on vacation, and wearing my usual tiny bikinis. There was another gentleman of a more mature age, and of a heavier frame, who was also wearing a bikini. His was of a fuller version than mine (ie one inch side versus my string side), but definitely not conservative in style. He was rocking it like nobody’s business, without a care in the world. Regardless of age, I think men and women should wear whatever style of bikini they want!

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