Where to wear a swim brief (bikini)?

Where to wear swim briefsFirst I’m going to start with my general thoughts on where us guys can wear swim briefs. Then in other posts, I’ll be trying to give some places that should be good areas to wear a bikini. Most will be based on research and not my experience unfortunately. Hopefully others will post some comments about places they’ve had positive experiences at.

My theory on where to wear swim briefs is wherever women can wear a bikini then men should be able to wear one. Of course I think you should try to wear a swim brief that fits the place you are visiting. Probably shouldn’t wear a more revealing bikini than the women are wearing at the location. I’ve read postings of people pushing the limits, which I think can hurt the acceptance of guys wearing swim briefs. Why wear a bikini that becomes transparent when wet or barely contains the jewels unless you’re at an appropriate beach. We need to find the balance that fits our need to wear a swim brief with that of what most beach or pool goers should find acceptable at that particular location. Scope out the place you are planning to wear a bikini and see what others are wearing. Probably should be checking out what the ladies are wearing, since it will be boardshorts and trunks for the guys most likely. Then choose an appropriate swimsuit. I’d think a 3″ side or wider swim brief should be pretty much acceptable anywhere. I would actually think a suit like the 1″ solar Speedo swim brief should be too. Then if the beach goers are wearing more revealing suits then you can go a little skimpier. Personally I’d be happy wearing anything less than trunks.

If you want to find other guys that may be in less than trunks, then you’ll have to do some investigating online. One good resource is The Thong Wearers Message Board. If it is legal to wear thongs there then swim briefs will fit right in. If people are thonging there, then there is a better chance for swim briefs at that beach. You can find popular places the thongers recommend on the board and give the beach a try. Another place you might find information where other bikini wears go is the Experience Project website. There are Speedo and swim brief groups there that you can join and find out where they’re getting their bikini time in. South Beach in Miami is suppose to be a good place and Europeans seem to be more acceptable to the swim brief.

Comment and let me know what resources you use or places you know that guys wear swim briefs or thongs at.

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  1. Tim says:

    In the UK, sadly the trend over many years has been for men to cover-up much more, so swim briefs are not often seen on the beach or at public swimming pools. There are naturist swims at a few public pools, but the required etiquette there for men is to go uncovered. In Spain, legally there are no limits on how little either gender can wear provided it isn’t accompanied by sexual behaviour or response. So swim briefs are OK and thongs are not very often seen on men.

  2. Cocksox Guy says:

    Here in Australia the lucky country we are more open but still have some people cover up and others let it hang out. On a recent holiday on the Gold Coast I found guys and girls in small tight shorts on the streets as well as on the beach, more thongs on girls than bikini’s and small brief swimmers on guys but oddly enough only noticed 2 guys in thongs on the beach with a group of girls in them. The board shorts were limited. I personally wore brief brazillian swimmers even though I have worn thongs for many years but didn’t feel comfortable on the beach in thongs but did wear them in the pool at our hotel and nobody said a word.

  3. bob browne says:

    I like to wear English swimware w/ 4 in rise I like the way they fit and I like to look at my self in them

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