Lands’ End Surprise

Lands' End Swim BriefMy wife is looking at Lands’ End for a new swimsuit for this summer and I decided to see if they have any shorter trunks than I have now. I know I shouldn’t be, but still not comfortable enough to always wear a swim brief. Well, to my surprise I came across a swim brief for sale that they call “Men’s Active Swim Brief.” It’s pretty much a normal swim brief that they market more for lap swimming, but it does have UPF 50 protection, which they say “for when the training takes you outdoors.” I was surprised, since I see Lands’ End as a conservative clothing company and you know how swim briefs are personified in most parts of the United States.

It’s not a bad looking swim brief and it should be well made coming from Lands’ End. It’s only available in one color called Dark Asphalt, which is a gray, with black, white, and a neon yellowish green accents. It comes in the sizes S, M, L, and XL and made of a 78% polyester and 22% spandex blend. Check it out here. Personally I’d give them a try and if I decide to make the purchase I’ll be sure to write a review.

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  1. T says:

    The title of this caught my eye for the simple reason that Land’s End is the most southern part of the U.K and I thought you must have made a surprise visit some time ago. Had no idea it was also the name of a clothing manufacturer. Don’t think I would give that particular swim suit a second look.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Nope, didn’t make it across the pond. Just not something I thought they would order. Wasn’t until somewhat recently they started offering less conservative swimwear for women. Normally I think of one pieces. tankini, swim skirts for women over a bikini. Now they offer two piece bikinis. A lot still on the conservative side. The offering of the swim brief only lasted that year. Would you give any swim brief or swim bikini a second look? :oD I got one to give a try when it was on sale for basically half off. It is more coverage than I like, but maybe an option for family wear or maybe it will get listed on ebay. For now it remains in the swimwear drawer.

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